A Cloudy Outlook for Instagram. A {growtoon}.

  • Anonymous

    Point being?
    Didn’t learn anything here.

  • Mark,

    Considering the Gowalla’s fate once acquired by Facebook, this is clever.  This also relates well with your post recently on Facebook’s tipping point.

     @oligardner:disqus , does that help?  {Hope you are well!}


  • Keri, my take was completely different. I thought this was referring to how easy it is to add backgrounds in Instagram. Well, I don’t really know since I still am using a (dare I say it) Blackberry. So the little cloud is asking papa if anyone still needs real photos of clouds.

  • Anonymous

    The original inspiration was from how everyone was freaking out about the acquisition. There were blog posts that sprang up overnight about how to export your Instagram photos and leave Instagram. People were going crazy when most of the pictures/content that they take is…dare I say…unimportant. 

    Whether they close down Instagram or not the hysteria that ensues in the digital world when these things happens is often unmerited. 

    Thanks for the comment! You too @connectyou:disqus !

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