NASA turns innovation over to its fans (video)

Please click here if you cannot see my interview with Jason Crusan of NASA.

I had a chance to have a fascinating talk with Jason Crusan, NASA’s Director, Advanced Exploration Systems Division. In addition to having the coolest job in the world, Jason is involved in some of the most far-reaching and creative crowd-sourcing projects on earth. Or in space, for that matter.

Watch this short interview for some out-of-this-world insights on turning innovation over to “the crowds.”

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  • Definitely the coolest job in the world. I love how people from NASA got used to the idea that others from outside their organization could actually contribute in a meaningful way.
    If you feel you’re part of something unique you may hold back from exploring crowdsourcing. “No one else does what we do. How could an outsider possibly help us do a better job?” (this quote was not in the interview, but popped into my head as I watched the video).
    On the other hand, it’s not surprising that people around the world would want to be part of the ‘NASA tribe’ 🙂

  • sitesthatwork

    What a genius approach!

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