An idea to help you create content — even if you can’t write

Click here if you cannot see my video interview with Founder Guillaume Decugis is fun and valuable tool to curate content … and it seems to be exploding across the web.  Although the company was founded less than two years ago, it already attracts more than 7 million unique visitors per month.

scoopitThe user-friendly tool allows you to create a beautiful “social magazine” of your favorite content … even if you can’t write a sentence. It’s also starting to find its way into corporate environments as a way to curate along relevant business themes.

I recently caught up with the co-founder and CEO of this red-hot property Guillaume Decugis, and asked him a few interesting questions about his company:

  • What is and how does it enable content curation?
  • How are they going to make money off of this free service? (the answer surprised me!)
  • If your blog post appears on a page is there a benefit for SEO?

I hope you enjoy the interview!

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  • Interesting interview. I first logged onto after a few of my blog posts about topics like knowledge management didn’t generate a lot of ‘on-blog’ likes but were scooped several times. These scoops brought visitors to my blog weeks or even months later.
    It looks as though a number of businesses or teams are using to inform their employees or co-workers about relevant topics. Which basically means that you may attract a business audience through

  • Manish is a great way to share content, it has features of a blog, online magazine and forum. The most important feature I like is it works as an online community for bloggers and entrepreneurs.

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  • As the founder of a curation site, my hat is of to and the entire team there. They helped pave the way for us and continue to be innovative in the field. Thanks Guillaume Decugis for your great vision.

  • There are so many different curation tools. It is interesting to see how they develop over time. How do you see these developing. What functionality and changes will need to happen to adapt to the changing market.

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