Social Media Explained. Really.

Social Media Explained

So I have this problem.

With every client I meet, every class I teach, and every speech I give, there is always a group of people who desperately need to understand social media marketing but don’t have the time to do it. Let’s face it … this can be overwhelming.

This is a real dilemma because typically my time with these clients is short and the customer needs are great, so I challenged myself — If I only had ONE HOUR to teach a group of business executives and leave them feeling confident about moving forward with social media, what would I possibly say?

Over more than two years, I figured it out … and then polished and refined this approach into a battle-tested presentation. This unique perspective has earned rave reviews from thousands of executives and now I have turned this concept into a book, which I am proud to say is available on Amazon starting today: Social Media Explained: Untangling the World’s Most Misunderstood Business Trend.

If you are thinking to yourself, “This world does NOT need another social media book,” you’re partially correct. But this is not just another social media book. In fact, I guarantee you have never seen a book quite like this.

You see, to LEAD a marketing department you don’t have to be a social media expert. You don’t need to know the latest twist in Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm or even how to set up a Twitter account. But you do need to know enough to ask the right questions. That’s what marketing leadership is all about. And after reading this book you will know those questions!

This is an entirely new approach to explaining social media. There are no impressive lists of figures to scare you into action. There is no guilt trip or heavy sales pitch. In fact, there is no convincing at all. This entertaining book simply explains the psychological and sociological underpinnings of the social media revolution to help you figure out where all of this fits for your company. And then, you can make your own decisions.

Here are the key deliverables of Social Media Explained:

  1. An enlightening examination of the five foundational principles of social media. If you understand these ideas, you can handle anything they throw at you.
  2. The five biggest social media questions facing every single company. You’re the leader. You need the answers. Here they are.
  3. At the end of each chapter there is a list of the key questions you need to be asking to effectively guide a strategy.
  4. The final section is a pithy overview of the main social media platforms. Just enough so you can hold a conversation if you need to.

social media explainedAnd did I mention there are drawings? Yes, there are little doodles by Joey Strawn to help entertain you along the way.

I kept the book short (130 pages) and the price low (less than coffee with a friend at Starbucks) so that this can be enjoyed by anyone who needs this valuable guide. Here are the people who can benefit most from this book:

  • Are you leading a marketing, advertising, or PR agency and you’re frustrated because your clients “don’t get it?” Buy this book for them and then they’ll have a more realistic expectation of what you can deliver and why.
  • If you are a senior marketing person who needs to understand social media and fast, this is the guide you have been waiting for!
  • Anybody who is starting or leading a small business and is trying to figure out how to make an entrance on the social web — relief is here!
  • Students trying to understand the fundamentals in a way that will help you make an impact now.

joey fb toonI’m really excited to finally get this book into your hands because I know this will have an impact on your business. It will help you. It will entertain you. Maybe it will even challenge you. Check it out and let me know what you think!

By the way, this book has been first-released in a paper version but will be available on a Kindle version in a few weeks.

Buy Social Media Explained now on Amazon.

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  • Craig Lindberg

    Congratulations Mark! I’m sure you’re glad to see this one launch. I’ll be ordering this morning and looking forward to reading it.

  • Charles

    Looking forward to reading it, but looking forward to the Canadian Kindle release.

  • MaureenMonte

    How fabulous, Mark! Very excited for you. I have at least 3 people in mind (including me!) who will benefit! I will share with my network. Happy for you, and so impressed with your ability to help individuals and companies navigate Social media. Onward!

  • Ralph Cipolla

    Thank you, your order has been placed.

    An email confirmation has been sent to you. New! Sign up for delivery updates by text for this and future orders.
    Order Number: 114-xxxxxxx-xxxxxxx
    1 item will be shipped to Ralph Cipolla by Estimated delivery: Feb. 24, 2014

  • Awesome sir. Hopefully we will meet in 2014 so I can sign it for you!

  • Great. I know this book will help a lot of people!

  • Thanks Charles.

  • Awesome Craig. I think you’ll enjoy it!

  • Glenneth Reed

    Will definitely be purchasing once available for the Kindle . . . Love all of your books.

  • Congrats, Mark! Just ordered and looking forward to giving it a read. Already thinking about the folks I’ll likely be recommending it to as I’ve done countless times with Tao of Twitter.

  • Thanks Glenneth!

  • Much appreciated Dave!

  • Mark, I’m anxiously awaiting the Kindle version. I know it will be an excellent read. There’s nothing like gleaning information that has been forged by practical experience. I look forward to sharing a review with my audience.

  • I was lucky enough to review the book and absolutely loved it! Once again, Mark (aka Thor), you nailed it. The book has practical, actionable advice in an easy-to-read, easy-to-understand form. I’m excited to share this with my clients and students. Congrats amigo!

  • Ordered. if it’s anything like Return On influence then it’ll be the second book I’ve finished in 20 years 🙂

  • Gary Schirr

    Really good book. Short and wise. I have one of the 5 star reviews on Amazon if anyone wants to see more of my thoughts. But I think your time would be better spent reading it. Or securing a copy for your boss.

  • Looking forward to reading it (finally), Mark! If it’s anything like The Tao of Twitter, I’m sure it will be a great resource that I share with my clients! Congrats on the book, Mark!!!

  • My copy of “Social Media explained” will be here in Maine tomorrow! Looking forward to reading it! Congratulations Mark!

  • Mine will be here…tomorrow (snow storms permitting!) 🙂

  • Gordon Diver

    Congrats Mark – looking forward to reading it and sharing with folks I know will benefit from it.

  • Congratulations Mark. I’d like to do a book review on my Entrepreneurs Questions blog ~ where we cover lists (and most often lists of five 🙂 of Key Questions entrepreneurs, and not only entepreneurs need to ask to be successful. Is there any way I can get an electronic copy prior to kindle? And please let me know if there is any way I can help you?

  • A good way to put it!! This is a book that has definitely been forged through a lot of ups and downs! Thanks Michael.

  • Thanks for the very kind review!

  • Man, that is a LOT of pressure! The good news is that it is half the length of Return On Influence!

  • Ha! That’s the idea! Boss conversion!

  • Thanks Laura!

  • Awesome to hear! Can’t wait for you to see it!

  • Let me know what you think of it. Drop me a line after you read it Gordon!

  • Oh awesome. I’ll send you an email and we’ll work it out.

  • Great book, Mark. Loved it for its directness and no BS tone. In fact, it was like having you in my head as I read it. Just left a review on Amazon.
    Congrats. Definitely one I’ll keep handy for my “social agnostic” clients. 😉

  • Gordon Diver

    Happy to Mark. Stay well. Hope you’re feeling better.

  • Marcus Podorf

    Congrats Mark! Do you even offer it as eBook or in the iBook Store?

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  • MrTonyDowling

    Ive just this second ordered it! Delighted to see its on sale in the UK too!
    I’ve been lucky enough to have been present for a couple of the battle testing presentations! So I can promise anyone that hasn’t seen you in action that the five foundational principles are worth the money alone.
    Seriously guys, buy this book 🙂

  • Congrats! Very cool:) Cheers! Kaarina

  • The weather finally broke. Yes, I’m feeling better!

  • Thou rocketh Ray, I appreciate you.

  • Should be available in electronic form in about 2 weeks I am told.

  • Yes, you were definitely one of my guinea pigs as I tested this out! Thank you sir.

  • Thank you!

  • Congrats Mark!

    I have learned so many things with your previous three books, that I can’t wait to read this one!

    Hopefully the Kindle edition will be soon ready on Amazon!


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  • RhondaHurwitz

    I am actually praying for a snowstorm this weekend so I can stay in and binge-read this book! Ordered!

  • Thank you my friend! You are very kind.

  • I would not wish another snow storm on anybody but I do hope you read my book : )

  • Congratulations, Mark! Awesome news! Can’t wait to read it! (I’ve been working on my Grandma Project the last week or so, so been a bit MIA all over my social media. Hopefully it’s not fatal, though it’s worth it if it is. LOL)

  • I will definitely get a copy. I do, however, manage a light bulb moment when presenting on social media to help people ‘get’ it! Takes 5 seconds and 5 words…. “it’s about psychology not technology”… :-)… that usually elicits nodding approvals! Love your blogs and insights. Thank you.

  • Glen Gilmore #Biz

    Congrats, Mark. Just ordered!

  • LOL> Thanks for commenting Pauline.

  • Yes, my variation is “we can get technology to do anything. it’s the people that is the challenge.” BTW, you will love the first chapter!

  • Thanks so much Glen!

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