The hot new career of brand journalism


Click here if you can’t see my interview with Sara Evans.

Brand journalism – a new PR career choice?

Sarah Evans is one of my favorite web personalities and a real icon of PR adaptation and innovation (as well as eyeglass fashion!). In this brief video interview she discusses her latest iteration — brand journalism.

Sarah is on the forefront of this new career option — a convergence of PR, journalism and branding. Learn how she turned a vision of business need into a new PR niche – brand journalism.

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  • Love the “build your network when you don’t need one”, and the ever-evolving attitude towards being and becoming. Cheers! Kaarina

  • I’m not convinced that journalism is the right word to use in this context. Sarah does admit that what she does is obviously biased towards her clients but I’d say she is engaged in creating multimedia marketing content not journalism in the sense of objective reporting.

  • @martindesaulles:disqus. Your point is both spot-on and problematic, Martin. I’m all about the sanctity of the word ‘journalism’. OTOH, the convergence of that, P.R., branding, and Search Engine Optimization has been happening in a big way for quite some time. ( ).

    Truth is, outside of the redefinition of a word, she’s right on.

  • Laura Gaunt

    Great advice: build a career that doesn’t exist yet. Smart girl!

  • One of my favorite people. 😀

  • Kristine Allcroft

    sure wish you would load transcripts to accompany the audio. I don’t “learn” as well with my ears as I do with my eyes . . .

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  • richard6272

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