The Top Digital Marketing Campaigns of 2013

digital marketing campaigns of 2013

Every year, my friend Gregory Pouy gives a wonderful gift to the {grow} community and the world by putting together a list of the best digital marketing campaigns of the year.

You will NOT want to miss this!

This is a global view featuring the best digital marketing ideas from the U.S., Thailand, India, New Zealand, France, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, and South Korea.

Set aside a few quiet moments to take in this creative excellence. From tweeting drug traffickers to the world’s craziest job interview, and a Coca Cola campaign aimed at bringing warring nations together to an ad that charges your phone, I guarantee you will spend no more fun, uplifting and inspiring part of your day than when you view these case studies.

Are you ready for some fun? Here we go…


Gregory Pouy is based in Paris and one of France’s leading marketing bloggers. You can learn more about his work on Slideshare and by following him on Twitter @gregfromparis . He founded @LaMercatique, helping brands to better understand and integrate digital in their marketing strategy.

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  • luisa

    Thanks for this gift!! All are awesome!

    But, just in my modest opinion, my Oscars go to….

    Best Emotional campaign: Coca-Cola… I cried, I really did!
    Best P&L Results campaign: E-Mart… I also would cried of happiness if I was the General Manager
    Best Produced for You tube campaign: Beldent. A perfect “experiment” to become viral
    Best Staying Alive/I love graphic Design campaign: Oreo. I really love the graphic Design and feel bad because we are missing it’s importance in communication. This is an example of how efficient it is in Digital world.
    Best Play Brand campaign: Milka. The way they play with the brand was so aligned with the brand positioning!! Couldn’t be more tender! I also would give an Oscar to the Marketing Manager that convinced the rest of the management team to make it happens.
    Best Results campaign: Follow2unfollow. Nothing to add.

    And sorry, but I also have a Razzie for Nivea. I would like to see the results to change my mind, but….

  • RhondaHurwitz


  • gregbis

    Thanks for this very long comment!
    Ii thought the Nivea campaign was very creative and very clever.
    Also very different for a print ad as it’s based on a real consumer issue but that’s true that I don’t have the results

  • gregbis


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  • luisa

    oh! I don’t say it was not clever. It’s only that I don’t think that it’s one of the best of the year. But, you know more than me for sure! Merci beaucoup for this gift and have a nice day!

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  • ReverbStrategy

    Thanks for the content!

  • TinkerTalk

    How could you miss the Google Ad from India

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