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In the newest episode of The Marketing Companion Tom Webster and I examine a brand new study from Edison that reveals some eye-popping new insights on podcasting, online radio and social media consumption.

Some of the highlights of this podcast episode include:

  • Introducing “Poodle King” Webster and Social Media Explained
  • The explosion of online radio and the implications for content consumption
  • Extraordinary changes in podcasting content, consumption, and audiences
  • Mobile implications for content consumption and “digital snacks”
  • Surprising new numbers on Google+ (is it finally a real thing?)
  • The phenomenon of Instagram and Snapchat
  • Where is Facebook in the mix … declining, growing in new ways?
  • Facebook as the “plumbing” for teens

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  • Very much enjoyed the discussion. I’m finding myself more on Google+ and LinkedIn these days, though I keep up on Facebook. But it’s discouraging to see the engagement numbers on FB… A lot of authors I know are deleting their Pages.

  • OK…I’m Canadian and I listen from Ontario:) And hey!…send the home game to Darcy and send me the shot glasses please:) Interesting to listen to the U.S. based stats, and can only ponder what we, up in the Great White North, contribute to those numbers. (no jokes please;)

    And Tom, I found it interesting to hear that the podcast world has up until now been more testosterone based, but don’t think for a moment that we women only want to hear “chick” podcasts and “chick” topics. Don’t sell us short: we want quality, information, entertainment and value.

    I’m on g+ but I find it to be a dog’s breakfast morass of “stuff” that makes me dizzy. People’s posts are as long as blog posts sometimes, with more hashtags than can be counted. I’ve gone g+ because that’s a place we’re all “supposed to be”, but being the rule breaker/bender that I am, I do it grudgingly. It’s a see-me-hear-me-watch-me-listen-to-me-follow-me-fall-at-my-feet kinda’ environment right now.

    LOVE you guys, and the main reason is because you ARE fun and interesting, informative and REAL (and YES, I used CAPS there, in order that my enthusiasm can travel across the miles)

    8 times a day huh?…Keep ’em coming. You are my favourite podcast. Cheers! Kaarina

  • Thanks for the kind words and support!

  • Will be interesting to see where the FB thing ends up

  • Always a pleasure:)

  • Great episode, as ever. I really do think audio is the perfect format for SMBs (and bigger) wanting to get on mobile. It’s just such a perfect way of getting closer to your audience / customer. I do think that iTunes is becoming a rather outdated way of finding shows. Apple needs to innovate.

    I think one thing that podcasters (or internet radio guys) don’t talk enough about is how to strategically grow your audience. The content shock will apply to podcasting sooner rather than later. How do we get heard ?

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