25,000 blog comments later, the party’s just starting

Click here if you can’t see this personal video about blog commenting.

I’m not much of a milestone kind of guy but I received my 25,000th comment on my blog yesterday and so I would like to honor all of you amazing commenters with some comments on comments.

In this short video blog (RARE!!) I explain what this milestone means to me, and one of the big lessons I’ve learned that you will be able to use in your workplace.

Thanks to all of you who make this place amazing and interesting every day.  — Mark

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  • Jamison

    Congratulations on what is a very impressive accomplishment. I’ll post this quickly so that I can be 25,001?

  • Congrats Mark 🙂 Here’s to 250,000 more.

  • Thanks for posting this. Milestones are important (spoken by a person who is in the business of checking for milestones in my patients as well as in my trainees. What is so special about this site, Mark, is YOU. You have made it possible for all of the commentors to feel special and to feel warmly welcomed. That lead to the great community at {grow} and that is why you can amass 25,000 comments. Keep it up and congratulations. You are a very special person indeed.

  • claudeoggier

    Great accomplishment and I am very happy to be part of your community!

    Greetings from Switzerland,

  • Congratulations Mark. Looking forward to seeing the posts that are yet to come.

  • Congratulations 🙂 It is something to be very proud of. From my part, thank you for giving me access to so much interesting information 🙂

  • … and you were : )

  • At least! : ) Thanks Joseph!

  • Very kind of you Dr. A! Thanks for being such a loyal community member!

  • Thou rocketh. Many thanks Claude!

  • Jack you are such a gifted guy. Many thanks for your contributions!

  • And many thanks to you, my newest collaborator! : )

  • Great video and great sentiments! I too, really enjoy being part of Grow, and should thank you for that, and look forward to the daily post.
    Long may you continue Mark!
    Plus, I cant tell you how excited we are to wlecome you to Wales and the Oi Conference in a few short weeks!

  • Congrats Mark, great milestone!!!

  • Dr. Rae

    Congratulations Mark! Here’s to your next milestone… ~Rae

  • useradvocate

    I have to say I don’t comment much on other blogs but for some reason I do like to pay attention to this one. It’s a great community and readers have intelligent things to say every day.

    Congratulations on the milestone Mark, your cake is in the mail 😉


  • Aww, you’re so sweet Mark! Kudos on the milestone but you really didn’t have to thank me. It could have been anyone.

    And, btw, my name rhymes with atari and safari. It’s a common misconception. 🙂

  • Will be a real highlight of the year Tony!

  • Thanks very much!

  • Many thanks for being such an important part of the community Dr. Rae!

  • Chocolate i hope? Thanks Michael!

  • You know I thought about that right after I finished the thing. Rats. Well, many people call me Mike for some reason, so I know how you feel! Thanks for everything Atari Ari.

  • Congrats Mark! What a great milestone. I’m sure the next 25k will be here before you know it. And PS… Love it when you do video!

  • A wonderful discussion about comments! Congrats on the milestone! And here’s hoping there is so much more!

  • Golf clap. No wait, REAL clap.. 25K is a hella lot of comments Mark.

    And WORD to not deleting them. Unless you are blogging about controversial, deeply personal topics – politics, religion, superiority of football conferences or your TV couple – then no, you really aren’t going to get too much troll, flame, b.s – no point in deleting. What you will get – as a wonderful gift, if you’re lucky – are well reasoned responses, criticisms, maybe even some strong arguments against. It’ll make you and your readers think and learn and want to come back for more. Isn’t that one of the reasons we hit publish? FWIW.

  • I was definitelt built to blog … or maybe podcasts … not the video type but thanks!

  • There will be! I have just begun to blog! : )

  • Probably the MAIN reason we hit “publish.” Thanks my dear friend!

  • YAY!! Video! And I’m happy to see you don’t look like you just got up from a nap. xoxo

  • This video brought a huge smile to my face this morning. I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to so thoughtfully thank us/everyone/your commenters , this was a truly genuine post, and often as we read blogs, although we may very much respect and enjoy the content being created, you can never know the true sense that the author has in regard to their public. People write for many different reasons, in your case it was so beautifully expressed in this video, you are touched and really writing to share and dialogue. I was lucky to meet you in person, and so I already had this sense from you one on one, but to be able to portray this in your video, is amazing. You really did thank each of us in person! Just wanted to comment, to say that.

    We use the word genuine too much in social media, I think many “try” too hard to be this “genuine” we speak of, but your video really is the best example I have seen – what a great way to start the day.

    Thank you for all this effort into building this community and for your warmth in what can often be a very cold business world!

  • Mark this video is such a pleasure to watch (my first). I am envisioning a Christmas tree with you as the star beaming with delight atop, your followers as the branches that extend as arms of steadfast support and the 25,000 comments under the tree representing all the wonderful gifts bestowed to you. It is a wonderful sight, enjoy.

  • Ha! Thanks for your inspiration!

  • Thank you for this very, very wonderful and touching comment Mila. I’m humbled.

  • Thanks for the very kind comment. I definitely would not characterize myself as a star of any sort! More like the trunk? : ) it has been such an honor getting to know you through the blog Anneliz!

  • Despite the fact that I am becoming a comment junkie – I like to think that I am selective for which blogs I regularly visit and comment on and this is definitely one of them. This milestones speaks volume to the quality of blogs posts and perhaps more importantly to the sense of community that you have nurtured partly by responding and engaging with many of the commenters. The more impressive statistic might even be that you only deleted 5 comments out of 25,000 – there is so much to glean from this stat as you alluded to

  • Mark-congrats on such an impressive milestone! That is awesome!

  • Dr. Rae

    My pleasure Mark! ~Rae

  • Very nice. As a social gesture, Commenting is one of the most valuable one when it comes to engagement.

    The strength and regularity of comments and users on your blog are a measure of the strength of your community. I’ll be visiting often now that Engagio has discovered you for me.

  • Woo! So happy to have been part of it, near the end of it in particular. You’re an awesome community guy because you really do take the time out to talk to people. You definitely get it. Amazing job!

  • I’ve noticed you popping up here regularly and it is nice to see your smiling face int he comment section! I look forward to getting to know you and thank you for reading {grow} Abdallah!

  • Thanks Andy!

  • Honored to have you here William. Thanks!

  • Thanks Pavel. I love to see your wisdom in the community on a regular basis!

  • It’s an incredible milestone. Congrats!
    As someone that works in the business of comments – I’m an employee of @disqus – I’d love to hear your impressions and experiences with “Disqus 2012”, the new version released earlier this summer.

    Are you seeing “social sources” data in Google Analytics similar to what was reported on avc.com? http://www.avc.com/a_vc/2012/08/social-sources.html

    Thanks in advance for sharing – either here, in a new blog post, or by email (firstname @ disqus.com) Thanks!

  • If ever a blog post deserved a comment, this is it. Congratulations. And, wow, 25,000! Try analysing the sentiment on that lot. Actually, don’t bother – the answer will be wrong, and it doesn’t matter anyway – as you rightly say, the comments should be stimulating a debate, so there should be as much challenge as there is support. Well done for a great blog and here’s to the next 25k.

  • I have had a lot of problems with it and am thinking of switching to something else. I have had repeated complaints of readers having their comments “eaten” by Disqus and they disappear. My view is that you are adding too many features and have too many things to go wrong. Also, your customer service has not been responsive. Not what you wanted to hear, but since you asked …

  • Thanks Hugh.It’s been a lot of fun!

  • I do want to hear it. Thanks.
    And I’d like to see you have a better experience.
    Are comments actually disappearing, or are they being held in the “pending” or “spam” moderation tabs? I will ask @disqushelp to take a look and review past inquiries from you.

    I’m sorry and surprised to hear that you haven’t had a better experience. Please forward me any past emails or your thoughts on features.

  • Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings. It’s just such a willingness too share and say “thank you” that’s been part of what’s make it possible for you to achieve such an amazing number comments I’m sure. Much of online success comes down to interaction and commitment both of which you have in abundance.

  • They are disappearing. This has been documented with your team.

  • And it’s also a tremendous amount of fun! Thanks for your comment Frank!

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