25 Non-Financial Benefits of Business Blogging

While the use of blogging as a marketing and communications platform continues to grow for many organizations, you still might be facing this question from your boss — “Why are we doing this?”

The most obvious answer is that you are ultimately trying to influence some behavior or attitude. You want your readers to buy, register, understand, donate, attend, etc.  But there are many other tangible benefits of business blogging that might be more difficult to measure … but no less important. Here are 25 non-financial benefits of business blogging:

  1. Create a database of answers — Blog about customer questions. Use links to those posts to save time and answer future questions.
  2. Reward employees — Shine a spotlight on brilliant employees by featuring their ideas and accomplishments on your blog.
  3. Marketing integration — Turn content from your blog into sales and marketing materials.
  4. SEO — Having an active, relevant blog can have a powerful impact on search engine ranking.
  5. Point of differentiation — If your competitors don’t blog, is this an opportunity to stand out in your niche?
  6. Solidify POV — The act of blogging forces you to be clear on your company’s position on issues.
  7. Re-purpose the content — Your blog content can be cost-effectively re-purposed for newsletters, eBooks and other publications.
  8. Humanize your brand — There is probably no more powerful and cost-effective way to show the “soft” side of your business than storytelling through a blog.
  9. Sign of activity — A current blog confirms that your website is updated and relevant.
  10. PR — Tweets and Facebook status updates probably aren’t going to attract the attention of reporters. Helpful blog posts will.
  11. Internal communications — Don’t forget about the impact blogs have on your internal audience.
  12. Customer engagement — Creating a dialogue with your customers can lead to powerful business benefits. Why not have customers contribute posts?
  13. Solve problems — Some companies like Caterpillar are using blogs to crowd-source technical problem solving.
  14. New product development ideas — A hot trend is using the blog platform to deliver new product and service ideas.
  15. Voice of authority — Is your company the industry leader? What better way to demonstrate that than a voice of leadership on your blog?
  16. Market segmentation — Many companies (especially in high tech) have multiple blogs to reach customers by different interest, demographic or geography.
  17. Identify advocates — Blog readers may be among your brand’s most powerful fans.
  18. Constant customer connection — Calling on customers is expensive. But a blog post can be a little “sales call” every week.
  19. Test ideas — Need to take a position?  Why not test it with the blog community first?
  20. Assemble chapters for a book — Many companies piece together blog posts to create larger publications.
  21. Research — Throw a question out there and use your blog as a cost-effective and rapid way to get feedback.
  22. Networking — Blog connections have led to finding interns, suppliers and partners for my business.
  23. Establish emotional connection — Blogging’s ability to connect through a story is powerful — especially for non-profits.
  24. Social Proof — Simply having a blog sends a message that your company “gets” social media.
  25. Crisis management — If you have a blog, you don’t have to rely on the press to get the story straight.  Your blog can put the facts out there.

Is this list complete? What other benefits are you realizing from your blog?

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  • Great article, Mark! I definitely agree with humanizing the brand as well as SEO.  (Of course!) The main thing, though, is the importance of “authority” online. Most people don’t know that becoming an authority figure in your niche or passion not only helps someone has a business owner but also those that are unemployed, running a non-profit or helping raise awareness for a cause.

    People want to engage with those that they know, like and trust. Writing online allows people to get to know you and your passion. When you write with a sense of passion for a topic, readers can’t help but get drawn in and want to learn more about you and how you can help them.

  • Mark, good stuff. Love this from a B2B perspective, where the intangibles are so critical for companies getting started.

    I was talking to someone about #3 just yesterday. Imagine if a blog post replaces collateral to answer a question. Rather than sending me a pdf or slides with your POV, send me a link to a blog post (with embedded video or slideshare if needed).

    Collateral is often a dead end, with just a link back to a corporate home page. But a blog is easy to navigate, allowing someone to continue investigating. If you have a successful blog at any level in your industry, there is a good chance the post will have some additional credibility from comments and shares as well.

    Finally, blog content is easily sharable and when its shared, the navigation benefits for people that may have a slightly different view are huge.

  • Great list of benefits. It’s about time people look beyond the financial benefits of blogging. Many get the wrong idea that blogging makes money only to be disappointed after diving into it. Sure, it’ll be great to monetize blogs but we should not put aside the non-financial benefits. Awesome stuff 🙂

  • Wonderful, point Shannon. Thanks for taking the time to add to the discussion!

  • Have been thinking about this a lot. Using these technologies to spread virally OFFLINE. I think links are better than collateral. No mailing. Infinite availability. Doesn’t fade in the sun. : )

  • Thanks Jan. Smart business minds will recognize qualitative benefits like these.

  • excellent list Mark! as always a genuine sober and well thought out case! If you don’t mind I’d like to share it on my blog’s Facebook page? 

  • Blogging is also a lot of fun. Maybe not a business reason, but definitely non-financial.

  • Sure. It wold be an honor! Thanks.

  • Should have been number one on the list! : ) Thanks for pointing that out!

  • #9 (sign of activity) is probably my favorite. I find sites with blogs that were last updated more than a year ago. That usually makes me feel like they are not committed to their business.  

  • Great post Mark!  Similar to #8, blogging gives your company a “personality” which can then lead to greater engagement (#12) because clients/customers typically identify with a personality more than a static list of facts on a website or collateral.

  • Anonymous

    Number 24 is a big one. It’s one thing to talk about what’s important and what your company can do and what they know about, but demonstrating it without even saying it directly is a powerful confidence builder. 

    Would you take financial advice from a broke hobo? Would you take beauty advice from a person who didn’t care about their appearance? Do you trust a skinny cook? Well, maybe not the last one so much…

    #4 and #9 go hand in hand. With all of Googles changes and bouncing serp results, the only way to stay relevant … is to stay relevant! Ad that has lasting power. Thanks for this article. Just re-tweeted.

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  • I agree, blogging is not only for profit or income reason, it is interesting to blog if your mind is full and reach of ideas in different types of topics and field.

  • I like your post in number 19, it is true that through blogging you can test how far is your ideas. You can express also what type of personality you have.

  • I also find that doing your additional research, fact checking, writing & rewriting on your area of expertise really helps you understand your subject that much better. So when you are face to face with clients you know a topic inside out

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  • Well said, Amin.  It makes it look depressing, doesn’t it?

  • That is really when the magic happens if you can achieve that Arthur.  Very difficult in a company … especially a large company with multiple bloggers.

  • Many thanks George. I’m glad the article resonated with you and appreciate your comment!

  • I like that.  Certainly that is how it plays out here on my blog : )  Lots of ideas — not all of them good — but hopefully interesting : ) 

  • Thanks.

  • Agree!  Helps sharpen your skills doesn’t it?

  • I think this 25 non financial benefit could be turn into financial benefit if we want

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  • I LOVE THIS TOPIC!! Great list, Mark! I see many of these wonderful benefits playing out with our own company blog. I would say by far the greatest non-financial benefit for us has been seeing how business blogging is helping reshape our company culture >> Breaking down the silos, synergizing collaboration, fueling creativity and personal development, encouraging much more compassionate thinking… and it is kind of a blast 🙂 Really great topic, Mark… thanks so much for sharing!

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  • IBP

    Our SEO company has been encouraging us to add a blog to our website, so I decided to do some research on the benefits first.  It never occurred to me that the blog could simply be a message to visitors that we’re aware of social media and that it could be a sign of activity.

    How often do you think a successful business blog should be updated? Monthly? Weekly? Does it just depend on the content?

  • IBP it is more than just how often, there are keys to successful blogging such as content, consistency, target audience, user-friendliness, validity and timeliness of information, relevance and traffic.

    I suggest you Google “keys to creating a successful blog” and choose the right opinion for you. Everyone has an opinion, just some resonate more than others -:).

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  • A great benefit of blogging regularly of course is that you become an authority in your niche. Apart from that it also acts as a great stress buster and opens up new vistas especially if the business owner is blogging himself and is directly interacting with the target audience on the blog.

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  • Barnali

    In the initial stage of this post, what you have discussed are the personal benefits of blogging. I agree with you on those points of yours.

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