Committed. A {growtoon}.

  • Hahahah. Brilliant!

  • And so goes the world of the blogosphere. There are plenty of bloggers who make my blood boil. Heck, sometimes you and I disagree violently. But we can do it without attacking one another. Why do we have to be sheep who follow every, single thing anyone says? It makes me nuts.

    Between this and @theantimedia:twitter , my weekend is made! 

  • Anonymous

    I agree in concept @ginidietrich:disqus , however, if you are small in the blogosphere (and most bloggers are small) it is hard to have a voice that is heard.  And, while from an integrity point of view I (and I would like to believe most) would never prostitute myself to the big guys just to be seen (read “cool”), I can understand how frustrating it can be to get your voice heard in an ever growing world of (and I really hate this term, so please forgive me) A-listers.   So, @MarkSchaefer:disqus , that all being said,  this {growtoon} is hilarious!!  Thanks for a Friday laugh! 

  • Are you arguing with me, Claudia?!?

  • Anonymous

    Argue with my bestie @ginidietrich:disqus ??? Never!!!….sometimes, however,  a hot flash will get the better of me and I get all brave and bold and…speak my piece…but argue?  Never 😉  Just ask @HotWater911:twitter 

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