Jill Rowley on the hurdles and opportunities for social selling


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I recently got to spend some quality time with Jill Rowley, a force to be reckoned with in the emerging field of social selling. She was kind enough to share some of her insights on this red-hot idea.

Jill made headlines recently for being fired by Oracle for talking to an Ad Age reporter. You have got to be kidding, right? It’s not the first questionable HR move Oracle has made and the world is better now that Jill is being unleashed as she starts her own social sales consulting business.

Jill tells us in this interview that the Millennial Generation will be taking the world by storm. By 2020, 50 percent of our employees and customers will be Millennials, setting up a gigantic tension between how we hire, retain, and market to the digital natives.

In this short video, Jill discusses some big ideas.

  • Reverse mentoring
  • Framework for social selling
  • The importance of optimized digital profiles, content
  • Social listening for leads
  • Feeding your network
  • Measuring social selling

Also, she dances.

I’m sure you’ll love this lively discussion! Be sure to follow Jill as she starts her new business at www.jillrowley.com.

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  • PeterJ42

    Mark. There are two competing ideologies.

    The first is tribes – building a community, then finding products which meet their needs. The methods are story-telling, building influence and relationships and maximising word of mouth to match buyer with product. This is where I felt Grow was firmly positioned.

    The second is hard sell – we have a fixed product, people are idiots and they need to be sold to. The methods are interruption marketing and marketing’s main job is to create leads for salespeople to close. That’s where companies like Eloqua and Marketo are positioned.

    With articles from Jill and from Jonathan Miller you are making a move to the latter camp.

    I can see your reasons. There are a lot more laggard companies out there than forward looking ones, and they include most of the big corporates, where the money is in consultancy fees.

    So my question is simple. Are you selling out?

  • Mia Sherwood Landau

    “Digital natives,” what a concept, and what a mystery in the long run. My husband can switch on any diesel engine in any piece of equipment and tell you what’s wrong with it just by listening. He doesn’t have to plug it in to get a read-out to tell him what’s wrong as do millennial diesel mechanics. He often says, “what are they going to do when the electricity goes out?” A great question in this conversation, don’t you think?

  • I really have no idea what you’re talking about. I don’t even know who Jonathan Miller is.

    My goal on {grow} is simple. Be interesting. My “brand promise” is that when you visit the blog, you will always find something relevant and interesting and I will present it in a way that is hopefully entertaining, educational, and honest.

    I interviewed Jill because she is interesting and social selling is an extremely relevant topic. I’m not selling anything, If I had some commercial relationship with Jill I would disclose it. I am happy to help her promote her new business because it is a polite thing to do.

    It is really that straight forward. I think you are reading something into my content that is not there? Or perhaps you can be more explicit on this claim that I am selling out.

  • I don’t know. I think too many people sell MIllenials short. The world is changing, the next generation is changing with it. I celebrate that : )

    And hey … maybe job security for your husband too. Thanks for the great observation Mia.

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  • You are a great interviewer Mark. You allow your guest to speak, you inject wisely and in meaningful, timely ways, you add value not detract from it. So many interviewers grab the stage from their guests: you don’t. You know how to nurture and keep the relevance flowing.

    My favourite quote from Jill: “content is the currency of the modern sales professional”and her point that by 2025 75% of the workforce will be Millenials/digital natives.

    Love the interview, now looking to connect with Jill…with a personalized message of course! Cheers! Kaarina

  • Thanks for those very kind words Kaarina!

  • Amee Kent

    Great content and presentation format

  • Nice interview Mark with Jill. Good overview of social selling and I love that you used Video as the format to interview. More engaging format. Keep up the great work. Surprised you weren’t down with OPC. Good Stuff Doug SocialSellingTV.com

  • Mark and Jill, I love this. I’ve been doing this for years and unfortunately the secret is coming out. My secret weapon is now exposed! LOL. But seriously, if you sell for a living (and we all do), this is a MUST strategy to survive the long term. And, now the secret is “out”, you better figure out how you are going to rise above the imminent “noise” that’s about to be created.

  • rhonda hurwitz

    what a great interview. I wonder … what to do with old school categories, sales reps, and buyers who are NOT digitally connected. They are still out there … tough to reach!

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