The good, the bad, and the ugly of #marketing conferences

marketing conferences

I go to a lot of marketing conferences and they are undeniably a great way to learn, network and stay up to speed on the human and technological breakthroughs that are transforming our business.

But how are they changing? How important are they? Does it make sense to attend? To sponsor?

This is probably a topic on a lot of minds as our personal time is compressed and travel budgets are slashed so Tom Webster and dove into this topic on our newest Marketing Companion podcast. Some of the topics we cover include:

  • The truth and myth of SXSW
  • The “beating heart” of great conferences and the one thing that can kill an event
  • Conference networking strategies
  • Large – regional – local conferences …. which are thriving, which are dying and why?
  • The conference “glass ceiling”
  • The minor leagues and the major leagues of marketing conferences
  • Conferences and content strategy

  • Are conferences becoming elitist?
  • Does it make sense to sponsor a conference?

Ready to learn more? Of course you are! Here we go!

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Jay Baer

Mitch Joel

Gini Dietrich

Jason Keath

John Jantsch

Scott Monty

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  • This is a very interesting conversation. In fact, I am still listening to it as I type this. I’m realizing I don’t do either very well when doing them at the same time. Unlike both of you, my experience with conferences has been much more from the attendee perspective than that of a speaker. That’s one of the reasons I enjoyed hearing your thoughts on the subject. It’s also exciting to hear about the potential return of the Social Slam event in Knoxville. I believe time invested in conference attendance can be very valuable but it can also be wasted without a determination to make the most of it – before, during and after. Conference attendance is often expensive and I believe it’s only worth it if you work it. Most conferences are in beautiful locations and It’s okay to add in some social time and enjoy the local flavor. But get your game face on during the event, open your mind, ask questions, meet people and leave smarter than you arrived.

  • Another wonderful podcast, that always has “a real beating heart at the centre of it.” I liked Tom’s reference to “mental sorbet”, and it was interesting to hear both your perspectives on conferences. Having attended many sports and business conferences back in the day, and spoken at many as well, I think the most important question remains “why”…why would I attend, for what reason and result. Keep ’em coming. I love these podcasts. Cheers! Kaarina

  • I’m the same way Billy. It’s a big deal for me to invest in that time and effort! I don’t do a good enough job planning ahead of time.

  • Thanks Kaarina. We love doing them!

  • Loved this! although you and Tom need to lighten up a bit … 😉 Seriously, would love to hear another on how to actually win speaking gigs.

    Keep up the great podcasting.

  • Thanks buddy. We will work that in.

  • Uh oh. I’ll listen and be back.

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