One thousand posts. No navel gazing.

This is my 1,000th post on {grow}.

So I wondered … what should I do to commemorate this?  Should I give away presents like Oprah? Should I honor my community in some way?  Should I just ignore it and carry on?

I asked some of my friends on Facebook and the general consensus was that they wanted me to write a reflective piece on what I have learned, my expectations when I wrote post number one, and the challenges of success.

I started answering these questions a dozen times but it just seemed like a bunch of self-centered navel gazing so I quit. Maybe I’ll get to these subjects another time but I think the focus today needs to be placed on the {grow} community. You see, it takes a lot of work to create that many blog posts, but it would not be successful without you.

In my brief period of {grow} nostalgia (about an hour!), I looked down the list of subscribers and wanted to find the people who have subscribed to my blog for the longest period of time. Who was here first?  Who has stuck with me the longest?

This was a revealing exercise and a lesson in building a blog community. The people who were there at the beginning are still there today. In fact. we’re all good friends! We were “baby bloggers” together and went out of our way to support each other when the rest of the world did not seem to be listening.

I thought it would be appropriate to celebrate 1,000 blog posts by honoring the people who encouraged me and supported me from the very beginning. Here are the original 10 {grow} readers, and here are their stories. And at the end … yes … I will give away some prizes : ) 

John Bottom — John is a director at the Base One Marketing Agency in London. When I was just starting out, he was already a big deal with a huge, lively following and wonderfully insightful blog posts. I clung to John as an example of how I needed to operate on the social web — in a caring, classy, and responsive way.  He was the first social media celebrity to begin tweeting my blog posts and I am forever grateful for that. I had the chance to meet John in London in 2012, which was quite a thrill.

Jayme Soulati — Jayme is a PR and communications dynamo from Ohio and one of my first Twitter friends. I will take credit for being the one to beg Jayme to begin her blog and once she started she found her great love. I remember her telling me that blogging was now the favorite part of her job. She stood by me in the early days and I had tears in my eyes when I met her for the first time at Social Slam in 2010. In fact, the day before the event a speaker cancelled and she graciously filled in!

Jenn Whinnem — Jenn is a passionate young woman and her firey posts caught my attention back in 2009. We collaborated on a couple of projects and she taught me a lesson that resulted in one of the the most humbling and emotional blog posts I’ve ever written: “Social Media and the Big Conversation Fail.” She has been a wonderful supporter and has contributed many amazing comments to the community!

Mark Schaefer and Jon BuscallJon Buscall — An intellect with the heart of an artist, Jon and I are social media soul mates. We have similar backgrounds and hold many of the same values when it comes to teaching and working on the web. I think he holds the record for the most guest posts on {grow} (aside from the paid regular bloggers). When I visited Stockholm, I spent a cafe day with Jon. And that, my friends is the best part of social media.

kristen daukas

Kristen Daukas – One of the most fun and big-hearted professionals I know. Mom, entrepreneur, ass-kicker.  We have collaborated in a number of ways but the most fun was speaking at her awesome Converge South conference in North Carolina. It was one of my very first keynote speeches. If you look really closely, Kristen’s picture is in the Tao of Twitter.

steve doddSteve Dodd – Nobody has commented more often that Steve. He has been the rock of this community since day one. I really think he was the first one to see the potential of what was happening on {grow} and I am so indebted to him for his continuous encouragement.  He is the only person among “the originals” I have not met, but not for lack of trying!

Amy Howell – When I started exploring Twitter, it was hard to miss Amy since most tweets ended with !!!!!!!  This became known as the Exclamy style of tweeting. She has been a tireless and and passionate supporter of the blog … and really everything I do. Amy has been a trusted adviser and friend from the beginning. She is a super-connector who has been featured in two of my books, and introduced me to so many wonderful colleagues like Anne Gallaher, Glen Gilmore, and Kent Huffman. And she is going to be the emcee for Social Slam this year!

billy mitchellBilly Mitchell – A few years ago, Billy had a strange strategy for getting attention. His avatar featured him posing with this huge fish. He kept popping up everywhere and you couldn’t help but notice this guy with the fish. We started connecting over Twitter and the blog and soon became close friends. We have collaborated on many projects and his ability to spin a tale and the fact that he understands my jokes makes him my favorite business partner. His B2B Agency MLT Creative is simply an inspiration.

kimmo linkamaKimmo Linkama – How cool is it that, through Twitter, I have a great friend in Estonia?  Kimmo Linkama is the first person I ever interviewed on {grow} and the only person I have interviewed twice, primarily because he has a such a musical name.  Estonia is an awesome place with a progressive economy and Kimmo is leading the B2B marketing charge in the region. In this photo, I am visiting with Kimmo in Estonia’s capital of Talinn.

michelle chmielewskiMichelle Chmielewski — Of all the people I have met, the story of how I connected with Michelle is probably my favorite, and a highlight of the The Tao of Twitter and many of my classes. I recognized Michelle’s simply brilliant talent when she was a grad student and she has gone on to be a bright star on the European marketing scene. Some of her videos have had more than a million YouTube views. I know talent when I see it! I met Michelle in real life in Paris in 2011 and we continue to support each other whenever we can.

Here’s the lesson threaded through all these little stories.  Many beginning bloggers think they will hit it big by getting noticed by an A-Lister.  They long for that one tweet of a blog post that will propel them to the big time. It does not work like that, and in fact there are no shortcuts to social media success.

Don’t wait for lightning to strike. Build your own tribe. Find your own little group of people who love you for who you are, support each other, and build from there.  It’s hard to say how big my tribe is today but it all started with these 10 people. And no matter what happens to me or the blog, I know those folks — and now dozens of others I have met along the way — will still be my friends.  Perhaps this is the year you and I will meet, too!

Thank you, thank you, thank you one and all for reading my blog.

Now, on to the prizes!

I would like to give everyone a chance to celebrate and participate in this 1,000 post milestone, so I’m giving away:

  • Five copies of Return On Influence (one copy x five winners)
  • Five copies of The Tao of Twitter (one copy x five winners)
  • Five copies of Born to Blog (a new book I have not even announced yet!)
  • A chance to write your own guest post on {grow}.
  • A free one-hour phone consulting session on any marketing topic of your choice (or we can just hang out!)
  • Five free subscriptions to my social media tutorial video series “Social Media from Scratch.”
  • Five free tickets to Social Slam (America’s finest social media conference April 5 in Knoxville – one ticket x five winners)

Here’s how the drawing works.  Send me ONE email at info at  Include the ONE prize you want to try to win in the subject line and your physical mailing address in the body of the email.  At the end of February, I will have an independent CPA randomly select from the submissions and award the prizes to the winners. There will be a lot of submissions so I can’t let everybody know if you lose, but I will let you know March 01, 2012 if you win.

The train is leaving the station again.  Next stop … 2,000 posts!

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  • Hey Mark,
    Congratulations, it was great to read about the people on the list that were there from the start. Looking forward to your next thousand posts!

  • Mike,
    You have done a great job, your posts are on my must open list. Your following is deserved, I am still trying to find the right formula, after 920 posts (as of this morning) on my Strategyaudit blog. A small number of followers, and limited response to any of the posts.
    My market is however, is a tough gig, small businesses, struggling with survival, and to many, social media is still the dodgy pictures their kids put up on that facebook “thingie”, so interacting with a blog is not even on the radar. Amazing to see the disconnection still so prevalent in 2013.
    I still blog because, a bit like a dumb mountain climber, I can!
    Coffee when you come down under?.

  • Manish

    Hi Mark,
    Congratulations on your 1000th post on this blog. It was a nice experience for me learning from experts from the industry and I will continue reading this blog for more.

  • Congratulations Mark! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with so many people and allowing this community to blossom. Your hard work and dedication are truly paying off.

    I am truly excited to be part of this!

  • MrTonyDowling

    Thats such an interesting insight!
    And congratulations! 1000 posts is a fantastic achievement, and you should be proud of not only that little fact, but more so the fact you have inspired so many with your work.

    Please keep them coming! I’m looking forward to 2000!

  • allarminda

    I’m so excited for you! Congratulations on the many accomplishments, your 1000th post being just one of them, you’ve achieved and will yet achieve. So grateful to be here and part of the community.

  • I’m just glad I’ve found this blog and this community.., it’s just great… 1000 posts or not…

  • MaureenMonte

    Wow! What a great story, my friend. And the perfect time for my first comment on your blog (not that I’ve been holding out – we only just met in Ireland!) All I have to say is how proud I am of you for creating and following an amazing path. How refreshing that you chose to honor and profile your talented social media rock stars rather than blow your own horn. Nicely done. PS. Thanks for NOT including a photo of your navel. 🙂 Oh, and I’d like to win all the awesome prizes. Onward!

  • Wow. Wasn’t expecting that! I am wildly flattered and humbled at the same time. I can’t wait for you to do your first TV show, because I want to be included in that, too! It’s no secret to you or those who work around me how much of an influence you are to me as well as many others. You set the bar high and those of us who are wise, strive to reach that. I have paused, more than once, before hitting the enter key on either of my blogs (yes, you infiltrate my mom blogging world, too) and asked myself – is this really the best that you can do? And you’re the one who taught me that. Along with many other lessons. Congratulations on such a mighty milestone. I look forward to the next 1500. And the book! Yay! Another book! Well done friend. Can’t wait to see you in April!

  • I checked out your site and like your content very much. Here are three small tweaks you can make that might help.

    There is a free plug-in for the bottom of each post called LinkedWithin that suggests related posts of interest to your readers. On my blog, this increases page views by 8%.

    I would add your photo and maybe a statement of why you are writing the blog on there somewhere. Make it more friendly and personal. Kind of gray right now.

    When I go to your home page and click the blog tab, Instead of getting your posts, there is just a word that says “blog posts.” This is quirky. Why make people work for it? Just get them right to the content.

    Hope that helps! Thanks for reading {grow}!

  • Todd Schnick

    congrats on the milestone. it was a pleasure to welcome you to my show yesterday, and look forward to seeing you in atlanta…

  • Damn. I should have had a picture of my navel. What a missed opportunity. What was I thinking? : )

    Thanks for jumping in Maureen!!!

  • This is very touching. I’m humbled and on the brink of actually being emotional. Of course I can;t do that and ruin my reputation as a Viking-like blogger. : )

    Thanks for everything!

  • Adam

    Mark, congratulations on 1,000 posts! What a clever way to celebrate. It’s interesting to see who the early members of the community are.

    You have nurtured an amazing community here, and it is something to be proud of. Looking forward to seeing where the next 1,000 posts take you!

  • A great reflection! I was not around for the first one, glad to be here for this milestone and looking forward to the next one Mark.

  • Amy Howell

    Mark! Thank you and what an awesome surprise to see this. I am so happy to say that it has been joyous watching your success and I am proud to be one of your “early adopters”–hey, I know a good thing when I see it! All the best and CONGRATS!!!! (excl-AMY)

  • Congratulation on a first 1000 of many more!!! Looking forward to the next one Mark! :-))

  • jennwhinnem

    Hey Mark, congratulations on your prolifery. (now a word). This is consistently one of the best blogs I read. I’m in good company, it would seem! Many of these people are my good friends.

    I’m sorry I can’t make it to #soslam this year – the travel is exorbitant and my wallet is on a diet.

    I’ve learned a lot from you that I continue to apply to my day job – you’re my virtual mentor.

    !!!!!! that was for Amy.

  • johnbottom

    Happy Bloggiversary Mark. (I think that’s a real word, if not it should be) Very kind of you to mention me, and I’m delighted to have shared the journey with you. I constantly cite the {Grow} community as an example of how social media communities should work – and I’m honoured to be mentioned in the same breath as Amy, Jon, Billy and the others. Now onto the next 1,000…

  • Amazing post and great way to start the morning (and the Chinese New Year!) Congratulations Mark! Congratulations to all the members of this vibrant community.

    Mark, you’ve curated a site that has a gentle flow of valuable insight with heartfelt touches, certainly no small feat. Raising a glass to you today and the community, here’s to the next 1000 🙂

    Thank you for everything that you do in providing knowledge and conversation that helps us all {grow} together – both our businesses, our minds, and our relationships!

  • There’s no greater gift than peer recognition, and I thank you and applaud you for your accomplishments. I just hit post 400, thanks and fondly to you, Mark; I always think of our early days and how much more rewarding it is that I’ve been a part of your historical climb.

    I remember pushing on you to write your book, and you said, “Book? Why do I need to write a book? Everyone’s writing one.” See what Mama toldja?

    On a more serious note, I am humbled, honored and emotional to be in your community with these #RockHot peeps. Thank you.

  • I look forward to 10,000 more posts (maybe more). I just wish we could find something fun to disagree on… I need you back on the podcast. Thanks for doing what you do… and for keeping us all just a little bit more honest, Mark!

  • Surj

    Mark – fantastic stuff. Having a drink with you in Cardiff last year (pre OICONF 2012) showed me twitter is useful, social media works and the business consulting industry needs it! Let’s make sure we meet again at oiconf 2013. Looking forward to celebrating your continuing success. Surj.

  • What a wonderful way to celebrate your 1,000th post. As someone who has been reading your blog for years, I’d like to thank you, Mark and all the contributing writers from the {grow} community. Thanks to you all for sharing your ideas, your passion and your smarts with all of us.

  • HUGE congratulations on an amazing achievement. To the next thousands:) Cheers! Kaarina

  • Congratulations on your 1000th post. The recognition is well-deserved. You are an inspiration to me.

  • You were so instrumental at the beginning! Thanks for everything!

  • “a gentle flow of valuable insight” I like that. That should be my goal from now on! : )

  • I am still wondering about that book question! : ) Thanks for everything!

  • Honored to have you comment. My favorite rock star!

  • So happy to hear from one of my very first Twitter friends!!! Hope you are well!

  • Congratulations Mark to you, and to your “tribe” … Honoring them, and your triumph is well-deserved.

    Here’s to your next 2,000 posts! ~Rae

  • Congratulations on the 1000th post, and thank you very much for your friendship, guidance and introductions to so many great people!

  • Thanks for including me in this list Mark.

    It’s through the {grow} community interaction that I’ve become familiar with the others mentioned in the article. So thanks for that too. Of all the thousands of brilliant people you’ve connected with, I’m not sure how I slipped in among such great company but it’s an honor to be included in this 1,000th blog post. For anyone just discovering the {grow} blog, I have three pieces of advice: 1) Subscribe. Better yet, make it part of your morning ritual. 2) Engage. Sure Mark can be informative, entertaining and sometimes provocative but the action is in the comments section. Check it out, and share your thoughts with the rest of us. 3) Follow those that comment. I’ve discovered some amazing people to follow by being part of the {grow} community. And it’s been my pleasure to meet many of them in real life.

    By becoming an active participant here, I can guarantee one thing for sure. You will never quit learning.

    Thanks again Mark and thanks to the {grow} tribe too.

  • A thousand posts have gathered here – your table for the mind
    Inspiring verse and forked wit, a mystic force unwinds.
    With words and deeds your friendship is a gift to us you know
    And I for one am thankful for the home you make at {grow}

    Congratulations Mark. Thou Rocketh!

  • First and foremost, huge congratulations to you on 1,000 posts! Between this and the recent podcast, you’re reminding me how I need to get my butt in gear and simply write, not try to write that perfect, award-winning post that will make me a blogging superstar. This is such a wonderful way to celebrate your success, by pointing out the people who helped you get there. This is what makes you an brilliant blogger, and person. Thanks for all you do, Mark! Here’s to 1,000 more!

  • Obaidul

    I’m thinking about that ‘single step’ with which began this journey of ‘one thousand miles’.

  • Robin Harina

    That what makes you You! Always giving back. Thanks for that more than anything else. Congratulations Mark.

  • Mark, I am super touched. Thank you. You’ve achieved so very much with Grow and all that you do. I appreciate the insight you bring and the fact that you dare to take a strong position on things related to the industry. Grow has become more than a blog; it’s an important resource documenting the paradigm shift that has taken place over the last couple of years within marketing and communications.

    Just today a colleague told me how much he’d enjoyed Tao and gone out and followed you on Twitter, with a genuine sense of excitement at discovering more about the space.

    Also, I have to say that without Grow I probably would never have featured Jayme and Jenn on my podcast. And those conversations, as well as the one I had with you on the show, were some of my favourites from the year.

    Here’s to the next 1000 !

  • Congratulations on reaching 1,000 posts. It is an accomplishment many bloggers never reach.

  • Enjoy the milestone and press on. It’s your guidance we need to continue marching into the ever evolving world of business and marketing.

    You’ll forever have a place in my personal timeline of life as when our paths crossed in the woods of Atlanta your words guided me to an outcome I am not sure I would have reached otherwise. I’ll never forget that. You are a good, kind-hearted person and one I only wish I had the opportunity to spend more time with.

  • Congratulations, Mark! Thank you for sharing your words and insights with us.

  • great advice Billy! Thanks for all your support through the years!

  • I’m not worthy!

  • Sounds like the message is getting through! : ) Go for it!

  • Cheers to you Jon! Thanks!

  • A special time for us both!!! Thanks for the kind words Jeremy!

  • Congratulations on this wonderful milestone, Mark! I’m excited for you and all of the success you’ve achieved as a result of your blog.

    And, more importantly, I’m glad that because of your blog, we have become friends, colleagues and even partners on projects. And, I’ve also developed friendships with many other members of your community. To your point, it’s all about relationships. And you’ve done a stellar job of using this platform to create genuine and lasting connections. That says a lot about you as a person and the quality of your content.

    Again, well done!

  • Wow ! I’m honored to have known you before you became the book-selling hotshot you are today, and can’t say how cool it is that you have stayed as humble and inspiring as ever. I’ll never forget that you were the first person that ever bought me a video camera to blog with 🙂 Thank you, Mark, and long live GROW !

  • Jack Silverman

    Mark, congrats on this “major” milestone. This is a great article. I would obviously want a signed copy of your new blogging book! Please let us know if you want us to talk with you about our blogger and influencer network outreach experiences.

  • Love this format Mark. While I was initially hoping you would write about a possible bacon shortage for the 1000 post, this is much more effective 😉 What I really love about this post is how you remember where you started and haven’t forgotten those people who are the foundation of the grow community.

    One thing I’ve learned about you over the past 2 years is how genuine you are and how much you really care about EVERYONE who connects with you. You’ve taught me from the very beginning the beauty of social media and social communities.

    Whether sharing tips and advice, sharing the story of Elijah or giving people the opportunity to guest post, you’ve taught me SM and communities are all about sharing, helping, teaching, caring. It’s P2P – people to people as you often say.

    You’ve also taught me how to build communities in the right way. I don’t say this lightly when I say your blog has helped restore my faith in the good guy finishing on first by doing things the right way for the right reasons.

    Thank you for having the courage to share your thoughts and the generosity of spirit to share yourself with your community. We’re all better for it.

    And here’s to the next 10000 posts! 1000 posts seems too limiting 😉

  • thesocialobsrvr

    This is great! I can’t wait to share this with my classes- Again Mark, you Rock. @drjrogers

  • Pioneer Outfitters

    What a touching post. Oh, and WOW!! 1000 posts! (sheesh, back to the keyboard…)

    This is super inspiring as well as a wonderful tribute to the folks who made you and GROW feel wanted and needed. I just celebrated my third birthday online and I really do want to touch the world. I know, and have felt myself a day or two, that many bloggers give up. It is a more than a full time job, I have found, to do it right.

    A lot like where I come from, Mark, you either love it (that would be LOVE) or you fail (quit). I wont quit and I wont forget the people I have met and am incredibly proud and blessed to call my friends. The gifts we receive, following the lessons that are here to learn, are unmeasurable.

    Thank you, Mark. For 1000 posts, your kindnesses and all the experience that you share with us all.

  • Ah, Mark, such a great way to celebrate! Congratulations and thank you
    from the bottom of my heart for all your support, mentoring and guidance
    over the past 18 months. I am STILL meeting people who think Twitter is
    stupid, and every single time, I tell them they NEED to read Tao. I
    assume your “Born to Blog” book will be just as powerful as your first
    two. I don’t follow many blogs religiously. I read yours always. Not
    only because of the spectacular content, but because of the community
    here at {grow}. Privileged to be a member.

  • Absolutely love this post, Mark! It’s everything I’ve come to expect from you: thoughtful, articulate, and packed with great information! I’m happy to call you a friend and proud to be part of the {grow} team!

  • You are going to go so far. So proud of you and what you have accomplished! Thanks for everything!

  • We definitely need to catch up!

  • Ha! When you think that it will take four more years for me to hit 2,000 posts, the next 1,000 seems like plenty!!! Thanks for your very kind words. It has been an honor becoming your friend.

  • Awesome comment. You are so very kind! My friend @jaybaer says that “if you don;t love social media, you suck at social media,” and it is very true. Sincerely, I do love this blog community!

  • It’s not fair that a pediatrician and college professor is telling me anything about impact. I write. You save children. I know my place in the world, but I am so very happy that I was able to help and support you!

  • You are leading the “new wave” of {grow} Kerry. Upward and onward!

  • Thanks friend!

  • … and who knows where it will lead? We have only just begun!

  • Thank you for caring enough to comment!

  • Thanks pal.

  • Happy to have helped you.

  • Yes. That is exactly it. And I feel like I am taking a new step every day!

  • ^ star student!

  • Thanks for your relentless support Dr. Rae!

  • Thanks Shane! See you soon!

  • Many thanks. You have been an AWESOME part of this community Kaarina!

  • Look forward to seeing you in June!

  • You are such an awesome woman. I love you more when we disagree. : )

  • ^ newest member of the {grow} community. Watch her. She ROCKS!!!

  • You are like me social media sister. What a trip we have had together and we’re just getting started!

  • Thanks, friend!

  • Can;t wait to see you again at Social Slam!

  • Thanks pal.

  • You have been such an amazing supporter Rogier! Thank you!

  • If I had 10 original followesr, I bet you were number 11! : ) Thanks for all your great support. Look forward to seeing you at Social Slam!

  • Thanks! You and I are a GREAT case study!

  • Thanks for all the ways you ROCK this house!!! Glad we have become friends!

  • You’re welcome. Thanks for being here!

  • Thanks buddy!

  • Thanks Mark,

    I will follow up your suggestions. I actually took my photo off the site a while ago, I was scaring the children.

  • Aw shucks, I appreciate that:) I’m often a woman of few words, but I hope those words are power-packed. To that end: you’re an inspiration, my friend.

  • Susan

    How very exciting for you, Mark! I first “met” you when you were doing a webinar for Vocus and I have enjoyed your tweets and blogs ever since. Thank you for all the inspiration and encouragement!

  • :-))

  • Thanks for staying connected!

  • It does not surprise me in the least that you took the opportunity to thank others for your profound success Mark. You are a master of your craft but more importantly you are a man of character, humanity and grace. Your books and teachings are a testament to your ability and will remain in the libraries, educational institutions and minds of us all but it is your generous life and impeccable conduct that will be your legacy.

  • Do I need to pay you for that? : )

    Thanks for your extremely kind comment Anneliz.

  • Congratulations on an amazing milestone, Mark.

    I’m a regular lurker here. You’re a great inspiration – I love it how you show that blogging isn’t about “me-me-me” but about your readers and how you can help and inspire them. This post is another great example of that.

    Thanks so much.

  • Congrats on reaching this milestone and I remember another milestone you hit a few months earlier with the number of comments. I think your point about building tribe (regardless of the size) that will support its member is spot one. In fact, I will carry this concept to companies that are using their loyal customers (or tribe) to advocate on their behalf and in return building a two way relationship that brings benefits to both sides.

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  • MaureenMonte

    There’s still time to take one and load it! 🙂 I love that you reply to comments – people on my IBM community say they can’t believe that I do it – now I feel like it’s best practices! And saw your note to Maria Norwind – she rocks indeed! 🙂 Onward my friend!

  • My pleasure Mark… This is what I do for my friends!

  • What a wonderful post, Mark. And what a generous giveaway. I can’t wait to actually meet you in April. You were so kind to spend some time with me on Skype several months ago, that I feel it would be greedy to also enter the giveaway, so I won’t. So many, many thoughts that won’t make sense now, but Kimmo is AWESOME!

  • Aw, thanks, Mark!

  • You’re very kind. Thank you. And stop lurking and come on in! : )

  • Great thinking Abdallah. It has been so great having you become a regular part of the {grow} community. I appreciate you!

  • Agree. My favorite contrarian! Can’t wait to meet you at Social Slam!

  • Great post and amazing stories about your friends who had an impact in your life.It was great to meet you yesterday and listen to your stories, truly inspiring.

  • Alyson Landry

    Such an unusual post, usually you approach the navel gazing hands on. Happy birthday.

  • Hey there! Great to see you here! Thanks for joining in Linda.

  • Congrats, Mark! I love this post for a few reasons: 1) The word ‘tribe’ is so depictive of how social communities work. 2) Jayme Soulati is pretty great. 3) So are you. 4) The list of commenters is global! It again shows that even though we’re in different time zones & markets, we are brought together with a passion for the industry and bettering it.

    Congrats again! Hope you celebrated!

  • No, not much of a celebrator actually. It’s more fun looking ahead. Can’t get too wedded to accomplishments or life passes you by. : )

  • You’ve been my primary Twitter teacher, so thanks for sharing some of your teachers, inspirations, supporters. I will trust that they are each gift enough, so I’ll simply follow each of them to see what I can unwrap!

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  • very nice post man , A solute to your idea

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  • Hi Mark,

    Nice link to you over at Copyblogger. I’m inspired by your 1,000! I just hit 200 and am going strong: 200 Posts in 200 Days. I was sharing successes with others who started with me on a 30 Day Write Every Day challenge, but most of them fizzled out. Then someone was really impressed that I got to 200 and I realized, “Oh, maybe this isn’t so easy.” 1,000 sounds like a LOT, but if you just take it a day at a time, a post at a time, we can get there.

    Thanks for making it to 1,000. You’re an inspiration.

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  • Brilliantosos!!!

  • A ready Man, a human soul with butter and steel in the words of a sure hand at this blog thingy

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