Is it time to choose a social media specialty?

Click here if you cannot view my interview with Facebook Analytics guru Jon Loomer

Is it time for you to specialize?

This is probably a relevant topic for anyone who is struggling with the enormous time suck that is social media.  And trying to cover everything is becoming increasingly difficult. Not only are the platforms changing continuously, the rules of engagement are changing too!

You can’t become known for “everything.”

I got a chance to catch up with a bright young marketing star — Jon Loomer — who has taken the leap and narrowly focused his marketing consultancy on Facebook.  Have you been thinking about specializing and narrowing your focus?  If so, this video is for you.

In my discusssion with Jon, he talks about …

  • Finding your passion
  • The risk of a topic getting boring.
  • Do you pick your topic of specialization, or does your topic pick you?

Plus, Jon give us one mega bonus tip on how to be effective on Facebook. Enjoy, and visit Jon at

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  • I completely forgot we did this, Mark! Great stuff, and awesome meeting you!

  • Kathy Snavely

    Ahead of the curve again, Mark! I get questioned all the time about how do I pick which platform, how do I figure out all this stuff at once – and I encourage people to pick one platform and take baby steps. But the medium seems too overwhelming to them. Coaches like Jon are needed; we can always depend on you to post direction signs!

  • Exactly the path I’m taking, as well . . . and in my case, I think the topics chose me, based on my personality. ;o)

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  • Glad to see I had such an impact on you Jon! : )

  • Thanks Kathy!

  • I think that is very true. I tend toward Twitter and blogging.

  • Oh, meeting you was a highlight of my time there! But the interview was a blur! Or maybe I was hung over.

  • Yes practically the only way to build a community on social media is to do it in the place you love the most

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  • I think this follows the same lines that I often tell people when thinking of using social media marketing. It is better to focus on one tool well then to try to stretch your resources across multiple platforms.

    I expect that most people naturally have a favored platform that they like to use (mine is Twitter). The problem is that as you say the environment is changing quickly and what is popular today may become redundant in the future. Can we be sure that Facebook will be the tool that next generation wants to use?

    So while I think it natural to have a preference you have to remain aware of the broader environment. Also, I do think there is something to be said for being a generalist too and understanding how these tools connect and compliment each other. After all it is about matching the right tool to the organization, campaign and audience, and so if we lack knowledge in those areas we cannot properly guide and advice our clients.

  • Agreed.

  • Good points Daniel. I don’t think transitions from major platforms will occur quickly. What will be the next Twitter? I don;t know. Why would we need that? I think new ideas will emerge but in niches.

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  • Steve Woodruff

    It’s always time to specialize – in any and every business endeavor! :>}

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