The next big thing in content marketing with Mike Stelzner

Click here if you can’t see this video interview with Mike Stelzner of Social Media Examiner.

I have long-admired Mike Stelzner, arguably the most successful content marketer on the social web.  He doesn’t have a hot new app. He hasn’t leveraged a proprietary technology. He hasn’t capitalized on funding from venture capitalists. He has quickly built a multi-million dollar business through Social Media Examiner by unleashing content and helping people.

To hear his whole story, I recommend his book Launch, but to get a peek at what’s on Mike’s mind I think you’ll enjoy this short video interview. And be sure to stick around until the end of the video when he reveals the next big thing in content marketing.  Mike says we’re all missing something.  Frankly it surprised me but his insight might just make sense. What do you think?

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  • Couldn’t agree more with the “audio!” Very interesting. Listening and multitasking right now! Thanks Mark. Thanks Michael. [email protected]

  • Interesitng that you agree. I’m still thinking about it but he’s one smart dude!

  • Oh man, you’ve got to love the power of the counter-intuitive approach to building your business.

    The idea of giving away your most prized wisdom for free and actually making money as a result of doing so is about as counter intuitive as it gets.

    It makes me think of the Boss Blogger Leo Babauta not putting any copyright on any of his books or content, making it explicitly clear that you can do with his content what you wish as you don’t make him look bad by changing it and making MORE money now than when he guarded his “precious”.

    I love examples like this of succeeding by breaking the rules and I thank you Mark for bringing me another reminder to fight me internal biases that make me want the better of the deal rather than making sure the other person gets the better end of the deal.

  • Isn’t it something to sit here and watch a businessman who knows the value of his customers. What is there to argue with…his numbers, through the roof; his method, proven tenfold or better; his reception by the community, remarkable.

    He is a man who planted his garden, nurtured it, gave away much of the crop and now enjoys the fruits of his generosity. Everyone stops by his stand to pick up their daily dose of tips, tricks and to see what other crops may be on the horizon. Social Media Examiner is the horn of plenty.

    Thanks Mark and Mike.

  • Great interview. Thanks to both of you!

  • Cool. Mike really lays out his story in his book. It’s a great read.

  • Thanks Anneliz. Glad you liked it!

  • Thanks Anneliz – That means a lot to me 🙂

  • Thanks Lewis — I like to break molds 🙂

  • Thanks Matthew

  • Mark – Thanks so much for your impulsive decision to turn the tables and interview me. It was a fun!

  • Video’s great for breaking the b2b ice and getting to know someone better, even though you may have yet to meet.

    For example, I first listened to a lot of Mike’s white paper audios while commuting etc and then moved ‘closer’ by watching some interview clips on YouTube.

    The podcast approach offers listeners flexibility while video suggests ‘tethering’. ‘Tuned in’, I find there’s a sense of still being productive – something that reminds this night owl of enjoyable late night radio shows.

  • Great interview Mark, showcasing one of the true stars in social media who built success in a way that everyone admires. Podcasting is something that has certainly been out there for awhile, and I do know of a few who have been successful using audio as their main medium to communicate. It will be interesting to see what Michael develops based on his vision, as I expect it to be another trailblazing product/site that will continue to cement his presence as a true leader in the industry.

  • Great interview Mark and thanks for what you do so well! Cool insight from Mike about audio, I really had not given podcasting much thought over the last year…

  • Interesting interview. My first reaction to podcasting was “Nah, nobody really listens to that stuff”…..Then I realized, 3 times a week, I plug in my earbuds, go running for half an hour, and listen to podcasts. Admittedly, I listen to non-business podcasts, but I guess I’m doing it without even thinking about it! So I think he’s on to something.

    Plus, I wouldn’t want to bet against Mike!

  • Love, Love, Love this interview. I couldn’t agree more with Anneliz that Mike planted his garden and nurtured it and is now reaping the fruits of his labors. And the coolest part is, so is his community.

    And wow! I wasn’t expecting podcasting to be the answer. Very surprising for sure.

    Regarding Mike’s prediction on podcasting, I’m wondering if he sees any certain style or format (daily, weekly, tips based, etc.) as being they type of podcast that will be most useful to listeners and the most successful type for the producer/s. Any insights into this would be greatly appreciated!

    And thanks as always Mark for the super content.

  • Interesting about pod-casting I kinda knew in the back of my mind that that will become big soon just reiterates the fact I have to get started somewhere with that. Plus I am sure I tunes would send some massive amount of traffic your way from pod-casting

  • An interesting idea. And podcasting has been around awhile. But I like Mike;s point about it being the multi-tasking medium.

  • Thanks for the real-world validation on that Steve!

  • You’re very welcome Randy.

  • Speaking of industry leasers to admire, when do I get to do an interview with you? : )

  • Interesting analogy. In a very real way, radio is making a comeback!

  • Thanks for the kind words Don. Glad you enjoyed it. We’ll have to watch this trend!

  • So does this mean you are going to start a podcast and be a part of the trend rather than observing it? 😉

  • Hey, it’s just me!! I’ve got enough on my hands thank you. : )

  • Great interview Mark!

    Mike, I am fascinated with the Social Media Examiner model, I just studied it with Mari this week. We are doing many of the same things at 12 Most but I am looking forward to learning more of your secret skills. I so appreciate the “sharing your secrets” to attract more to you and your message. Mari and Guy both also practice this very successfully.
    Launch on it’s way to me and I will be reading it as soon as it arrives.

  • Great interview – I’d just like to agree regarding video, I was multi-tasking while “watching” this video – and in fact I was only listening, and I mostly do it this way.

  • As a company offering both products and services, we struggle with the “give your secrets away, and they will come”. I understand and appreciate the perspective. We have tried to do some fun “interactive infographics” available on our website and Business2Community. And then I try to blog about social media basics that do not really relate to our direct offerings.

    I did like Michael’s perspective on the audio. I’ve been focused on the “captivating aspect” of informal videos that are both informative and “humanizing” for our brand. However, great insight into audio being a huge opportunity. Those people who like the Books on Tape for learning could appreciate longer audio recordings than a video requiring 100% engagement. Of course, you can still achieve both with video. Once I saw you were not interjecting other scenes or slides, I kept this video running in the background while I did other simple tasks.

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  • I think it’s the other way around, especially if you’re talking about leasers 😉

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