Look out. Twitter is way cool again.

Happy to welcome my daughter Lauren Schaefer back as a guest blogger on {grow} …   

Hello readers! It has been too long and I’ve missed you!  I’ve been a bit busy graduating from college, moving to New York City,  starting my job as a professional event planner and writing my own blog that has nothing to do with social media. But now I’ve had some time to breathe, so time to write!

As I have immersed myself in this new “young-professional” role, I’ve been noticing some social media trends among my twenty-something peers that you might find surprising.  What’s hot? What’s useful?  What do we not give a crap about?

Here are some intelligent and good-looking opinions on the platforms that we loathe and love:

Twitter:  Among young professionals, Twitter is becoming the holiest of holy. The exclusive and elite. The smart and creative. You can be witty, you can be hip, #YouCanComeUpWithHashtagsThatAreSoBrilliant. And best of all, grandma — who is all over Facebook — doesn’t know about it. Twitter is the world without the politics and drama of Facebook and it is the coolest of the cool right now.

LinkedIn: Every day I receive new notifications from my classmates. FINALLY. Hop on board friends. It’s been a realization for my group that not only is this a tool we need while looking for our jobs, it’s also necessary to keep movin’ on up.

Facebook:  No, we’re not leaving Facebook.  My generation will never really let go of Facebook. We’ve gone through too much together. Too many photos, too many exes to stalk, too much history together.  But we have also trudged through all of the constant change Facebook has put us through and frankly, it’s exhausting.

Among my peers, there are two classes of people on Facebook — those on Twitter and those who aren’t. Those who are “Twitter-less” continue to post their lives, their trials, their tribulations on FB.  But those of us on the 140 character machine, bitch openly on Twitter and “family-friendly filter” on Facebook. Twitter is the conversation. Facebook is just a place to archive photos post lame jokes.  We can have Facebook open at work because we’ll never post anything incriminating there. Twitter is where the juicy stuff lives.

Google+  In a word, FAIL.  Seriously.  We don’t give a crap about our impact on SEO.  I joined and built my “circles” and there have only been two updates ever … and one is from my mother saying, “great , something else I need to update. ”

Everything that is cool about Google+ can be found somewhere else and we’re already happy and comfortable with those other platforms.

Now, let’s talk about a hot social media site for the young professional crowd and you probably have never heard of it: OK Cupid.

Yep.  A dating site.

But there is something very interesting going on here.  Once I got past the initial “creepy” factor of realizing that I’m old enough to be on a dating site, I discovered an exciting new social networking model emerging here.  It’s kind of like a combination of Facebook and Twitter for people you don’t know — people who are not currently your friends but who might become your friends, or in Cupid-terms, an “adventure buddy.”

Many of my friends are now spending more time on OK Cupid than Facebook. They are finding it fun to socialize, share restaurant recommendations, chat about music and books, etc. with new people who have similar interests.

Of course there are other social sites but I’m over my word limit and Dad is ringing the bell.

What do you think about these observations? Any surprises?

Lauren Schaefer is a recent college grad, new NYC resident, and nonprofit event planner with an interest in all things social media. She documents her new journey as a young professional at her blog From the Fifth Floor. Twitter: @leschaef

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  • Congrats on graduating and setting up camp in the big smoke Lauren.
    I love the name of your personal blog. Have you thought of nabbing the .com?
    It’s available, I checked. Nice to have even if you don’t want to use it yet.

  • Lauren, to celebrate your blog post on your father’s site I placed it on the front page of MY website today. It will then go to the archive section for people to access for a loooong time in the future. Excuse the front page, I’m in the middle of a redesign. Great job on your post – keep it up, from the fifth floor even 🙂

  • How the heck can I score #2 on Mark’s blog is beyond me, and even more how the heck do I get the #RockHot (that’s entirely mine) privilege of seeing just how far the apple falls. Love your style, your post here, your enthusiasm, energy and effervescence, Lauren!

    Now to what you said…I’m thrilled you Y peeps love Twitter; I never left it and won’t. It’s still my core channel and love it for that convo you mentioned. FB, I have to; G+ I’m pushing my engagement all over that channel. So, in summary; so happy I’m spot on with you.

    Now about that Cupid thing…any oldies on there? Heh.

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  • Thanks Annette! I appreciate the read and the repost!

  • That I have Bernadette! Thanks for the suggestion… I really should. I just haven’t wanted to shell out the cash. Birthday present Dad?

  • Tara Geissinger

    I totally agree with you on these Lauren! I spend most of my social media time on FB and Twitter. LinkedIn is the one that keeps nudging me to get to know it better and use it more effectively. Google + is something I set up and basically ignore. 

    The OK Cupid is a bit of a surprise — but the more that I think about it, it makes total sense. Of course that would be a great “place” to meet people, chat and get to know each other. It was built for that! I feel kind of left out! LOL 

    Going now to read your ‘regular’ blog. 🙂 

  • Thanks Soulati! Oh OkCupid…. Who knows who is on there! I only see people catered to my preference! It is definitely geared towards gen Y though with some of the questions on there though…yeesh.

  • Dave Coulter

    Congrats on graduating. Your take on these sites is interesting. Hope you’re right about Google+.

  • I grinned ridiculously more and more as I went down reading your post, because it’s great seeing someone the same age with similar thoughts! You nailed it.  ! I work in social media, and Google Plus still makes me squirm because I don’t have enough passion to learn more about it. I would kiss the feet of Twitter’s creators. 

    Haven’t gotten into OK cupid, yet, but I love how you’re open to it. It’s just another adventure. Go girl!

  • Oh I can probably find the eight dollars somewhere.

  • Thanks for the r Me too! Thanks for the read Dave. On a side note, at a quick glance- I
    thought your name read Dave Coulier, my favorite uncle from Full House. I
    about jumped at  the thought of Uncle Joey reading my blog post. Ha.
    But you’re read is just as appreciated!ead Anne! Glad to see you think the same!

  • Thanks for the read Anne! Glad you think the same!

  • Twitter is da bomb – the free flow of information there can’t be matched! You can go there without any certain purpose and get lost for hours.

    I enjoyed the post, I think I’ll share over on G+, oh but wait, then no one will read it. Maybe I’ll just tweet it instead.

  • Not surprised, really. OkCupid, I can see that. LinkedIn, all biz. Google+, not enough ‘other’ people there, our everyday F&F; it’s my ‘work’ version of FB I guess, stuff too long to tweet but I don’t want to blog. One of the things I like best about Twitter is that I have more ‘control’ of my filter bubbles, I can follow and search for people and topics that interest me. And have a say in who sees since I have few friends following my professional account, and anonymous one (take that G+) for random ‘juice.’ Absolutely love your description of FB, very telling and I can relate. (Think I’m a generation off sometimes.) Congrats on graduating. FWIW.

  • Hi Lauren, this is a terrific post and I think there is a more critical point here than many will realize (unless I’m seriously missing something). 
    In this blog, we’ve been talking about the “Three Kings” , influence and strategy for a while now and my position has always been that they are not nor never will be everything to everyone (and the harder they try, the less effective they’ll get). I’ve also believed that it is our kids (your generation) and grandkids (being of the older generation myself) who’ll dictate where this goes as they are the future consumer and user. Lauren you’re saying exactly what my kids (and their circles) have been saying all along. Google, Facebook and Twitter are only a few of many choices that are driven by user preferences, needs and areas of interest that change at any given point in time. And there are more coming out every day!  Your specific examples of usage (expecially on Twitter and Facebook) totally fly against the current marketing strategies of our current “Social Media Experts”………… Why?   Because we (the GURU’s of current SM strategy) are still thinking in the old domain of advertising and mindshare (we’re trying to apply yesterday’s theories to today’s new world) and don’t have a clue about what’s really going on, let alone why it’s happening.

    There are endless examples of what you are saying that apply to all aspects of our lives.  Why don’t the GURUs understand that? Because they have yet to determine that they no longer can control the message let alone the delivery and consumption of the message. The consumer now controls how, where and why they consume (or generate) information and who they trust to help make decisions.

    Thanks for the honest and open perspective!

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  • Steve- thank you so much for your insight! You really looked deep into this and it is appreciated! Spread the word!

  • Debbie Gioquindo

    Yes, I agree as my 17 yr old daughter has embraced twitter and is off facebook.  Lauren, I am going to suggest that she follow you and your blog as she enters college in the fall for hospitality and meeting/event planning.  Good luck to you!

  • Thanks!

  •  haha Thanks Tony. Definitely “da bomb”

  • Thanks Tara! Yes- OkCupid is a bit of a surprise! Not really a place to leverage business but good to know where the group is at!

  • Oh that is great Debbie! I am always here to help! She is more than welcome to contact me. Good luck to her!

    Hey Dad- hear that! The HS kids are off Facebook too!

  • Hey Lauren, you’re clearly not in San Francisco if you’re saying G+ is fail. Has nothing to do with SEO. Maybe come hang out with us on the west coast 🙂

  • Adam- I’ve hung out on the west coast and I still don’t have any friends on Google+! For my age group it has nothing to do with SEO. If my friends aren’t on it, there is no point in joining. I believe if you are trying to capture my age group, Google+ is not the way to go.  So for you- is it a West Coast thing? I’d love to hear how it is successful for you.

  • Lauren, I like your posts but you can’t speak for your entire age group without some data to back it up. I can’t speak for mine either 🙂

  • Site purchased! Dad- expect my bill in the mail 🙂

  • That’s interesting that a dating site is crossing over into a place where people hang out. I didn’t expect that, but it’s cool to see it’s happening.

    Personally, I’m very much looking forward to Facebook going geriatric. I was hoping for a quick and painful death ala MySpace where people jump ship for a better platform, but the slow aging process where people are just so tired of looking at that blue and white logo is just as satisfying. They will of course go IPO at the peak and all become zillionairs, but that’s ok.  I’m so tired of people talking about Facebook that I’ll take any demise I can get. 

    As for Google+… Nobody cares about the SEO benefits except for businesses. So the only ones who will really make a forced attempt to use the network are, of course, businesses. And what do businesses do better than anything else? Self-promotion. Probably not an environment I want to spend all my time in.

    Twitter I love, but primarily because they haven’t figured out how to make money yet. Once that happens I’ll probably have to check out the new hip thing. I’ll look for Lauren’s future posts to tell me what that is.

  • Thanks Dan! Stay tuned for that post 🙂

  • I just pre-ordered his new book, I’m sure he’ll cover it.

  • Lauren, very interesting take on social media and I’d have to agree with your opinions on Twitter and Facebook, but not so much with Google+. I think it provides some great advantages such as privacy simplicity that social networks like Facebook don’t offer. It is also much more open, yet closed at the same time. I like that.

    Also, I haven’t ever heard of OK Cupid, but it seems like a really neat site! I enjoyed your post and am looking forward to more in the future.

  • Hey Lauren!  Solid stuff.

    I’ve been forced back to the social media drawing board after relocating to Saint Louis and having absolutely zero network here, so that’s been interesting.

    LinkedIn was one of the first places I turned to, and I began to subscribe to a few local young professional groups.  It’s boring.  The conversations take days to develop, people see LinkedIn as a launching pad for links to their underdeveloped blogs.. bleehhh.

    I just signed up with Meetup.com as a means of getting out with new and different people and networking in a new way and although I’ve only attended one meetup, I really enjoyed the experience.  People show up, chill, chat, exchange social media information, and voilah!  Networking.

    Everyone showed up for the same reason; to meet new people and to network.  LinkedIn gets convoluted by pluggers and spammers.  Twitter is a never ending stream of diarrhea.  Facebook is the same as it ever was (despite everyone’s bitching that it’s changing too fast)

    Meetup was a refreshing social media experience.  If you haven’t yet, jump on it.

  • Hi Lauren,
    That Twitter bird on the right is Def n Dope lookin. I was a huge fan of Twitter and Facebook but now I am using Google + more to connect with my readers. I may unfollow everyone on Twitter, not sure yet.

  • Looking good Mark, thank you for your efforts in making this happen 😉 

    Welcome back Lauren!  Your observations are exciting, refreshing, and thought provoking as any one can see by reading the comments left today. 

    My use of the various platforms you shared with this community are strategic for building, and sustaining my business, family, and friend relationships.

    Full speed ahead on your life’s journey?

  • Thank you Dr. Rae! I appreciate the encouragement 🙂

  • Really?? I’m interested to hear more! Where are you located? Based off of other reader comments- maybe Google+ is a regional thing. Or a business thing… My group just cannot get a hold of it!

  • LOVE Meetup! I’ve been looking into that myself up here. 

    If you are looking for work- I do know this guy who really supports young professionals and has got some great connections. (I’m talking about you DAD)

    Thanks for reading buddy! Come visit MG and I soon!

  • Thanks Aaron. Definitely seems that Google+ is the one with mixed reviews. Seems that it can work- just depends on what you want it to work for. For me, I just can’t dig it. We might have to delve into that one some more!

  • I am in Baltimore MD. Since Google rules search traffic and they are adding/using G+ to help people find what they are looking for I think that Google+ would be the way to go as far as getting search engine traffic to my site.

    When I am logged into Google and I do a search I can see where other people that I know have Google +ed an article. We’ll see though. So much to learn and so little time. 🙂

  • Yes. I have found that too and although I certainly still don’t use it as much as others, I see it’s benefits.

    I think you should do some more posts about that. I’m interested in reading what you have to say.

  • Great post Lauren! Spot on with Twitter . . . it *is where the juicy stuff lives. I agree with Dan that I was surprised to hear that OKcupid has become a hangout and Google+ is a dud. Personally the big three for daily use are still Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter – if I had to choose? I could easily live with just Twitter & my blog – any day!

  • Marymich

    Lauren, Grandma should be plural (as in two).

  • haha. Well I’ve got one Grandma and one Grandmary! You’ll be in the next blog 🙂

  • agreed me too! I feel like I am checking facebook less and less!

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  • Hi Lauren, Congratulations on graduating and moving to The Big Apple. 

    Fascinating read. I have a sixteen year old daughter and a 23 year old family member who is visiting us and they both love Facebook. I don’t let my daughter on Twitter (she really wants an account but it’s too much like the Wild West in my mind) or Google + (she couldn’t care less about that one). 

    You have a great point that the younger generation has too much history and too many connections to give up on Facebook. It’s funny that you view the changes as exhausting instead of as exciting innovations. Do you use video chat? The 23 year old who is visiting us uses it constantly for connecting with friends. 

    I’m a big Twitter fan, but I never realized that Twitter wasn’t cool. My bad.

  • Ha!  Actually … NOT! : ) 

  • Carolyn, I’ve always thought that Twitter was cool too. Or at least my age group has. But there have been conflicting ideas- thus the title. And don’t let your daughter have a twitter 🙂 

  • Tammy Kahn Fennell

    “Everything that is cool about Google+ can be found somewhere else and we’re already happy and comfortable with those other platforms.”  I have to say, I often forget to post to google plus. Like, it’s an afterthought every time. If it wasn’t for the plugin on many blogs under the “tweet” button i doubt i would ever post anything. However, I can’t help but get excited when someone plus ones me…  I guess I’m still “google plus curious”.

    Great post.

  • Some good insights here indeed. Regarding Google+, I agree, most people don’t give a cr*p about SEO. That’s why I’m (for the moment) seeing it as mostly a professional social network, for those who understand its potential for, say, drive traffic to a blog or website. For the rest… meh.

    Ok Cupid is a nice surprise on this list. Serves an argument I believe is true: social saturation will drive people to more “nichesque” social networks.

  • Welcome to the YP world. Enjoyed your assessment of social media platforms – probably because I happen to agree with you! Thanks for turning me onto the dating site will socialize it to some friends.

  • Good insight from a rapidly moving and shaking age group. I personally have been content to live without FB: use G+ for half & half (professional & fun) twitter for mainly business but some fun and of course, LI is coat and tie.

    I left the university almost 10 years to the date & entered the workforce; interesting to here this input.

    Good New Year to all.

  • SoCooL.Com

  • Great post, I have heard somewhere that FB is for people you used to know, Linkedin is for people you know and Twitter is for people you WANT to know. I think it is pretty matching here, just don’t know how to handle G+ at all 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Love your thinking and always want to stay abreast of what those coming up behind me have to say. Yes, I’m that old. Though happily married, this OkCupid thing sounds interesting and I think I’ll pass on the recommendation to those still seeking that special one.

    In way of full disclosure, I married the woman of my dreams via an online dating service, so I’m a fan of the concept.

    Not sure what to say about your thinking on Google+. I have it, I see it growing and there’s no doubt in my mind I’m getting SEO juice out of it. Add to that Google hangouts beat Skype a billion to one and my juries still out. That said, it’s going to be interesting to see if it goes the distance or dies on the vine as you predict.

    Keep up the blogging, you got the right stuff!

    Michael Besson

  • SoCooL.Com

  • David

    Fave quote…. Google+: “great, something else I need to update”.   That about sums it up.  Super job, Lauren!

  • My pleasure Lauren? 😉

  • Love your assessment of hashtags on Twitter. Very true. #amirite

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