Brian Solis goes bold with the “Future of Business”

Click here if you cannot see this interview with Brian Solis.

Brian Solis is among the world’s most prolific business authors but when you see his new book, What’s the Future of Business: Changing the Way Businesses Create Experiences, you’ll immediately notice a difference. The book is sleek and an unusual dimension.  It’s filled with full-color pages and cartoons.  This is not your father’s business book.

brian solisSolis was determined to create a book that was an experience and he has achieved it. In this video interview he describes his vision, the design process, how he writes a book, and provides a hint of what to expect next from his prodigious creative output. Hope you enjoy the interview!

My take on the book: Since doing the interview I had a chance to read the book and I think it is Brian’s best effort to date. He is an excellent writer and the time just flew by.

Think about this gift — In his consulting practice, Brian gets to observe the inner workings of many of the top brands in the world and now we get to see his cumulative learnings in one place. The book is filled with many thought-provoking gems like “We live in a time when brands are people and people are brands.”

I would say that this is a very B2C-centric book. His models may have some applicability to B2B but generally the book is tailored to a world of personal loyalty instead of a world of long-term contracts and annual price negotiations, but there are lessons in here for everybody.

The main take-away for me was his idea to create conversational customer experiences in a proactive, measurable way as part of an overall marketing plan.

Disclosure: The book link is an affiliate link. The book was a provided to me free from the author.  Brian wrote a testimony for my book Return On Influence, which was published in the book.

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  • Finally, a piece of business literature that would look good in the art, architecture & design section of a bookstore 🙂
    Thanks for sharing this interview!

  • MaureenMonte

    Nice! As a photographer, that gives me hope for combining my immense (ha) leadership acumen with my immense photography collection. 🙂 I like how you shouted, “No! No!” when he wouldn’t spill the beans on the future project. Reminds me of a scene in Singin’ in the Rain, but I won’t go further than that because now we’re headed in to the strange part of my brain.

    I have “played” with quotes and photos to inspire people to pursue their dreams – I like to create images from my garden using a manual macro lens I purchased twenty years ago (my digital camera hates it because they don’t play nicely together). I sent a copy to my CEO, Ginni Rometty when she took over the helm of IBM (She was my manager a long time ago!) because I can’t think of a better example, in business, of someone achieving their dreams. If you’d like to see it, here is a link Also, Mark, did you see today’s Dilbert? – I could relate – and it’s about social media. Onward!

  • Indeed Claudia. I might even rival them in terms of beauty and presentation! 😉

  • Ralf Skirr

    Thanks for presenting this book, Mark, bought the Kindle version right away, and will devour it tomorrow at Starbucks. 🙂

  • Fun interview! I love how the new book is visually rich. Lots of neuorscience research shows the clear value of how visuals help with attention, retention and more. Can’t wait to check it out.

  • Ellie Becker

    Hi, Mark. You sold a book. This is one that I want in hard copy – not kindle. Looks like it needs to be touched, held, seen, page-flipped. I decided I wanted it to be a real life, tactile experience rather than a virtual one. Especially since your interview highlighted Brian’s involvement with design, shape etc. It will be interesting to see if the book addresses the choice of format for purchasing it. Can’t wait for its arrival -maybe as early as tomorrow! Thanks!!

  • Ellie, this is wonderful to hear. I designed the print book with this intention/goal in mind. I really do look forward to your thoughts. Please reach out to me: brian at altimetergroup – Thank you.

  • Thank you Don!

  • Ralf, curious to your experience with the Kindle Version. I’ve not seen it yet. Let me know!

  • I’ve got the Kindle edition which of course is not the same. Thanks for the great interview Mark and for acknowledging the pain of giving birth to a book. I hear you!

  • Ralf Skirr

    Brian, obviously it’s not easy to transfer the beautiful design of the print version to Kindle (for example chapter title pages or quotes), but it’s still a very good looking Kindle book. Access to full screen images works perfectly, linking too. You can actually see for yourself using Amazon’s look inside feature.

    I would have loved to get the print version (not a kindle fan, actually), but I’m in Asia right now, and I guess it will take a few weeks until it shows up in book stores.

    Today I’ve only skimmed it page for page from beginning to end, but already got a few Aha! moments. You’re pointing out tectonic changes in consumer behavior that can easily be missed by people old enough to know what a vinyl LP is, Betamax, or Inspector Columbo. 😉

    Mark, looking forward to your next book, too. My Blog is a mess, lol.

  • Ralf, thank you. This is really helpful. I am ordering it on my Kindle b/w version to see the extreme case. On the preview though, it looks good! Really appreciate you taking the time to reply.

  • Thanks for being part of the experience!

  • That was a fun interview, enjoyed that. Two of my ‘heroes’ chatting away.
    Love the trendsetting (hopefully) with the layout of the book… Well done!

    Now.., unto planning and scheming to visit SXSW next year!

  • Cheers Rogier! See you in Austin next year! Mark is indeed a hero. And, yes…I hope it becomes a trend…just not before my next book 🙂

  • I can’t tell you how much I love your comment. I am a big fan of singin’ in the rain…love that you went there.

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