Tips for incorporating public speaking into your marketing mix

incorporating public speaking into your marketing mix

Over the past decade, companies and executives have re-discovered the power of incorporating public speaking into the marketing mix. Some of the advantages include:

  • Creating high-quality content that can be leveraged in many places
  • Cost-effective way to reach a targeted audience with a message
  • Good PR opportunities.
  • Building a personal brand that also can accentuate a product and company brand (think of Richard Branson)
  • Leveraging a position of personal thought leadership to promote a company

This growing trend has impacted marketing strategies and transformed the professional speaking industry. One speaker told me that it is more difficult getting high-level paying engagements now because so many companies are willing to offer their executives as speakers for free.

This opportunity is not often evaluated in terms of marketing strategy so Tom Webster and I thought it would be an ideal topic for our latest edition of The Marketing Companion podcast.

We had a lot of fun on this episode and begin by rolling out a new content marketing “product” that includes “Breaking Bieber.” You have to hear it to believe it!

But we also roll up our sleeves and get into a discussion full of tips on how you can be more effective in adding public speaking to your marketing mix:

  • Ideas on how to be a more effective and entertaining presenter
  • Structuring your speech for maximum impact
  • Overcoming nerves — The introvert’s guide to public speaking
  • Rule the slides — Keys to preparation
  • Is your speech intellectual property that needs to be protected or do you want it to go viral?
  • Leveraging speaking-related content in other marketing formats

Are you ready to rumble? Of course you are!  Click play and away we go!

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  • Really enjoyed this! Great tips, especially keeping a focus on entertaining the audience while also making sure your content is a priority. You mention Mitch Joel. He made a great point, supporting what you guys said, about the issue of people wanting your slides after your talk:

    “I would argue that the best presentations in the world are the ones where the slides are completely meaningless unless you have seen the speaker present them. Focus on that. Ensure that your slides act as a visual enhancement to everything that you’re saying. Why? Because if they don’t, it means that there was never a need to have the presenters there in the first place, because everything was self-evident from the words on the slides.”

  • Great podcast. I’ve done just a few speaking engagements and I really love doing them…I have one coming up in April and this podcast has some helpful tips. Thank you!!

  • Totally agree.

  • Happy this helped Claudia!

  • Great podcast Mark! I love speaking for different groups – I’ve had the opportunity to do quite a few locally and at our local university. What you guys said about winging it and seeing how your audience reacts is key. You have to have some part of spontaneity when speaking or you’ll come off as stiff. Now I just wonder if I could sell these college kids on “Breaking Bieber” – ha!

  • Thanks for taking the time to comment Mandy!

  • This is the first complete podcast I’ve listened to (not that into it). I had to, because I have 3 public speaking engagements to handle in the next few months starting this Friday (only about 10 mts- thankfully).
    As an introvert myself, I’m petrified but this podcast has been really helpful.
    The ‘start with the action you want’, ‘images with one bullet’, ‘over prep’, ‘leave space for QA’ all are great tips for someone like me who has to work towards a 45 min presentation in June.
    Thanks Tom and Mark! Maybe one day I’ll mention you two as the ones who got me started (for better or worse).

  • Jeez, Mark, isn’t it bad enough you got me into the World of Blogging. Now, you want me to do some public speaking. Well this time, for once, I was ahead of you. (Don’t worry. It won’t happen again.)

    I’m talking to a solid business school about an on-campus speech entitled, “Goldenberg’s 10 Rules of Spectacular Failure.” Succees is so overrated. And everybody’s teaching and preaching it. Not me, boy. I’m gonna teach people how to fail. Failure has lost it’s aura.

    Why, if it weren’t for the US Congress, we wouldn’t even have an example of abject failure to point to. Jack

  • Good luck with that Jack!

  • I would be happy to be the man behind the man : )

  • Speaking works great, I have spoken for over 20 years and I still love it. its a great way to gain market mindshare, especially if you’re good at it. The downside is that even if companies are willing to offer execs to speak for free, that doesn’t mean they are any good at it.

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