Where does social media fit in the marketing mix?

marketing mix

A number of news items coalesced recently and made me wonder … what is the true role of social media in the marketing mix today?

How has it changed? Is it really about connection? Is it still a way to engage with customers? Or, has it been so overrun by agencies and programmed content that it is little more than advertising?

Maybe you have been wondering the same thing?

This is such a vital topic that Tom Webster and I decided to tackle this on the latest edition of The Marketing Companion. Have you listened to our podcast yet? If not, please give it a try. We always aim to deliver entertaining and thought ideas to help you through the latest marketing trends and you might have some fun along the way, too.

In this edition, we explore:

  • The time element — social media versus advertising
  • Estimating the sales power of social media
  • Weak links versus strong links and how this converts to sales
  • The correlation between share of conversation and market share
  • Social media at the top of the sales cycle and at the end of it
  • Is social media more like advertising or marketing?
  • A case study illustrating the impression power of social media
  • How will social media platforms re-invent themselves to ignite a “wow factor?”

Yes, we covered a lot of ground in just 30 minutes! Are you ready to give this a listen? Well, just click here:

Link to the podcast.

Other Ways to Listen to this Podcast:

Resources mentioned in this podcast:

The Full Facts Book of Cold Reading: A Comprehensive Guide to the Most Persuasive Psychological Manipulation Technique in the World

Age of Context: Mobile, Sensors, Data and the Future of Privacy

Content Shock: Why content marketing is not a sustainable strategy

The results are in: A case study of social influence

Posts about Esurance Super Bowl ads referenced to in the podcast

Why the little guy won marketing’s biggest prize

The missing link between awareness and action

The mind-boggling lunacy of people who were impressed with Esurance’s Super Bowl ad

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  • Pingback: Where does social media fit in the marketing mi...()

  • Gordon Diver

    Really appreciated the conversation about advertising vs marketing and the illustration of why the Esurance ad was potentially successful by demonstrated their corporate values by giving their ad savings back to their prospective audience. Well done gentleman. Be interesting to check back in 6 months with the mid-term results of their efforts.

  • drjrogers

    Your graphics are always a delight! I can see this on the wall of my office as a reminder and inspiration- Thank you for the awesome content you consistently provide Mark!

  • Great. Thanks for listening Gordon!

  • I do have a little fun with the graphics. : ) Thanks for noticing!

  • Hi Mark And Tom,
    This is wonderful
    Yet another informative post & talk,
    You both did it again to the
    expectation of your readers
    and hearers.
    A very timely one!
    Keep up the good work.
    Best Regards
    Ha Ha The illustration with it speaks volume!!
    A Special Thanks for that!! 🙂

  • Mark, I really enjoyed the podcast this afternoon while driving between work appointments (that’s when I do my best thinking!). I found myself nodding in agreement several times; it makes so much sense! I shared the podcast link with my entire network of LinkedIn and Twitter followers, as I believe this is an important conversation to participate in! Thanks for the great info, as always.

  • Many thanks for your kind words and thank yo so much for listening to our podcast Phil!

  • That means a lot Jessica. Your validation of our work and support means a lot Jessica!

  • cloudspark

    thanks for sharing a though-provoking conversation. i’m struck by the potential correlation between these social co’s going public and shifting focus from social/growth to revenue/growth. while it’s the reality that these co’s want to make money, what happens when the shift impacts the user experience. might we be seeing the early results? thanks for sharing your time. cheers, jr schmitt

  • Great podcast esp. about the drip-drip of social media. Interesting to hear about how social media is leading to relationships in real life.

  • I’ve been thinking and writing quite a bit about that. I think it will have a profound impact on the platforms, privacy and how they mine and use our data,

  • Thanks Sid!

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