Secrets behind one of the world’s greatest Facebook marketing successes

Click here if you cannot see my video interview with Jesse Desjardins.

While many Facebook sites are suffering and trying to find a way maintain a little organic reach, Tourism Australia‘s presence is soaring.

jesse dejardins facebook marketingIt’s not unusual for a single post to attract more than a million likes and several posts have received worldwide media coverage!

The mastermind behind this Facebook marketing success is Jesse Desjardins, a Canadian pulling the strings behind the site’s content engine. In this short interview, Jesse reveals:

  • His content strategy
  • How he is leveraging the “world’s largest social media team”
  • How his team sorts through hundreds of content submissions each day
  • How coming in with little social media experience was an advantage

I hope you enjoy this insightful discussion and don’t forget to leave your comments and questions in the comment section.

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  • Jenny Brennan

    Mark, this is a great interview. Wow that is such a great example of how brands and indeed countries can be truly social. Asking fans to get involved and submit content is a great way to showcase the experiences that people are having while they are in Australia and all from so many perspectives. Awesome interview – thank you

  • Ameena Gorton

    Always be an amateur! LOVED this interview Mark & Jessie!

  • Frederic Gonzalo

    Great interview, Mark. I constantly use Tourism Australia during my
    conferences, blog posts and seminars, as I work in the travel industry
    with various stakeholders. These guys understand their brand, but also
    understand that it’s much easier to have people submit content than
    trying to do it all by yourself.
    I love the quote by Jesse when he
    explains the “90% of the work that takes place behind the scene”.
    Indeed, they must work really hard to get all players in the industry to
    contribute content, photos or videos, so that Tourism Australia can
    then make them shine in return. Well done!

  • Great interview! Thanks for sharing this. I love what Jesse said about the work they do behind the scenes. There’s only so far that tips and tricks can go on social media without the hard, rarely visible, work done to create the content that gets shared.

  • This is a very inspiring video Mark. I love the approach that Tourism Australia is using. Kind of similar to Brendan’s Humans of New York page. Great interview. Please do more of these.

    PS: The Tao of Twitter is amazing!

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