An insider view of social media research

How is the Internet and social media affecting our lives, our families, our careers?
Lee Rainie, Director of the Pew Internet and American Life Project is leading the charge to help answer these questions and more.

Pew is definitely my go-to place for statistically-valid, well-crafted research on the Internet and social web. What a thrill it was to be on a panel with Lee last week and have a chance to interview him about new directions in Internet reseach. In this short video interview, Lee talks about …

  • The Internet research that is making him go “WOW!”
  • His thoughts on mobile apps replacing the world wide web.
  • Three exciting new research projects including non-profit and churches, computational research using existing social media data, the future of the Internet.

Hope you enjoy the interview, and please share your thought ins the comment section!

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  • Great interview Mark! Pew is always top notch — and scientifically sound. I really like that Pew is moving into looking at how businesses and other organizations are using the Internet;I think that will be fascinating.

    I was glad towards the end that he mentioned the computational research. I was thinking as I was listening to him that solely relying on surveys doesn’t seem like the best way to approach behavioral research in the digital sphere. Whenever you can measure what people actually do instead of what they say they do, you get a much more accurate result. The data trail on the Internet makes measuring actual behavior, in most cases, as easy as (if not easier than) measuring opinions. Of course, the issue for third parties like Pew could be having access to that behavioral data, which might be an interesting discussion in itself.

    Really good interview Mark. Fascinating stuff!

  • Agree Adam. Exciting stuff ahead!

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  • Nancy A. Locke

    I have to echo Adam: “Pew is always top notch.” Interesting interview. Thank you for providing an excellent source of reliable data and analysis. Duly bookmarked.

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