Romance 2.0 A {growtoon}.

  • Love the Friday growtoons comic. Thanks for starting my weekend with a chuckle.

  • jdub

    20 years from now it will be “we stayed up all night thinking to each other.”

  • Haha! It’s funny you mention that. I ALMOST added in a third frame of “20 Years in the Future” and it was going to be something very similar to that idea.

  • You’re very welcome. Thanks for your comment!

  • 100 years ago:
    …and we stayed up all night talking.

  • Ha!

  • Interesting how the “Stayed up all night” has never changed just the medium and topics…

  • I love the change in the dudes hats…..and the hipster facial hair. Very convincing.

  • Haha, I’m glad someone noticed that. I honestly wasn’t sure anyone would.

  • Totally agree. Talking all night will always be the standard of dedicated conversation. : )

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