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For a couple of months, I had been thinking about doing a podcast and finally, decided against it. I just thought that taking on another content-creation project might dilute my other efforts.  In fact, there was only one way I would EVER do a podcast, and that is if I got to do it with one of the wittiest and wisest men I know — Tom Webster, vice president of Edison Research.

Tom Webster

Tom Webster

Tom and I are great friends and have a chemistry that I knew would translate well to a “radio” audience. Sharing our conversations on timely and relevant marketing topics would create a exceptionally entertaining and interesting listener experience. His answer, without hesitation, was “ABSOLUTELY.”

To make it even better, we have a great sponsor, Voices Heard Media, to help with the tech side of the process.

So ladies and gentlemen, I have a podcast now and it’s ALIVE!  Every two weeks, Tom and I will deliver a 30-minute show and I promise it will be captivating, educational, and fun. In fact, I’ve already learned that I say things on a podcast I would never write on a blog post! Could get interesting.

Here we go with the first jam-packed installment:

The Marketing Companion Episode 1: Flouting Klout

  • Klout steps into the ring as a content creator
  • Influence at the top of the search rankings
  • Guest appearance by Ringo Starr as a talking apple
  • Is Klout re-defining “expert?”
  • The search for “warmer” search
  • Klout and corruption
  • The emotional hook of Klout
  • Could your Klout score become a global VIP card?
  • Will we be seeing Klout optimization experts?
  • What Klout does well.
  • Tom reads his spam

To listen now:

Other Ways to Listen to the Podcast:

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  • TerryBrock

    Good podcast, Mark & Tom! Congratulations on the new venture and I look forward to many more podcasts from you in the future.

  • Your co-host sounds HANDSOME.

  • The marketing equivalent of a Snicker’s bar wrapped in bacon. Satisfying, interesting, and leaves you wanting more.

  • Congrats, Mark & Tom! I look forward to checking it out!

  • Mark and Tom, great podcast. Loved the discussion around the pros and cons of Klout answers being displayed in Bing search results. I think one of my favorite points was that today the ‘best’ result is the one that has done the best job at SEO, not necessarily the best answer. It’ll be interesting to see how it all plays out!

  • Thanks Terry!

  • I never thought Ringo Starr was much of a looker but I suppose he had his fans. : )

  • This, I love! Thank you!

  • Thanks for listening Beth!

  • Appreciate the support!

  • RandyBowden

    Could not be better, two intriguing and thought provoking minds who possess the perfect balance of entertainment. Congrats gentlemen!

  • Sandra Isaac

    You had me at “Ringo Starr”! I very much enjoyed this and plan on following the podcast. Maybe, at some point, you could open it up to a particular subject, and we could submit questions that you two could answer in the show! Just a thought.

  • Pauline Baird Jones

    Very much enjoyed the podcast. Good info and the spam was LOL. Looking forward to next one. 🙂

  • Rock it guys. Looking forward to this one.

  • Thank you sir!

  • We had thought of that idea and I think we’ll do it. Would you like to submit the first question?

  • What can I say? He makes me laugh. : )

  • Honored to have you listen Jason!

  • Which one of us is chocolate, and which is bacon?

  • Very kind, Randy. Thank you!

  • Great stuff Mark (and Tom). I am super excited to see you enter this space. Personally, I’ve found podcasting incredibly rewarding both as a producer AND listener. As a speaker and educator this is really going to open up even more new doors to you, I am sure.

    Subscribed !

  • I definitely can’t answer that.

  • claudeoggier

    A new great journey seems to begin. Congrats and I had a good laugh listening to your first podcast;-)

  • Sandra Isaac

    ohhh…now I have to think of a great one…

  • I call dibs on “bacon.”

  • Thanks for your support throughout this process Jon!

  • With Webster on the line, it can’t help but be entertaining! : )

  • Just found your new collaboration Mark, and Tom.

    Have bookmarked this introduction, and looking forward to an enjoyable learning experience…

    So delighted, and glad for all involved ~Rae

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  • Ross Quintana

    Showing up early to the party here Mark. My new hobby is binge listening to podcasts so you are my second show and I new it was going to be good. I think the chemistry you and Tom have is great and his sense of humor reminds me of my brother. The spam readings make me feel like I’ve gone to a poetry reading.

    I also think that Klout, whether a person likes it or not, measures things and can be used to see how your are growing and give you data points to consider. Great show

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