The End of Tao as We Know It

It is with mixed feelings that I’m announcing that the Little Book that Could —The Tao of Twitter — has been pulled off the market and is replaced by an exciting brand new edition (shown above) which is already on sale through Amazon (for mid-July delivery).

The second edition of The Tao of Twitter has about 50% all-new content including a new chapter on Twitter Chats, tons of new tricks and time-savers and fresh ideas for using Twitter for business and personal use.  There are more stories, more Twitter friends, and more fun!

So why the mixed feelings?  Tao was my first book and was self-published, but the new edition will belong to McGraw-Hill.  They are a very good business partner and I’m sure they’ll take good care of my baby but it is a bit sad giving up the freedom, flexibility, and financial benefits of the self-published version.

Why am I doing it? Two reasons. First, I need to stay focused on three things: creating content, college classes, and clients. So anything that doesn’t fit into those categories needs to be “out-sourced” in some way, including the administration and marketing of the book. Frankly I did an embarrassingly poor job of marketing Tao. Kind of like the doctor who is sick all the time.  Its success is owed completely to the passionate fans who have read it, loved it, and embarked on a mission to spread the word.

Second, Tao has dominated the Twitter book niche for some time and I felt it was time to take it mainstream and give it some exposure in new distribution channels.

Other than being a successful seller, there is another achievement for this book. I think it lifted the stigma off of self-publishing for many people. Seth Godin, a huge fan of self-publishing, once described the stigma of “not being chosen” by a publisher as a reason more people don’t do it.  I think today there are so many opportunities to do your own thing, create something great — and make some money at it — that self-publishing is a great option and I hope the success of Tao gave people confidence to try it.

So today we say good-bye to the little book loved by thousands of people around the world and say hello to a bigger, bolder, badder Tao.   Thanks to all of you who have so generously supported and enjoyed this book!

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  • LeoWid

    Congrats Mark, it is amazing to see you churning out such amazing content both in blog and book form in such a short period of time!

    Will refer to people to get this for sure! 🙂

  • Outstanding news Mark! I The Tao of Twitter has been so powerful for me, my clients and students (as you know first hand). While I know you are giving up some freedom but not self-publishing, I’m thrilled the book will now have a wider reach and empower so many more businesses and individuals who have not had the good fortunate of knowing about this great little book.

    I don’t say this lightly, the Tao is one of the BEST books I’ve read on how to leverage not Twitter (or any other social media too), but how to develop the mindset of doing business the right way in today.

    Can’t wait to read it! And can’t wait for you to enjoy even greater success. You deserve it. Congrats amigo.

  • Thans Leo, and if course Buffer is in the book!

  • Thanks for the amazing support Don! Hope you and your family are having a great summer!

  • Mark… It’s an amazing book and on my “Wishlist” when I finish what I’m reading now… Congrats on taking Tao to the next level…

    All the best.

    Ryan H

  • Catherine Maguire

    Congratulations Mark! I’m sure your baby will be well cared for.

  • I would think that part of your overall success is in the ability to see that some things need to be “out sourced”. That ability to stay focused, and not get too many irons in the fire is powerful tool.
    It is posts like this that not celebrates Mark Schaefer, but the past and future success of The Tao of Twitter, but carries a solid message is what keeps me coming back. Celebrate the success, but know when it is time to let go. That’s powerful.
    Thanks as always

  • This little book helped me a lot! Beyond the ideas within it there was the bigger idea of what was available through it. I like many others found you could do more than learn how to use twitter, but use the twitter feed to find people and things that mattered. The stories are the heart beat of this wee book. So looking forward to reading more. All the most very best to you. Billy

  • Well said Billy. The stories illustrate how the technology is about connecting people. As Mark taught me, it’s not about B2B or B2C, it’s about P2P (people to people). Can’t wait to read it!

  • MaryLynne Christman

    Whew, glad I got it and read it before it got pulled from the shelves.

  • It’s support that’s well deserved Mark! So happy and honored to share your message. You are a true game changer and mentor 😉 Hope you guys are having a great summer as well.

  • Congratulations Mark! The first edition is a great resource for Twitter newbies and those unsure about its nooks and crannies. I can only imagine how much better the new version is…. 🙂

  • The first edition was a terrific read that would not intimidate a Twitter newbie. Looking forward to the new edition.

  • I like the new cover. Very creative design.

  • Thanks so much Ryan!

  • Thanks!

  • Many thanks for this grat comment Gerry!

  • I think the stories are the difference. I think that helps connect people! Many thanks for the kind words Billy!

  • Well the new one will ship in a few weeks!

  • Many thanks Mike.

  • It’s helped a lot of peope! That has been very rewarding Todd!

  • Thanks Adam.

  • Thanks for the info. Twitter still boggles my mind. Can’t wrap my head around it.

  • The book will help. I promise!

  • Growth- that is what I see and hear here. Growth is a good thing.

  • Congratulations, my friend. The original is the book that brought us together. You can bet I will sign up to get this one as soon as its available. Probably need it in hard cover, since I can’t loan my Kindle version of the first edition very easily.

  • When will it be up for purchase? The original is the first book I’ve ever purchased from Amazon. Don’t think I wanna sit this one out.

  • Congratulations Mark.
    The decision makes complete sense.
    I know the new edition will fly.

  • Word sir! and yes he is the man!

  • Amen to that Jack!

  • The book brought a lot of people together and even planted the seed for a new social media conference in Wales. It’s a movement!

  • It’s up on Amazon now. Thanks Jan!

  • Congratulations Mark! Looking forward to receiving my copy…

  • radiojaja

    Given the enormous impact Tao has had on my life I can barely contain myself! Waiting for the new edition is going to be torture… 🙂
    All the very best luck with the new version Mark, you thoroughly deserve all the success in the world with it
    p.s. Let me know if you want a signed copy 😉

  • The Tao was invaluable when I started on Twitter; it truly had an impact, and I can say without equivocation that it was the #1 social media book that made a difference to me. I am sure the next version will take it to the next level.

    As Jack said, sounds like growth. Congratulations Mark!

  • One of my trademarks when posting for myself…or should I say mysilf
    What happens after the 4th cup of coffee…

  • Went to order it on amazon and it says pre-order only. When will it be available tor sale to ship (not just pre-order)?

  • Congrats, Mark!

  • Many thanks Bernadette.

  • it will rock : )

  • Tony, you are one of the NEW stars of Tao! Very exciting indeed!

  • Wow Adam, that is an amazing statement. I’m very humbled by praise like that! Thank you.

  • Thanks Bruce.

  • Giving up the freedom coming with self-publishing your work seems negative at first, but the fact that a publishing company like McGraw-Hill has the faith to publish your book and put it on the shelves themselves, well, that’s a huge positive. It’s been a book I’ve heard nothing but good things about and have been meaning to read, and will be ordering soon. Congrats.

  • Amanda Woods

    Congratulations on the new version of the book… just wondering, will it be available for Kindle or iPad? I’ve tried looking for a handy version like that on Amazon, but it just has a pre-order the paperback option at the moment.


  • Awesome stuff. Just placed an order for Tao and ROI. Can’t wait!

  • will ship in mid-July I am told.

  • All good points. i am indeed fortunate to be backed by a great company like McGraw Hill.

  • Yes, it will be available on both formats.

  • I shall be holding to my ‘old’ copy – a first edition of the Tao may be worth some money a few years down the line 😉

    On a serious note: congratulations Mark. It is a great next step… but I hope that the books keeps its simplicity. In my opinion, it was its ‘down to earth’ approach that made it so special and effective.

  • Well I’m using the old version with a marcoms class in the fall, but I’ll recommend they go out and buy the new!

    Looks great, Mark. What an awesome step for you. Here’s to even more success.

  • Funny but this is true — when used copies of Tao first started showing up on Amazon, they were actually more expensive than the new copies. Kind of like wine i guess! Have no explanation : )

  • Thanks my friend.

  • John Doe

    Hi, we surfed several articles, great views.

    However, please, allow us a humble advice. If you want to expand your audience to Europe, please, be aware that we consider a lack of respect the fact of mixing everything. Tao is Tao, it has nothing to do with business, or Twitter. We don’t talk of biz gurus. A guru is a guru, not a seller. There’s nothing wrong about being a seller, it’s just not the same register…

    Same regarding the expression viral, so used in marketing, while so many people on this Planet suffer because of viruses, etc. etc.

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