Social Media Brain Cramps (video)

  • It amazes me Mark how many of those crappy link buying emails I get. This technique must work some times for them, but I have to believe that the success rates is really really small.

  • I don’t understand the business model myself.  Chance of success seems so remote but the activity is pervasive! 

  • Are you sure its brain cramps? I thought it was brain fart or something like that! haha! 

  • Anonymous

    When the audience numbers in the hundreds of millions, all you need is 1% to make it worthwhile. Not saying it’s right but that’s the model. Think of all the spam that still gets to your inbox.

  • I think it might be a ‘gripping of the gray matter’.

  • Yeah, I know. Still hard to rationalize it!

  • Mysterious workings of human nature to be sure.: )

    Thanks for obliging me a bit of silliness today!

  • That video reminds me of Bill Cosby’s skit about kids having “brain damage” only now the “brain damage” seems to be spreading….it can’t be contained. We are all vulnerable to it at some point or another!

  • Seems I had a brain cramp while I was reading the title of this blog post, since I thought it said  “Social Media Brain CAMP” and was confused for the first 30 seconds or so of the video. Thanks for giving me a chuckle. Nice to know I am not the only one who thinks these idiots are idiots.

  • So many spam emails defy common sense, not to mention common courtesy.  Do you think people make money that way, or do they just get a kick out of annoying people?  The ones that really amaze me are those that have millions of dollars for me, and they just want to send it to me!  All I have to do is give them enough information for them to steal my identity.

  • Thanks for sharing your thought on video! I felt like I was in the car with you, having a chat.   You could categorize the guys who did the  “oops I just posted the f-bomb/drinking/party tweet to my corporate PR account instead of my personal account” as the ultimate brain cramp, right?

  • Anonymous

    You are a true visionary. You have taken the video blog, the vlog, and mashed it up with mobile, truly mobile. Since you were doing this while sitting in traffic, maybe you could call this new concept a clog. Wait a minute, brain cramp, that’s the name of a shoe.

    I hope the sudden ending isn’t because you rear-ended the car in front of you!

  • Too…frickin…funny! Its unbelievable what some people do. I still cannot get over the fact that people get paid to do things like spam LinkedIn groups or try to sell you links to put in your blog.

  • This is HILARIOUS. 

    Okay, I’ve got a quick question. When you say these people are “hacking my account” does that mean you’re weren’t following them and they still figured out a way to direct message you?

  • Mark Schaefer

    Welcome back. Missed you.

    Most of the time I fugure they hacked somebody else’s account but sometimes i do get DMs from people I don’t follow. A mystery.

  • Mark Schaefer

    ironically i was in Atlanta when all this occurred.  And I was stuck in another jam going home!

  • Well, the Internet’s a pretty big place, you know. 😀

    I wonder if you block someone’s account if they can still hack you. Have you talked to Twitter support about your issues? I’ve never heard of this before.

  • kgalvin67

    This is my life, every day in nearly every circumstance. I’ve had days where I “wake up” at work at around 10 and have NO recollection of how I got dressed and how I got there. But, then again, I’m an artist… so my brain is floating out in the stratosphere 98% of the time. : )

  • Dude…

    You only get brain cramps when you drive? For rillio? My brain cramps all the time. I just always sing that famous Talking Heads Song Once in a Lifetime. “Well, how did I get here?” 🙂

  • Now that song will be in my head all day. Dammit Clayman.   No I only get brain cramps when I drive. I think.  How would I know for sure.  And BTW, who just wrote this comment? 

  • That is so interesting!  I had no idea.  It is only a driving thing for me. Wonder what this condition is really called?  It must have been studied.

  • Most of the time when you get this run of DM’s that say “LOL I just saw your picture …” or whatever, their accounts have been hacked. You have to change your password in that case.

  • Fine line between a brain wave and brain fart. 😉

  • In Georgia it’s illegal to text and drive, cannot imagine the fines for vlogging and driving. All you need is an open beverage and you’d be banned for life. 😉 Stay safe .. from the traffic and crappy SEO pyramid schemes. FWIW.

  • Bwa ha ha now I’ve got ya runnnnnning scarrred 🙂

  • Nice observation. I get the brain cramps sometimes when reading a book. I guess they kick in when you sink into a habitual activity, to the point where your subconscious takes over the habitual. Leaving you to wander mentally onto different topics – then you get the nod moment, where you come back to your senses and realise you had a brain cramp. Cheers Nick

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