An inspiring entrepreneurial journey with Joe Pulizzi

Click here if you cannot see this video interview with Joe Pulizzi of Content Marketing Institute.

I was honored to be a keynote speaker for Joe Pulizzi’s recent Content Marketing World event in Sydney but even more important, I got to spend some quality time with Joe and got to learn more about his entrepreneurial journey.

While he is well known for his events, books, and contributions to the marketing field, what is less well known is the perilous business path that got him there! I think you’ll enjoy this short interview and become inspired by his tenacity.

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  • You know I have heard so many entrepreneurial journeys, but they are still always so inspiring. It seems a common theme with many entrepreneurs that when they stick through the rock bottom part of their business, everything gets so much better.
    Really gives me hope! When I have just a poopy day with my journey, I can just smile to myself and know that it is going to turn around as long as I keep pushing forward.

  • Mark…thanks so much for the opportunity to talk about this. Being an entrepreneur is crazy by definition, and it never, ever goes as planned. Thanks again for all your support my friend!

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