Re-boot your company, re-boot yourself.

Click here if you can’t see this video interview with Mitch Joel.

Mitch Joel rocks. He really does.  You may know him as a blogger, podcaster and author of the seminal book Six Pixels of Separation but he is also a business leader, husband, father and generous friend.

You are going to LOVE this short video interview because Mitch reveals plans for his new book.  It really sounds amazing. “Re-boot your company, re-boot yourself.” Yeah, I can dig that.

He also has some very interesting observations on the writing process itself.


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  • Great interview Mark. Really looking forward to the book. Mitch’s speech was inspiring, insightful and funny 😉 I’m expecting his book will be the same. So glad you were able to get him to come to Social Slam and get this interview! Both of you guys rock!

  • I really like the way Mitch talks about what he does as not being “work” – but more about the calling – what he was meant to do.  I look forward to digging into the story of personal and professional reinvention – too bad it’s a year out!

  • Thanks Don. I think it will be an exceptional book. Right up there with Return On Influence : ) 

  • Yeah, I’m ready for that book now! Amazing how long the process still takes in this digital world! 

  • Anonymous

    First, I hope you know how much I hated to miss this year’s Social Slam, but I’m grateful you continue to share learned and valuable content, including this interview with Mitch. I, too, loved Mitch’s comment that this is “the work I was meant to do.” It is the simple reminder I needed to hear today, and I am sure will resonate with so many others of your community.

  • I also wonder how does people like Mitch find the discipline to do all those things. As well as you Mark, you are non-stop.  Thanks for sharing this interview.

  • I wish I’d been at Social Slam to hear Mitch’s presentation and meet him but this video is the next best thing. I look forward to the video of his keynote when it becomes available. Thanks Mark and Mitch.

  • Should be up in a week or so.

  • Oh, I do stop … briefly : )  

  • Look forward to seeing you next year Arminda! 

  • Like @billymitchell:disqus I was so sorry not to be able to make it this year, but I’m going to try for next! Thanks so much for showing this clip of @mitchjoel:disqus . My absolute podcasting hero and I am so looking forward to the next book. Awesome. 

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  • 365frederick

    This sounds like a great book, both practical and inspirational. Thanks for posting.

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