Understanding the moving target of Facebook reach


In our latest Marketing Companion Podcast, Tom Webster and I examine three ripped-from-the-headlines topics critical to digital marketing:

A decline in Facebook reach? — New research from several sources indicates that Facebook algorithmic tweaks could be dramatically depressing the visibility of brand posts to their audiences. We dissect this data and discuss whether this is real or something that could actually get much worse.

Are we safe? — Our last podcast covered 2014 marketing trends and I predicted that the “malignant complexity” of Internet systems would provoke more attacks to a vulnerable system. We look at the recent Target breach — 40 million credit card profiles were stolen — and an analyst remark that indicates something even more sinister could be going on here.

Influence marketing trends — An influence marketing company released some eye-popping data about the number of marketers who are actively paying influencers to promote their brands. The trajectory of this trend is remarkable and strikes at the heart of some moral issues of content creators. I think this will be a profound topic for 2014 and beyond and I think you will enjoy this lively debate!

Are you ready for this? Of course you are! Here is the podcast, at your service:

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References in this podcast:

Jim Tobin article on Facebook reach

Agora Pulse article on Facebook reach

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  • My answer to the question “Is Facebook reach declining for brands?” is “yes and no” We have seen a decline on many accounts in the travel and tourism field, but have also had success getting much of that reach back by carefully selecting posts and timing. Facebook’s ever-changing algorithm seems to be in a mode where either your post is a home run, and is seen by a lot of people, or Facebook deems it spammy or unworthy and virtually no one sees it, When you see that only 600 out of 50000 saw a post, that can get you thinking. With more and more competition to be seen in that little bit of real estate, it’s no surprise it’s getting tougher. Some marketers protest “when they said they liked my page, it was like opting into an email list and it meant they wanted to see all my content”. No, I never believed “I like Coke” meant “I want 10 posts a day in my newsfeed from Coke”. Good content still wins, along with carefully selected paid posts.

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