What the beach taught me about social media.


Absolutely nothing.

I’ll bet you were expecting something pithy weren’t you?   Well the truth is, on my beach vacation I spent time with my family, got some exercise, read books, and didn’t think about business at all.  And I am really re-charged!

So I hope you’re not disappointed that I’m not sharing some gems of wisdom with you today but I really needed a break and I hope you are taking care of yourself, too. Are you taking a break now and then?  Here are some photos from my vacation to the spectacular Gulf Coast of the United States … just to show I was still thinking about you! : )

Family fun

Sea oats at dusk.


My footsteps.

Family members Lauren, Hannah, Avery

Me and my wife Rebecca

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  • LOL! You caught me at the title. Good to know that you managed to sneak time to be away from the interweb and work. It’s always great to spend ‘real’ time with ‘real’ people, what more family 🙂

  • Nice move. Hope the downtime was relaxing and that now you’re raring to go! I’ll say hello to the south of France for you very soon :=)

  • Glad you had such a refreshing break! And how wonderful that the beach gets to simply be the beach! Good for you.

  • Louis Columbus

    The memories created with your family are priceless, so worth slowing down and spending time with them. I think one of the greatest lessons learned is that making time for those we love in our lives, and making sure they know how valuable they are to us, far surpasses anything else. It is life at its best. Have a wonderful weekend!

  • Oh you sneaky man! Glad to hear about your relaxing time. You deserved it! Also love that I’m able to see a more visual + human side of you on instagram.

    Cheers to the rest of your day!

  • See, I’m still a little sneaky. : )

  • The last real break I had was when I was with you a year ago! Have fun in France.

  • Thanks Laura.

  • Thanks for the kind words Louis.

  • I agree 100%! Glad you re-charged and can’t wait to see what ideas a little beach time brewed up!

  • Amy Howell

    Love it! This means you are now recharged which means you’ll be whipping up some exclAMY excitement soon!!!!!!!!!!!

  • radiojaja

    fantastic photos! thanks for sharing!

  • Love the photos, Mark.
    This reminds me that social media is the messenger, not the message.
    Unless we take the time to enjoy life and nurture ourselves, we will have little to share.
    Coming from the east coast, I’ve always been rejuvenated by the sound of waves on the shore and the sight of sky meeting the sea.

  • You are so right, Ray – SM is a means to an end, not the end itself.

    PS – Glad you switched off, Mark.

  • Yes, I am sneaky. But you should know I would not write a post like that : )

  • Thanks Tara. It was a perfect, relaxing trip.

  • Yes, I WILL!!!!!!!! Love those exclaimys!!!!! : )

  • Took a risk. Never showed my family before. But it’s me.

  • Thanks Ana! It took some preparation, but it worked.

  • I have been lucky Ray. I have a very good balance … and when i don’t, my wife is very supportive!

  • Hey you’ll never know what a day at the beach can do to ya! 🙂

  • radiojaja

    Know what you mean, used a beautiful pic of one of my little ones, my wife was really uncomfortable so I decided to take it down. I think they all look great, and you guys all look so happy to!

  • Looks like you had a blast!! Everyone deserves a break even more so with your family!

  • Thanks for commenting Shannon!

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  • Jen Zingsheim

    Ha! I love this. Good for you, and I hope others heed your advice. We are of no good to anyone if we don’t take time to recharge.

  • Amen on that!

  • You suckered me – then you blessed me. Great trip and pics, Mark. Thanks for sharing.

  • Good for you! We all need to unplug and recharge every now and then!

  • Hey that sounds like a pretty good business strategy : )

  • Thanks Leslie!

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