The social web — A place for made-up facts (funny video)

  • Shlomo Krudo

    What a rush!

    Danny Inny says hi

    Shlomo Krudo

  • agron

    very nice video

  • This made my day haha Thanks Mark.

    Danny Inny says hi!

  • Ruthy

    Didn’t it say that social media is about made-up stats? 🙂

    and yeh… Dan the man says Hi :))

  • Michele

    Danny says hi. Great video:)

  • Corinne

    I like that it took me out of the box of how I was seeing social media and put it in a different perspective. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to think of what I see and read on the subject as gospel ever again.
    (Danny sais hi and so do I)
    (sorry about the -11 stars, I didn’t know how to delete it)

  • Pearl

    75% posting comments were referred by Danny… Loved the video. Perspective is key and facts….well

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  • Christina


  • Christina

    Oh- Danny Inny kindly stop you in my inbox-! 🙂 happy Sunday!

  • Great video!

    80% of my time is spent viewing 10% of the worthwhile content spread
    around the internet by 94% of the gurus who rake in 97% of the money
    spent on 74% of 99% of the actual real products produced 87% of the
    time. This video ranks in the top 10%!

    Thanks for giving me 100% of pure enjoyment from that 10%, 66% of the time!

    Mark Geisler

  • Hi, Danny says hi too!

  • I am rolling off my chair. Thanks!

  • Poor MySpace! Great Video!

  • From one Mark to another Mark…(how many Mark jokes are there?) 😉

    I love this kind of thing and what you’re doing. I’m glad that Danny sent me over to take a look at it. I’ve bookmarked your site so I’ll be coming back often.



  • Robinson

    Danny Iny from Firepole says hi !

  • Beyond funny. (and yes, Danny sent me, but I’ve swung by here before, Mark :P)

    And you’re right, it was really poignant 😀

  • Good share!

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