Marketer claims SEO as we know it “is dead”

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When it comes to SEO insight and tactics, the Top Rank blog has always been a go-to source. But now Lee Odden, the author of that blog and a new book Optimize, says that “SEO is dead” … at least as we have known it.

Lee is the CEO of TopRank Online Marketing, a Minneapolis based digital marketing agency specializing in strategic internet marketing consulting, training and implementation services including: Content, Search, Email and Social Media Marketing.

The dramatic changes in the search and the rise of social media content marketing have obliterated the landscape. Find out more in this brief video interview.

The link to Optimize is an affiliate link.

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  • All this talk of dead things!! Ok, I’ll get over the headlines. I loved Lee’s point that SEO is always changing, both in response to how people game it and in response to how what people want changes.

    Two years from now, we will still be saying SEO is dead and reborn as something else. Maybe ranking will be based on people influential in the category identified, using facial recognition, having a conversation with the author of the content, identified via Google Authorship and similar. What won’t change is the importance of being discovered. Now to find time to read a book…

  • claudeoggier

    It just hit me to hear Lee Odden saying: “”just type in my name into Google and you’ll find me…” It just shows again how strong Google’s brand has become. For sure SEO has dramatically changed over the last years and will continue to change. I won’t forget the early days of SEO where we tried to keep page names short where today you feed the name with your keywords.

    Thanks for sharing this video with us Mark.


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  • Darius Allen

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  • Obviously this is some spam comment that got through the filter. But I thought I’d leave it up here to show how stupid “old” SEO can be. Thanks for setting an example Darius, or whoever you are. : )

  • that’s not old SEO, that’s spam or “new direct mail”?

  • I’m with Eric on the “dead” thing, but must say that as Google’s algorithms are developing, maybe we can finally start really writing for the people we want to reach. As Lee points out, it’s a good thing to take the mechanical out of the equation and instead of keyword seeding start focusing on the message itself. The increasing importance of social proof, of course, may still prove to be an obstacle for the little guy and give an undeserved advantage to social “celebrities” but that’s a different issue. Just had to say it.

  • Rosemary

    I’ve always thought it was weird how some people refer to themselves as “an SEO,” like other people say “I’m a plumber.” But it’s a skill set that all digital marketers need to have in their repertoire, even if it IS like nailing Jell-o to a tree (as my mentor would have said).

  • heh.

  • Very well said Kimmo. Thanks for this keen insight!

  • It is a multi-billion dollar industry. Crazy when you think about it. Of course there are a lot of legitimate and important uses for these services but at the end of the day there are hundred of people who go to work every day to try to trick Google : )

  • Thought I had replied to this. Sorry for the delay! It would be mind-numbing to be in this business today and try to keep up!

  • Point well taken on the headline. : ) Really great observations Eric.

  • It’s changing all the time – the basics still apply. Today I saw a business who didn’t have their meta tags loaded on their main URL landing page and only had 2 incoming links – basic stuff. Yet in other areas they were doing some good things. Sites like Pinterest , Facebook , Twitter and the commenting sites like Disqus and Livefyre will certainly ‘add juice’ into the mix.

  • OK, now I want a new video of Rosemary trying to nail Jell-o to a tree. Meanwhile, I’ll have to check out Lee’s book. I know I’ve definitely favored the “social search” priority versus some of the older SEO tactics, but I also have a lot to learn regarding “responsibly leveraging” SEO.

  • The 23 billion a year spent on search drives many, many billions more in revenue for companies making the investment. What’s crazy is when companies expect to drive new business through search automagically without any effort outside of subjective content creation.

  • Agreed – that’s just spam.

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  • We advise all clients to optimize for their customer AND the search engine. The search engine controls what the client sees, right? We might produce an amazing customer-focused website that explains everything perfectly, but if it can’t be found then what good is it? Pick the most important keyphrases you want to go for and optimize your site for those keyphrases. It is not difficult to write compelling, meaningful content with top keywords embedded into it. If everything is lined up properly then you should rank well for those keyphrases. This is why SEO will never die. SEO is not a trick, it is a strategy.

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