What makes a perfect B2B blog post?


I wanted to let you know about a new resource for all you hard-working B2B bloggers out there.  The amazing and progressive Eloqua company sponsored me to create The Grande Guide to B2B Blogging and it really turned out to be a sensational piece of work. It’s full of new tips and tricks to make your company blog sing and do a happy dance.

One of the coolest things is that they hired the Jess3 design shop to create the look, including some killer infographics including this one on the characteristics of the perfect blog post. It’s my first official kick-ass infographic:perfect blog post infographic

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  • I like your infographic. It fits above the fold for the most part. People writing infographics need to read your post – especially the part about “keep it to the point” 😉

  • You seem to be turning into a prolific author! Do you happen to know where the “39% of B2B marketers say blog posts are their most valuable content
    asset. And 55% of B2B professionals say they turn to blogs for business
    information.” on Eloqua’s page comes from? That source might include other B2B marketing nuggets, that’s why I’m interested.

  • Blogs is no more a good to have, it is an essential thing but then it takes a good dedicated effort. I like the point of having small paragraphs it is easy to consume and good for the reader. Thanks for sharing this Mark 🙂

  • That’s a nicely organized presentation. Congratulations!

  • Thanks Kristen!

  • Could not agree more my friend. Thanks for commenting!

  • Thanks Shane.

  • radiojaja

    That looks fantastic Mark! You keep pushing forward, it’s very impressive!

  • Good guidance, thanks for your post!
    However, I have to disagee with the title. I don’t think there is such thing as B2B Blogging.
    Social media is about turning B2B transactional business into a P2P personal relationship. It is about allowing employees (people) to write posts that inform, connect and interact with other people, some of which may be or may become customers.
    In fact, the ideas and tips you share in your post apply just as well to the ‘business’ posts I write in my employer’s blog as they apply to my marketing blog or even my photography blog.
    All good blogs and all good social media should be P2P

  • Thanks Tony.

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  • Great Post … a good blog takes some thought and effort but the potential return is huge

  • It’s kind of ironic that you mention the whole P2P thing. I first started writing about that concept in 2009 and may have even coined the phrase. It a main concept of my book The Tao of Twitter. In any event, I had to laugh that you are now using that term to disagree with me. In fact I agree with you 100% but I still think “B2B blogging” is a relevant and useful term to identify a company communication activity.Thanks very much!

  • I’ll send you an email with details. Thanks Kimmo!

  • Thanks Kevin.

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  • Fantastic infographic! I love the way a well done infographic really boils down all main the elements. I’ll have to check out your guide too. Thanks for proving great content, Mark.

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