Six extraordinary marketing trends for 2014


This not your normal 2014 forecast post about Facebook advertising and “the year of mobile” (yawn).

Tom Webster and I put our heads together to really think through some of the implications of what we’re seeing out there and the six projections we developed are not exactly run of the mill social media fare. I think you are going to really enjoy our latest Marketing Companion podcast. It is going to surprise, and perhaps even startle, you.

The podcast starts out with a visit from Arnold Schwarzenegger and Christian Bale (you have to hear it to believe it!) and then untangles six marketing mega-trends:

1) Malignant complexity

2) Re-aggregation of audience

3) The cost of security

4) The death of “last touch” attribution and implications for search and offline marketing

5) Dis-intermediation of manufacturing (the biggest impact on marketing since the Internet?)

6) Atomization of content

This podcast is guaranteed to get you thinking about our marketing future in new ways.

What’s that you say? You can’t wait to dive into it? Well I certainly can’t blame you so here it is in stunning high-definition technicolor:

Other Ways to Listen to this Podcast:

References in this podcast: The password management tool is Dashlane.

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  • Interesting for sure Mark. For me 2014 will be the year of Abundant Marketing. The end of competition

  • Does this mean you are going to stop bidding on new work? : )

  • Brian, Glenn and I have a four-hour road trip home later today so I’m saving this for that. I figure if we have all three of us listening at the same time to you two we might be able to keep up. And if not, we have time to play it back about eight times until we understand. We’ll all be smarter by the time we get back to Atlanta.

  • Ha! That’s great. Would love to her your views!

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  • BrindleMedia

    Mark, You mentioned that you’d include a link in this blog to the tool which Tom used to test the safety of passwords.

  • Sorry for that oversight. It is Dashlane and the link has been added.

  • Holly McIlwain

    funny guy.

  • BrindleMedia

    Thanks, Mark. Happy New Year!

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