The Age of Gurus. A {growtoon}.

  • Hi, is it supposed I can share this cartoon through social networks?
    Cause I see sharing buttons, but I also see copyright in the footer.

  • 1008 and counting… 🙂

  • Sad, but too true – AND FUNNY!

  • Should have used that line 😉

  • Hey, you can’t really argue with those results. I mean, he’s only 32 and 1008 followers #winning

  • MaryLynne Christman

    The girl on the left shouldn’t judge. The proper grammar is “Business is going well then?”. ;o)

  • Brad T

    He can quickly double that by visiting Fiverr! It’s funny but I hope we all know followers are almost useless, it’s an active community where the value is! First time on your blog Mark, great material!

  • Technically, all the blog posts you read are copyrighted. It is fine to share. Ite not ok to copy, which is a big problem on the web!

  • Welcome to the blog!

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