The Three Words for 2013

three words

I first saw Chris Brogan use this technique a few years ago — distill your annual goals into three focused words. C.C. Chapman explained this process in his nifty book Amazing Things Will Happen.

As I had some down time over the holiday, I reflected on where I needed to grow and it did seem to distill into three themes. Here are my words for 2013:


No, not the rock band (Although I do love “Wheels in the Sky”). What I mean by “Journey” is enjoying the trip as well as the destination. And I literally mean the trip!

I travel a lot for my job and life on the road wears me down — the crowded airports, the delays, the seemingly endless hours of wasted time. It’s stressful being away from my home and family.  Travel also disrupts my healthy eating and exercise habits. I dread it.

Yet travel is an unavoidable part of my career path right now. In 2013, I need to make changes to make travel less stressful, more productive, and more enjoyable. Any ideas?


I have worked really hard to make the content on this blog great.  But the bar is raising every year as the information density on the web explodes. How do I stay relevant and conversational?  If I provided excellent content in 2012, how do I really “WOW” my readers in 2013?  What would you like to see? How do I create a blog that people adore, posts that are creating conversations all over the web? How do I up my game in writing, public speaking, and teaching to get people talking?


This is very rewarding business but a really weird business. The more you succeed:

  • Your ability to connect, engage, and be helpful declines precipitously. Yet, these are the very traits that made you successful!
  • A mantle of “celebrity” is thrust upon you. This is extremely uncomfortable for me, yet unavoidable.
  • You are increasingly brought into petty fights and targeted by “haters.”

Once in a while I get caught up in the BS of social media.  I get knocked off center by attacks and can be irritable and even short with people who are fakes, spammers, and trolls.  I get weary from the unrelenting barrage of strangers who want to “pick my brain.”

These undesirable consequences will undoubtedly intensify as more people consume my blog, books, classes and speeches. I realize that I am a very blessed individual and that I need to handle the negatives with grace, kindness, and patience no matter what is coming at me. That is who I want to be under all circumstances.

I think if I focus on these three words I’ll have a happier and more productive year. What do you think? What are your words for 2013?

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  • I know how you feel in terms of haters, trolls and brain pickers. I have noted with persons who are employed and who have a strong personal brand that the general public thank they are the “go to” person for everything, but I guess this goes with the territory.

    By the way, I think you need to take the first “my” out of the following sentence in your article 🙂

    These undesirable consequences will undoubtedly intensify as my more people consume my blog, books, classes and speeches

  • Hi Mark,
    Journey – Delay’s in flights should be an opportunity to write that next blog post or tidy up your e-mail. Traveling for me is catching up on work, reading and watching a good film! I always have a laptop, iPad and even a backup power unit to charge my iPad when it gets low on battery (I love my gadgets).

    Conversational – Create some content that drives the same people and more back every week to get the next installment…

    Centered – Pick your brain? – I used to get a lot of coffee enquiries but I don’t do them any more as it eats into my time. I think you should just send them a standard message with a link to your paid consultancy!

    My one word for last year was ‘Influence’. I guess I’ll need to think of 3 for this year.


  • johnbottom

    A victim of your own success, I’m afraid, Mark – but sure you
    wouldn’t have it any other way. We rejoiced a few years ago at the idea
    of talking to everyone and anyone through the power of blogs that can be
    read internationally – that were created by real people and not through
    corporate processes, but there is a limit to what individuals can do.
    Factories, corporations, data centres can all scale up, but an
    individual can only be stretched so far.

    Maybe one of your words for 2013 should be ruthlessness…

    Oh, and three more word: Happy New Year!

  • helen tonetti

    I think the problem with travel is so often our obsession with always always being productive (working) that makes it difficult to enjoy. I love travel, love busy airports and the stories that I make up about people that are coming and going. I talk to people (not in a creepy way… only people who invite the chat) and I sit quietly and meditate. I think that I am so lucky, I know some people who have only been on a plane once in their lifetime …

    Words for this year … Open, is my first, open with more personal information about myself and my goals this year … will have to think about the other two and return.

  • Following various bits of advise, I am trying to “love” all that I do and if I can’t love it I should stop doing it. I have a meeting arranged in a couple of weeks when I will have to explain to two guys why I am dropping the development of their concept 15 months after accepting it. Not easy but better than pushing myself to carry on with this when I could apply my time and energy to another project that I can love.

  • Thanks for these words. I thought it was just me finding some of the things happening as a result of blogging to be really weird. 🙂

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  • Jasmine

    As always, your blog is inspiring and thought provoking. I have a slightly different twist on the 3 words, instead I think of 3 categories to feed my mind, body and soul. I think that the ancient Greeks and Romans had this one right – keeps everything in balance and perspective.

  • Gettysburg Gerry

    My 3 words for 2013 “Pick Marks Brain” nah… JK. However, I definitely related to “enjoying the journey”, I really want to work on that myself. No matter what the journey, a life journey, traveling, I need to sometimes step away from the SoMe rat race and enjoy the moments that make up this thing we call life. The ability that technology paired with the social space makes this a challenge at times. Nice post Mark, appreciate your work .

  • Corrected! Thank you. It means a lot to me when people take the time to point out editing mistakes (since I have no editor!) Much appreciated!

  • Travel… take a camera with you and take pictures to show the family when you’re back. The family usually enjoy the mundane parts – like a picture of the plane and your hotel room.
    Always either take some swimming shorts and find the nearest pool. or always take trainers and run every morning.

  • Love the clarity and focus, Mark. Inspiring post. And good luck with your progress this year!

  • My big problem with travel is the Newark Airport, my most frequent destination, and perhaps the nastiest airport in America. The airport is extremely loud and crowded. Sometimes you have to sit on the floor. The wi-fi is unreliable. The lines for food are unbelievable, and if I’m hungry I’m grumpy. The people who work there are rude. The flights are almost always delayed. Even the security lines are aggravating. They have a system where much of the time the people behind you end up in front of you, So really my goal is to find internal peace in that chaos. Life is too short for Newark. : )

  • Ha! I am about as far from “ruthlessness” as possible : )

    And I’m not a victim of anything. I make my choices and i can walk away at any time and do something else. But the mission and the challenge and the joy of connecting with people like you far outweigh the negatives. Sometimes I just need to remind myself of that! Thanks for your years of friendship and support John!

  • That is a really healthy perspective Helen. I certainly need to find a way to relax more in those situations and not be so preoccupoied with lost time and productivity (which I am). Thanks for your generous counsel!

  • Yes I’ve had to face those tough decisions too. I had to walk away from a customer and thousands of dollars of unpaid bills because the person was a monster. I was much better off without the money!

  • Oh heck no. We’re all in this together and we’re all just learning! Thanks very much for commenting Tricia!

  • Wow. That is awesome! Thanks for sharing your kind words and wisdom Jasmine.

  • Appreciate you back buddy, We should get to know each other better this year. Any chance you could come down to Social Slam April 5? It will be epic!

  • I’m sure you’ve tried the business lounge!

  • Soild advice. You know this does help to explain some of the enjoyment I get out of Instagram. I’m always looking for something cool to photograph. And I definitely need to build-in exercise time! Thanks!

  • Many thanks for your support Becky!

  • You can get a good steak and a martini at Gallagher’s, though. That’s the one oasis of tolerable in the otherwise morass of despair that is EWR.

  • Awesome Post Mark!!

    Reminds me of planning my year better and do less of freebies! But I agree, it becomes hectic with all the travel and other assignment. A bit of power yoga do wonders though!

  • Mine are write, ship, and bacon. Explanation here: I’ll be sure to link to your post in mine

  • Mark:

    Continuous travel is hard on body and soul. Much as I hope to see you in the NRV someday, I urge you to try to combine trips into campaign swings and become an evangelist for G+ Hangout.

    BTW I think it is OK to get short with Trolls and users…

    I am looking forward to 255+ Grow posts of 2013!!

    – Gary

  • Amy Benton

    Thanks for your post. Why not do a year long Instagram “book” on the travel part of your life? Maybe add in some of your thoughts on that day. It might not be something that you ever publish, but it might be a great way to spark some creative ideas for yourself and maybe something will come of it. Just a little seed of an idea.

  • Good advice sir. Thank you.

  • You had me at bacon. I’m changing mine.

  • Hey Mark – great choices here. I agree with you regarding the irony of conversation. I love seeing how more established social media personalities handle this challenge. I wrote a post on my three words as well at, but for those too busy to read, I chose Confidence, Focus, and Tebow.

  • 255? Yikes. That seems like a lot doesn’t it? Maybe you can help me out with a guest post. That would make it 254. Much more manageable! : )

  • Love that Amy. I’ll think about that. May be a way to use Pinterest in there, which I have just dabbled on. Many thanks for taking the time to add your idea!

  • Thanks for sharing Stephen. I think Mr. @chrisbrogan created a but of a three word movement!

  • Kathy Keaney Snavely

    Thanks again for your transparency, my friend. Grateful I don’t travel as much as you do at this point; truly, my vessel couldn’t take it; more grateful that you can deal with it and that you are among the most generous people I have met digitally. I am honored that our relationship has grown, because of that generosity. While you are among the most intelligent people I know, you seem to effortlessly communicate your insights in a way that is inclusive, easily understandable and relatable. And I truly get your point about being centered. While I am still being stalked online, I’m finding increasingly difficult to be responsive to the rising demand of interactions with good people. Your selected words are all addressed in the quote I’ve selected to focus on this year (let me know what you think: Thanks for sharing the struggle, bro. Love sharing the journey with you!

  • Love this, Amy. Yikes – more work for Mark!

  • We’ll try and rope him the entourage from Harrisburg, Mark!

  • Hmmm. Must be in a terminal I don’t frequent but I will definitely be on the look out for that!

  • For sure!

  • Thanks for your very generous sentiments Kathy. I got an error message when trying to read your post though. I’ll try again later today. Look forward to seeing you soon!

  • Error message is because the parentheses got included in the link 🙁

  • It’s in C (the “Continental” terminal) where the International flights depart from (but accessible to all, past security.)

  • Im not a fan of the ‘journey’ myself. My dad always tells me to think of every trip and everything that goes into getting to my destination as an adventure.

    My 3 words for 2013 are Glee, Comfort and Poise. I feel that the items that fall under each of these are all things that will make me a better person and contributor. I want to be happy so I can attract happy people. I need to work on my tact & poise so I can think before I speak. I want to be comfortable with myself and my surroundings so I can be more compassionate and supportive.

  • Mark, after reading your reply to @iancleary:disqus about Newark Airport, I suddenly recalled how much I love Gianna Jessen’s anecdotes on Facebook about her airport and travel experiences. Gianna travels a lot as a speaker — she’s now in Italy — and has the added physical challenges of cerebral palsy, acquired when she survived her birth mother’s attempt to abort her. Her unique outlook on life lends a special coloring to her stories about her encounters with human nature, in all its forms, while she travels the world.

    After reading your story about Elijah and watching the video “thank-you,” it’s obvious you have empathy for others. I would love to see you write about your travel experiences on your blog, sort of a “Tales from the Road” series. Rather than squirreling away in a corner, use your powers of observation to write about people you meet, situations you encounter, and stories you hear along the way. Put your own angle on them. Tell us what you discover about yourself and others along the way.

    I’d love that.

  • Mark, my three words for 2013:

    Photograph: Take pictures of “stuff” while your sitting in that God-forsaken airport. And I mean everything . . . people, objects, signs, stores, food, garbage, the look on someone’s face, everything!

    Write: Start matching up some key words to those pictures, and use them as starting points for your writing. Not only will these photos keep the creative juices flowing, but they will become embedded in your blogs for easy access to Pinterest and great attention-getters in other social formats.

    Share: You already do this, but sharing the everyday stuff of life is what people love the most. Finding humor in the mundane of life is what makes us laugh and understand that we are not alone in this world.

    For example, I recently drove through New England specifically to take pictures. Snowy pictures. I focus on taking pictures of small businesses and store fronts, usually, because there is always something to talk about in those pictures. But this time, I really felt the need to focus in on the details.

    I drove through Newtown, CT to visit the Peace Tree they erected as a memorial to those children and teachers. I could have just taken a picture of the “whole” scene, but I focused in on the details . . . a painted plate, cowboy boots, a “Night Before Christmas” book, and handwritten notes.

    There is so much to see in the details of everyday life, too, as mundane and frustrating as they may be.



  • My three words for 2013: Encourage, Inspire, Love.

    We can do all three of those no matter what we do for a living!

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  • INFLUENCER, BUILDING, UNLIMITED ~ My post coming shortly! Cheers and Happy New Year!

  • Sounds like a plan! Love those words!

  • A very interesting idea and I thank you for the encouragement. However, I am not scalable. So, if I directed energy into a second blog or a second topic, something else would suffer. And I can;t have that happen right now! So for the time being, a marketing blogger I remain : )

  • Thanks for this very lovely comment Marjie. Much appreciated!

  • Same to you Caroline!

  • Firing a difficult customer can be a redemptive experience. We should all do it more often. I lost a difficult customer at the end of the year. Substantial hit to revenue, but an even bigger weight off my shoulders. 🙂

  • Hi Mark,
    Thanks for sharing this and for the transparency. I’m fortunate that my travel schedule is pretty light compared to how it used to be. But when I’m stuck in an airport, I enjoy talking with total strangers. It’s amazing what people will share if you show interest in them and ask intelligent and probing questions. One time, I was stranded in LaGuardia and struck up a conversation with a stranger. We ended up renting a car together and driving to Boston, talking all the way. What could have been a very frustrating event wound up being a memorable and pleasant 5 hour trip driving from New York to Boston in a mild blizzard.

  • perilouspauline

    Three words. Wow, that’s tough. Pick. Your. Brain. Just kidding. I’m not a zombie yet. Let’s see. Learn. Extend. Grandma. Two of my goals are about my business. I’m planning to extend my publishing reach into self publishing, so there is lots to learn. And I’m going to become a grandma this year. If you’d given me four words, I would have added “great” or perhaps “awesome” because that’s my biggest goal for 2013. 🙂 (I will need to be great and awesome because my son’s wife is having twins!)

    It’s going to be a great year. 🙂

  • Julie Musial

    I have read many blogs, forums etc just like yours. (I enjoy your blog very much) I’m currently in the journey stage and trying to absorb the moments now because I know my life will change this year. When you were in the journey stage did you ever read a blog like the one you posted today? I’m also a business coach so I’m used to hearing these types of things. I think we all go through points like you’re discussing. It sounds like you’re in a dipp. So my suggestion is to read “The Dipp by Seth Godin” you probably already have but you may want to read it again. Take a vacation, think, make some changes, hire a coach and take some time to really focus on what YOU want for 2013. And by the way, just keep writing the way you write, keep your guest bloggers and you’ll have another great year. Think about all the people you help and how that makes you feel!

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  • Lori Witzel

    My three words?

    Resilience. (Bend not break, dig deeper, take a lick from Beckett and “Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”)

    Health. (Fitness, not overtraining, eating more veggies, taking quiet time.)

    Fun. (Witty friends, chillaxin’ with the hubby, turning work into play.)

    Re: your three words…

    Journey. Keep a talisman; keep a travel sketchbook or journal. My talismans are a valentine’s card from my hubby and a great funny card from an old friend; when I get travel-stressed, I open my computer bag and their presence reminds me I’m loved. The sketchbook keeps my eyes and mind focused on the moment, rather than on all the things I’m behind on/need to do.

    Conversational. Make sure you make time to recharge yourself. When I don’t, stuff feels rough, stuck, rote; when I do, stuff flows.

    Centered. Pick a handful of intimates (people with whom you can cultivate new ideas) from the invisible folks that pass through the blogosphere. I have one such in an architect from Portugal whose sketches I love, and who likes my photos; there are others like that. The scale of intimacy will help on the centering thing, I think.

    Great words, great idea, thank you for the touchstone!

  • I actually love New Jersey. But i have traveled enough through Newark to know that this is one rude crowd. Not unusual to see the TSA people arguing with each other!

  • Hurray for you. So jealous about the grandma part. Totally miss my babies and look forward to the next generation some day! Thanks for the great comment Pauline!

  • No, I’m not in a dip. I’m a speeding bullet. But I’m realistic that even speeding bullets hit obstacles instead of targets now and then. So be self-aware and blast through it!

  • Two funny things: First, I also carry a valentine card from my wife in my suitcase. Just a reminder of where I belong.

    Second funny thing: I kept reading your comment and seeing “inmates” instead of “intimates” I was wondering why you want me to pick handful of inmates! Ha. Must have been a long day!

  • Lori Witzel

    You know, some days I resemble that misread…thanks, it gave me a totally goofy grin! 😀

  • Love the three words. Journey is everything (from a spiritual point of view). Focusing on the journey is akin to focusing on the Now (Tolle would be proud of me).

    Conversation is essential. I was watching Neil deGrasse videos today and I realized something: conversation is key for any profession and any walk of life. Being engaging, compelling, and relatable makes us great teachers, parents, friends, marketers, doctors etc. When we have a vested interest in the “content” (whether it be medical knowledge, the mechanics of shooting a basketball, etc) and can communicate and capture the interest of other people we all grow; whether it’s the random strangers sharing your posts or close friends whose lives you have touched.

    Centered is key. We can’t go unless our foundation is strong. The more you climb the stronger your base should be.

    My 3 words for this year are still the same 3 as last year.

    Passion because that’s what can motivate to snap out of a slump, keep me up at night, get me excited when otherwise I’d quit. Being so interested in something that you tell everyone (and with that comes generosity, you’re not afraid to share your passion just because you want others to love it too.)

    Curiosity because that’s what drives us. Curiosity to know and curiosity to try it ourselves. It’s endless because one answer begets 30 questions.

    Last, but certainly not least, is novelty. And not only because Pavel rhymes with “novel” (as I tell everyone who’s trying to learn my name for the first time). It’s not only about being different, but it’s about embracing it. Trying to become comfortable in my own skin and mind without constantly seeking approval. That to me is key.

    Thank you for all this thought-provocation.

  • claudeoggier

    Great words for 2013 and I am sure it’s going to be a great year for you!

    I also took some time over the holidays and I thought to crush down my goals to 1. Do meaningful work in 2013 and it applies to my private and professional life. I posted on my blog that I want to make progress in meaningful work that gives me emotions, constant motivation ans personal satisfaction. Now I simply need to break it down into small steps and victories;-)

    Just be yourself as always on your blog and your readers adore to come back. No doubt;-)


  • tianakai

    Mark, this is a great idea. Narrowing it all down to three words can really capture one’s mindset and goals. Travel has many pros and cons, especially when you stop to think of all the time it takes to just get to and from a place—the ‘journey’ part is very time consuming.

    Luckily, everyone is strapped to wi-fi, so at least you can be productive at the same time. Maybe you can learn a new language or dive into a new hobby on the web while you are in that ‘journey’ phase of travel. Although, it must be very difficult to cut work out when it seems to never stops.

    Good luck to you and 2013 and above all, get rest!

  • Hi Mark
    To make your Journey better, if you’re frequently traveling alone you can make the trips less boring and monotonous by improving the trip for people around you. From my travel over the holiday taught me one thing: when it’s time spent solving someone else’s travel issue (don’t speak english, confused or mentally challenged, etc) it feels more satisfying once you reach your destination.

    To enrich the conversation in 2013, drop the information acrobatics. Just be you. You built this blog by being very smart and curious. Back to basics is what I would recommend. People want information, but I think it’s helpful to give pointers and examples of how to interpret the mountains of information we suck in every day.

    To be more centered in your growing success, I’d suggest the most awesome solution of all: more meetups with you in Knoxville (or Rutgers)! I know it seems flippant but it would be cool to be able to reply to people who want just a few minutes of your time each, that they can have a whole evening (or afternoon) with you in Tennessee. It’s a neat thing to look forward to, in my opinion.

    All this advice is free of charge, Mark 🙂 aren’t I generous?

  • let me play devil’s advocate. Aren’t you already passionate and curious? Are these traits or goals? If you focus on those words will it push you to new places in 2013? After our meeting, you definitely strike me as passionate and curious!

  • Well said my friend! Hopefully this is the year we meet? : )

  • In my mind, I want to be delayed in a crowded airport and experience joy. Now THAT will be a goal!!! Thanks for your comment!

  • All good suggestions. That conversation one really hits home. I am aware that most of my blog posts have strayed from the “how-to” posts. There ae just so many other things to write about and I know a lot of other bloggers that have the how-to thing covered. For now at least, I have decided to just go with the flow and write about whatever is on my mind and hope the readers will come along for the journey. i do intend to go back to basics and have a few more how-to posts though. They’re more popular! : )

    And I do have some ideas about number 3 too. Thanks for the great advice!

  • I waited a LONG time to be a grandma, longer I think, than I waited to get published. LOL Having observed my siblings with their grandchildren, I’m SO ready for this next, big adventure. (From HIGH ROAD TO CHINA: The earth is slow, but the oxen are patient. Or so I tell myself. grin)

  • What an excellent point (and thank you for your humbling praise!)

    There’s no limit to passion and curiosity, plus I don’t think I’m anywhere close to where I should be (we are our harshest critics). My goal is to be more of that, because everything then flows from our traits. For example, with curiosity: learning about world’s religions, finding ways to make my New York site better, etc.

    That being said, I think traits can be very effective focus words. I think if we ACTIVELY focus on a trait, we begin to internalize. We remind ourselves how to be daily. That mindset will lead us to take new actions, lead us to different situations in which we can thrive.

    But for angel’s advocate (is that a thing?) I’ll throw in the word “decision” as a focus word – because I need to make stronger decisions and be less indecisive. I mean after all, I’m the one with 4 words now for a 3-focus-word-set.

  • Great. Angel’s advocacy always welcome!

  • Mariahpapaya

    people watching is one very entertaining way to enjoy your down town, especially in the airport!

    Also, as silly as it sounds, Yoga has helped me a lot with patience and dealing with stress and a busy schedule. I commute every day at least 1/1.5 hrs in the car, and I find I am so much more easy going about traffic, and of course work now that I practice yoga daily. Its also the greatest mobile sport, since you dont really need anything but your mind and body… you could even do it in the terminal:)

  • tianakai

    More power to you! 🙂 Heathrow airport brings out the worst in me!

  • My 3 words are patience, persistence, and fun. Pretty much the same as always, with the new addition of fun. For a lot of reason, the fun, had been missing. This year, getting back to basics.

    Journey – I used to travel over 100,000 miles a year for a few years. So I get it. The way that I got it was to just let “whatever” happen. In other words, don’t sweat the small stuff. It may sound cliche, but it’s going to happen whether you get frustrated or not, so don’t let it get to you. Easier said than done. My “ah ha” moment came at O’Hare during a very travel day. I was waiting in line behind a woman who was very frustrated w/ the ticket person and was extremely rude to her. I just watched the whole thing unfold. Then came my turn. I said hello to the person and told her not to let people get to her. I told her there was no reason for that person to be rude. I told her the key to life was patience (sound familiar?) She smiled and asked how I could help. I asked her if it were possible to get on an earlier flight? She looked around for a few minutes on her computer. Not only did I get on an earlier flight, I got an upgrade.

    During my traveling days, I just took it as it came. Enjoyed the inconvenient moments as time to find some sort of “silver lining”. I can honestly say, it helped a lot. (of course I didn’t travel to Newark back then. I lived on the West Coast, where the sun was shining and the flights were not delayed very often. I live in NJ, so I get it. Good luck w/ that!) 🙂

    Wow – Interesting that you should talk about this. I think you should take the same approach as your journey. Just let it happen. What I think that I’ve found most interesting and appealing about your topics is your approach. You seem like a real person, with real topics, who goes through real things, who honestly takes the time to help others. I’m less concerned with Wow than I am who are having relationships with people who are real. I think Real trumps Wow every day.

    Centered – Once again, this is part of your journey. I would take it as it comes and continue to focus on what is most important to you. Something you mentioned in your Journey section, “your home and family”.

    Throughout my life I was concerned about what I thought defined me as a person. My job and my status. I had a lot of status at a real young age. (in my mind it was status) Then I got married, had a family, a very special family, and realized that my job wasn’t what defined me at all. It was only a part of it. The defining part was my family. Being a dad is one of the toughest jobs in the world, especially if you want to be a good one. And being a husband is just as challenging. (by the way, being a mom/wife is JUST as tough)

    But being a good dad is huge in my mind. And it’s important. And it provides focus. And it provides direction. So what am I getting to? I don’t worry about what others think. I live by something that I learned a long time ago (I think it was my grandmother) I treat people the way that I want to be treated and I am ALWAYS respectful. (don’t confuse this with perfect, because I am far from it) But what you see, is pretty much, what you get. (this has gotten me into trouble by the way)

    And every day there are 3 people who guide my direction. My wife, my daughter, and my son. In other words, these 3 people’s opinions are what really matters to me. That’s it. If I follow my “treat others the way that I want to be treated” rule, then I could care less what others think. Because I know in my mind and heart that I’m giving it my best shot AND for the right reasons.

    It may not sound “sexy”, but I would simply say, don’t change a thing. Just keep doing what you’re doing. I think what you are doing is genuine and very helpful.
    (wow, just saw how long this was…sorry)

  • I agree with you that how-to posts aren’t the best use of your expertise.

    I was thinking more along the lines of application type posts. Not case studies, but illustrating the connection between this month’s barrage of information and real business situations. Okay….case studies, LOL!

  • Very nice with the Journey reference 😉

    For me it’s:
    1. Focus (follow one course until successful)
    2. Finish (and ship, inspired by Seth Godin)
    3. Lead (the last one is strongly influenced by learning from you amigo).

    Happy New Year!

  • Great words, Don! Thanks for contributing!

  • Great commentary! Luckilly I learned my lesson about time and family and focus very early in my life, so I get it. Here is what happened:

  • Now THAT would be a sight! Certainly it would be entertaining for a lot of people! : )

  • Yeah. That’s a good idea.My problem is, I can’t talk about a lot of what i do because I have non-disclosure agreements but you’re right about that balance. Thanks Jillian!

  • Charles DeGaulle for me!! It is an airport created without logic in mind : )

  • When traveling avoid arriving in just the nick of time and leaving immediately afterward. You have less stress by arriving early (prepared if a delay) and you enjoy meeting people after the event or use it to catch up. A former one night trip becomes two.

    On conversational be yourself. The great ideas you have this week will no doubt be the better ideas next year since you have more knowledge, experience, feedback under your belt. Learn from, embrace and seek the feedback – it makes you better and more approachable. People like to associate themselves with people they have come to know, like and trust.

    Centered? You have no basis for saying your ability to connect, be helpful or engage your clients or following have been diminished due to time passing. You become more relevant. I learned about you and your blog a week ago, I’ll be passing on tweets to my following (not as big as yours – yet) for a long time to come.

    You are smart, creativity and write a great blog. Don’t stop – don’t make an excuse up when there is no reason to.

  • Tom Rochford

    Some thoughts to all who have read or responded – embrace the fact that you have a reason to worry about stress. Travel? Bring it on. My guess is you don’t travel unless you have a work purpose or it is fun/vacation time.

    Enjoy your continually improving ability to meet more people – help more people. Why are you in this? For money? We all work for money – you have your own special reason why you do what you do (Simon Sinek). Find it.

    Centered is something you do everyday. New information causes each of us to think of things a bit differently. Think on those changes and if appropriate change your mind on concepts – but not principles. The thousands of people who follow, like or link with you do so because you think like they do!

  • The Tao Te Ching has a line which keeps coming up in conversation with me. “….the successful person is poised and centered in the midst of all activities; although surrounded by opulence, he is not swayed.”

    I love that you brought “centered” into the mix. As far as I can tell, it’s the greatest side effect of the business. Without it, you’ll go crazy. With it, you’ll go places you could never go otherwise.

  • Thanks for the encouragement Tom. Many thanks for taking the time to comment!

  • Amen! I know my place in the world! : )

  • Hi Mark,

    My word for 2013 is awareness – awareness about what I do and say, why, to what effect, what I am neglecting… Just the 1 word, though. I have enough trouble remembering just this one, already!

    As for your own 3 words, I am not sure I can help but here are my humble suggestions:

    – Journey – I liked Helen Tonetti’s suggestion that the problem is not necessarily the journey, but our expectations of what we should be doing, instead. Any chance that you could use these experiences as market research for future business opportunities, or case studies for your books, etc? Maybe noticing what devices people are using and how, checking use of QR codes in shops, or whatever.
    – Conversational – You have great content, as anybody would say (and, I am sure, the numbers show). I really, really do not want to be ungrateful for the great stuff that you and your associates share with us, everyday, for free – but, since you asked, sometimes I wish that there was more continuity to the posts, so the topics could be explored in more depth. You see the posts are great in themselves, but they are rather short (as blog posts are) and the following day there is something completely different, by another author. So, while some topics get covered at different points from different angles, from the point of view of the reader, it is something different every day. Perhaps, if we could have a series – e.g., 1 week on viral – or, say, 3 Mondays in a row dedicated to a topic?
    – Centered – I think you are being incredibly gracious about all of the weirdness that must come your way! But, may I suggest that you add Dan Ariely’s blog to your reader? Dan is a behavioural economist who offers great insight about human behaviour – for instance, in his ‘Ask Ariely’ posts he often shows how changing the way we think about a particular situation (e.g., gifting something), can change how we feel about it (e.g., resentful vs. happy). The link is:

  • This comment is a real gift Ana! Thank you!

    I am thinking a lot about your content observation especially. I know you can’t see it, but there definitely are long-term themes in the blog content. There will be waves of Facebook posts, or privacy, or blogging. Then something else will be interesting to me and I’ll switch it up. Or I’ll realize I have not done anything about Twitter in a while so I’ll riff on that a little.

    The irony is, my goal IS diversity of thought and content but you do have me thinking about your idea. The one thing that I know that does not work well is a serial post of part1, part2, etc. They always bomb!

    Thanks for the heads-up on the link, too. I’ll check that out today.

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