Confessions of a “Type A” Blogger

A guest post from {grow} community member Taryn Erickson

A perpetual ‘go-getter’ by nature, when I jumped into the Social Media scene it was a calculated attack.  I was on a serious mission: amass followers, craft clever content, lead the industry, innovate online communities, be the first to promote emerging trends.

Then, I read “The Go-Giver” – which forever changed my attitude as a Social Media strategist. And that’s saying something.

This ‘little story about a powerful business idea’ offers volumes of knowledge – that can help YOU become more Social Media savvy. Like me, you may have lofty goals for domination in your online communities. You might be looking to become an outstanding voice, an influential thought leader, a Social Media master.

Take a big step back. What did I learn from this powerful story? Becoming a ‘go-giver’ and applying the 5 Laws of Stratospheric Success to my Social Media strategy. Changing my focus from getting to giving….well, that changed my success rate too.

How To: Become A Go-Giver (And Social Media Savvy)

As readers journey with Joe, the quintessential ‘go-getter’ in this business parody, our standard of success is completely redefined. This book puts a topsy-turvy spin on most advice (and intrinsic motivators) of strategic professionals!  Applying the 5 laws of a ‘go-giver’ to your Social Media strategy will develop the approach you need to succeed.

  1. The Law of Value: your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment.  Help others get linked, promoted, retweeted, liked, mentioned, followed, engaged, connected – do it MORE than you expect in return! In the competitive Social Media community focus on the more you give, not the more you get.
  2. The Law of Compensation: your income is determined by how many people you serve and how well you serve them.  Have a service minded mentality in your Social Media strategy. Guest blog for others, promote tweets, mention and follow thers, link to good content – and do it often! Serving others, and doing it well, provides the biggest payoff.
  3. The  Law of Influence: your influence is determined by how abundantly you place other people’s interests first. Go way beyond the old adage ‘treat others how you want to be treated’ –  this attitude requires you to treat others BETTER than you want to be  treated! If you are genuine in promoting and engaging with others,  eventually you will see the rewards of your influence.
  4. The Law of Authenticity: the most valuable gift you have to offer is yourself.   Be confident. Be bold. Approach industry leaders. Maintain your voice.  Have FUN! Offering up yourself in an authentic fashion makes you more likeable. Try it out, and offer the best possible you in Social Media space – others will respect your genuine approach.
  5. The Law of Receptivity: the key to effective giving is to stay open to receiving.Your give-give-give approach won’t be for nothing! Keep engaged and be engaging; you will find the opportunities and rewards are exponential. Be open to receiving. Practice humility always, but take credit. Watch as your traffic and influence in Social Media increases.

Becoming a ‘go-giver’ changed my approach and attitude! Is the payoff immediate? Not really. In the beginning I seemed to be giving a lot and getting a little. Yet being a ‘go-giver’ in Social Media has allowed me to form much stronger relationships – a collection of people and companies that are willing to repay favors. Others that now invest valuable time, and want to help me succeed! My influence in Social Media is growing in an authentic, genuine way. Exponentially.

Find your voice and presence in Social Media, by learning to serve others first. Track how your efforts are paying off, and enjoy the rewards of being a ‘go-giver’. Like me. Then savor the success of being Social Media savvy!

Taryn Erickson is a communications and marketing specialist, adding unique flair to the Social Media revolution. Follow her on Twitter @Taryn44 |and through her blog, SoMeffect

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  • Hi Taryn,
    When I made the transition from Facebook to Twitter about 4 months ago I experienced exactly what you are talking about. I’d been so focused on people reading my stuff that I’d stopped growing. The little voice in my head told me to learn from others. Listen. So that’s why I came to Twitter. And that’s what I did. That was the only way, it turns out, to connect with new people. It’s so rewarding to actually make friends instead of followers! I was looking for genealogists and found a wide spectrum of people with varied businesses and interests. I feel so rich.
    Loved the post!
    Thanks Taryn!

  • Bob

    Taryn, thank you so much for your very complimentary post and your interpretation of the Laws from John David Mann’s and my book. What a great honor for us!!

  • This is great advice, and so true!  You receive what you give.  At first I felt “in competition” with similar bloggers, but I quickly realized how silly that was and how much strength we had when we worked together.  I often look to share opportunities with my Tweeps now, if I hear of a great opportunity in their area, or learn of something they would be perfect for and I let them know right away.  There is plenty of success to go around.

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  • Sounds like true words of wisdom, Taryn. I’ll have to check out the book. 

  • Amen! You have to give in order to receive.

  • Taryn,

    You bring up some really interesting points on here. Social media has definitely moved us from the age of the go getter to the go giver. It all starts with providing value to the people who you connect with. This has been a fundamental driver of how I think about creating content and working on projects. Authenticity is something I think people struggle with because of our inherent need for approval. But you mentioned being bold, which I think is really key. If we try to be everything to everyone we’ll be nothing to anyone. 

  • Absolutely love this mentality! It’s so much more fun to share other people’s amazingness than always feeling like you have to create your own. Plus, it gives you the chance to learn and grow from them instead of being  stuck in your own little world.

  • Bob, as I mentioned in our Twitter conversation – I am honored to hear from you! The Go-Giver has provided me perspective for my Social Media, business and life! Brilliant work, I am excited to read more from you and John. Glad we have connected! I will keep recommending your book, to all. 🙂

  • Krysia, I love that you also grasp the “give to receive” concept. Collaboration creates better content and community, for all those involved in our Social Media field. You have great insight! Everyone has something to contribute, to succeed! PS – I love that you use the word Tweeps. Let’s connect! @Taryn44

  • Hello my friend Chad!! Thanks for finding my work here on {grow} – happy to hear from you! You should read the book, the principles are great for not only your Social Media strategy, but business and life! It enhance my perspective of helping others. Cheers, friend!! 🙂

  • Hello my friend Chad!! Thanks for finding my work here on {grow} – happy
    to hear from you! You should read the book, the principles are great
    for not only your Social Media strategy, but business and life! It
    enhance my perspective of helping others. Cheers, friend!! 🙂

  • Amen! Thanks for the confirmation. 🙂 Blessings!

  • Srinivas, I love your comment about this transition: from go-getter to go-giver mentality. I agree! The core to ALL activity in Social Media is just what you mentioned….value & content. I push that more than everything, and tell clients to use the 80/20 rule (80% value, 20% self-promo at most!). Being bold, having a distinct voice, and definitely distinguish you in an ever-growing crowd! You are quite wise, hope to hear more!

  • I love this mentality too Kirsten (stating the obvious here). 🙂 Expanding beyond ourselves, and taking delight in others, increases our “brain bank” of supporters. Awesome!

  • I am so glad you can relate Betsy!!!! Sometimes we get stuck in the world of ‘ME’ and fail to realize there is great stuff going on around us! I loved your comment about making friends, not followers. Well stated, I try to employ that practice every single day! Becoming “rich” as you say, with your network, is awesome! Thanks to you for such valuable comments.

  • Thanks for your post Taryn.  Before I stumbled into SM I believed in the “Givers Gain” philosophy of traditional networking.  Your post reminded me of my networking roots.  I need to be more aware of and look for opportunities to serve others.  When my daughter was young and perplexed that she didn’t have “a lot of friends” I told her when the last shovel of dirt is tossed on a person’s grave if they had a few friends that could be counted on regardless of the situation, then they had lived a rich life.  So no matter what our number of “likes”, “followers” or Klout ranking, I believe the best test is the mirror test.  Do you like the person you see in the mirror?  If so, we are on track.

    Mark, Thanks for letting Taryn share with us.

  • Jeff, this is such an encouraging comment! Liking the person in the mirror is key! I thought of a great quote today, “I am collecting experiences & friends, not money & possessions” — that’s how I try to live my life! I love your “givers gain” philosophy, and I also believe this principle can be applied beyond social media (networking, personal life). Thanks for your comment! Cheers!

  • I found you, I’m @ventrsomekrysia:twitter 

  • Leon Buijs

    Unfortunately, this is bull. Everybody wants to pay as little as possible so they’ll always will try to get your work for free and weasel out of paying you. And you know it.

  • Ha. You need to find some new customers dude. 

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  • I would concur with Mark. It is unfortunate we don’t share the same outlook!

  • Glad we have connected! 🙂 Thanks for finding me. Look forward to tweets!

  • Bob – hope this helps your sales & promotion! If you need copies of my article, or want to cross-promote, let’s! [email protected]

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