Punterest: It’s kind of like pins, only funnier.

  • Mark, where can I download this app? This is the most punteresting article I’ve read in a while! I can’t wait to start punning 😀 YES!!!

  • Duh Punning!

    As far as where to {grow} from here, we can start twunning about places to visit. We could go to a city in Southern France, we have nothing Toulouse. Then we’ll head north to Norway, but first we have to learn Norse code. Finally, we can wrap up out twacation in California or Hawaii, not sure where, we can talk Pacifics later.

  • Hey Mark, I forgot to tell you about my dream last night! I dreamt that IRAN, in New York, from the New Delhi around the Brooklyn bridge, all the way to Hungary 😀 Tasty treats inside that place!!

  • The problem with Iran is that it is between Iraq and a hard place.

  • ROFL… Very true, especially now that they are going to be sanctioned for their nuclear ambitions 😀

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  • Hahaha,

    I’m kinda done with all the pinterest posts as well.


  • Ray

    I love puns! Wocka! Wocka! Wocka!

  • *claps* funny! Let’s {grow} up to where the chirpers are, up in the tree, and build a nest of followers, you be the mother bird and teach them about punterest, then push them out of the nest, and they chirp away about it!

  • Mark – I think you’re onto something. In fact, after reviewing these Puns, you might consider starting a {groan} community.  As I dug into each of the punterest ideas, here were my reactions.  I thought the first one was borderline funny, seemed more like a fluke. I nearly fell off my front Porsche on the second. I think I missed your Maine point in the third.  By the time I got to the 4th, I was catatonic.  But clearly in the last, you proved you Tao-er over everyone when it comes to punning.

  • I’m not worthy. You win! 

  • This made my day! 

  • Erica Allison

    Very clever, Mark!

  • Applause, and bravo Mark!  Thank you for sharing this funny punning part of you!!!  You are indeed a very talented man…

  • SO funny. I’m no good at puns, but I appreciate the {groan} humor. Maybe it’s just the sleep deprivation, but this made me laugh out loud. Tks, I needed that. 

  • Bob G

    Peace, man.  Keep on punning!

  • What’s hapunning here Mark?! Don’t throw in the towel yet 😀

  • Very funny Mark!
    You have the same sense of humor as my husband. Dry with a side of punny.

    His favorite joke: What do you call a boomarang that doesn’t come back.
    A stick

    Thanks for the laughs!!

  • Tab1967

    I enjoy these just for the PUN of it 

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