Gone with the Pin. A {growtoon}.

  • Did you actually go to the US copyright office & pay $35 (online) or $50 in person for that picture? No offense, but it doesn’t look like much work was put into it.

  • Love love this Mark – can you imagine what our kids will be saying some day? 

  • I’m not usually a Cartoon guy… But I’m starting to look forward to these… Great stuff!

  • Actually, I do take offense at this. The guy who helps with this cartoon series is a very funny guy. I personally think the crude and unfinished look of the cartoons adds to the humor. Kind of reminds me of the kid who sat behind you in school that would draw funny cartoons that made you laugh out loud and get into trouble.  So I would ask you to give the art a chance over time and see if you agree. If you don’t, you can simply ignore it or try coming up with a relevant and funny social media cartoon every week and we’ll see how it goes for you : )   Would be glad to consider your contribution.

  • Love it!  I’ll be back often.  Having grown up in Atlanta, I really relate to “Gone with the Pin.” Ha.

  • Joey – I enjoy seeing these every week. Keep em coming!

  • Thanks, Ryan! That really means a lot. 

  • Haha, I know exactly what you mean, Samantha. 

  • Thanks, Josh!

  • It’s one of my wife’s favorite movies. She was the inspiration. 

  • Terrific.  Your wife sounds like she has good taste!

  • I think these cartoons are hilarious.  Keep ’em coming, Joey and Mark!

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