Twitter exec discusses new business advertising options (video)

Click here if you can’t view this short video interview with Twitter’s Don O’Leary.

You need a score card to keep up with all the changes going on at Twitter.

A few months ago, I had the chance to meet Don O’Leary, who had just taken a new job growing Twitter’s commercial prospects in Europe.

With six months under his belt in the new job, I caught up with him again and asked him how businesses of any size — even solo entrepreneurs — can take advantage of some of the new advertising opportunities.  He also discusses about the need to establish organic success before trying any advertising. Hope you enjoy this short video interview.

Click here to learn more about Twitter’s advertising options.

By the way, Don also told me that Twitter is growing very fast and is looking to fill many positions in Europe if you’re in the market!

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  • tianakai

    Great news for my Italian clients! 🙂

  • MaureenMonte

    What a great interview! You are a gracious host, Mark, who actually allows the guest expert to be the expert, and you ask questions that support that process. I love the emphasis on having a strong organic platform to begin with. I have a favorite adage that never fails me (in that it has applied in every single professional circumstance I’ve been in, ranging from engineering, photography, writing, and building strategic alliances): A fool with a tool is still a fool. Social Media is no exception, in fact, it is even more true because of the public consequences of someone’s foolhardy choices. Or is that Karma? I think that is Karma. 🙂 BTW, is that Don O’Leary or Johnny Depp? I think it was Johnny Depp posing as a Twitter exec… 😉 And consistent with every Irish person I’ve ever met, from cab driver to CEO, Don O’Leary was lovely and articulate. Thanks Mark!

  • Signed up… Thank you Don , and Mark for a great interview discussing Twitter’s “new business advertising” opportunities!

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