Just another brick in Facebook’s Wall

By {grow} community member Bill Strawderman

As Mark Schaefer reminds us, the “majestic random synergy” of the social web takes hard work, creating, connecting, engaging and genuinely serving others with a growth mindset.

Sometimes our quest for making meaningful connections strays to the dark side of the swoon. Yes, attention-craving. We overplay “The Wall”.

I couldn’t think of a better way to center ourselves back to the Tao formula – so I composed a mock-opera and remixed the haunting lyrics of Pink Floyd’s classic: Hey You.

Dim the lights. Lay down next to the speaker. Play the remix.
Take some time to just enjoy The Wall.

Hey You. The Social Wall Remix
Hey you! In the Twittersphere
With a browser as your ear, can you hear me?
Hey you! I posted to Facebook
But no one ever looks, can you hear me?
Hey you! Don’t’ skip me in your timeline.
Aren’t you a “friend”?  Send me a sign.

Hey you! I feel that no one’s there.
Give me a little share, it would touch me.
Hey you! Growing up your Klout,
Why don’t you point me out, it would touch me.
Hey you! Can I borrow a bit of your fame?
Press like or share, I’m not so lame.

Will you fulfill my fantasy?
I’ll follow your lead, just wait and see.
No matter what you ask, I will pay the fee.
With your Kred, it won’t be a strain.

Hey you! On my Pinterest Board
where pictures get ignored, can you help me?
Hey you! When I snap my Instagram,
nobody gives a damn, can you help me?
Hey you! Don’t tell there’s no hope at all.
Just like, tweet and pin, or share from my wall.

(fade) from my wall, my wall, my wall…

bill strawdermanBill Strawderman is a hobbyist writer and poet who leads B2B Digital Marketing and Social Media at AT&T.  You can discover more of Bill’s creative writing on The Marketing Bard , including a remix of Kodachrome and Shout.  You can also connect with Bill on Twitter @marketingbard.

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  • RogierNoort

    It certainly has a similar darkness to it. Nice one… but these walls we build, we build to communicate on, not to enclose ourselves and shield us from the rest of the world.
    We’re opening up.., maybe we just expect to much of it…

    Ah, well… better just listen to The Wall, learn, and be happy you’re not Pink.

  • Rogier – Thanks for reading and commenting. You’ve really hit the message home that these platforms are about sharing idea and connecting to one another… but they have both a bright and dark side. Listen to good music, and move toward the light…

  • It seems that we aren’t acknowledging the fact these technologies (yes, even Google and Facebook) are still WAY in their infancy.

    Examine this again in 20 years… and I’ll bet the song won’t remain the same (sorry, had to go for the Led Zepplin reference).

  • radiojaja

    Damn, need to buy a copy of the Wall now!
    Great work Bill!

  • Joseph – Thanks for your comment. I was trying to put this more into a human-ego context, and really exploring the “fringe” element. Thanks for Plant-ing the Zep reference, I think we’re on the same Page.

  • Tony – Very cool, and thanks for taking the time to read and comment. Cheers,

  • Colleen Swain

    I think you should record this and post it to YouTube! Love it.

  • LOL — Page. I’m going to go out for a walk and “let the sun beat down upon my face.” 🙂

  • Colleen – that would take the spoof to an extreme! My stage name would have to be Stink Floyd 🙂

  • Love the mix of my two passions! Great Fun article!

  • This could be what pushes my kinda-sorta-not really into SM husband over the edge. If I can convince him that it’s all about Pink Floyd, he’ll bite. I just know it. But I really, really was hoping to close my eyes and hear it 😉

  • Luis – I had a great time writing it too. Glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for the encouragement.

  • Kristen – Ha! Tell him it’s all about “the wall” and if he just gets started, soon he’ll be comfortably numb.

  • Love this! Will be crossing my fingers I can listen to Hey You on Spotify now. Just be warned, if you do one with “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”, I might have to hurt you!

  • Thanks Mark. For sharing an article of rare beauty. @MarketingBard’s poem stands strikingly apart from the rest. While I’ll never be able to listen to “Hey You” quite the same way again (aaarghhh!!), I’m genuinely intrigued by what Bill refers to as “Majestic Random Synergy”. If it’s an existing model, I’d love to learn more about it. Or if it’s a work in progress, I’d happily row your research boat. If that last line sounded a tad poetic…blame it on Pink Floyd. It’s crazy contagious. Thx! again.

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