An unexpected blogging journey with Jeff Bullas

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Broke, unemployed, going through a divorce, shutting down a business … Jeff Bullas was embroiled in some pretty dark times five years ago.

And then he discovered blogging and it changed his life.

In this fascinating and raw interview, one of the most famous bloggers in the world discusses his shaky start, the tipping point for his blog, and how he started to turn his blog into a business.

Jeff also talks about his blogging discipline, the art and science of expression, and how your blog is a connection to your “super conscience.”

This is a video clip that will entertain and inspire you!

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  • Two of the most inspiring people I have found on the Internet.

    You guys rock.

  • Gracias!

  • Mia Sherwood Landau

    I loved hearing Jeff speak about how he gets spiritual and emotional satisfaction from blogging, not just a source of income. That’s really neat, and it matches up with my experience, too. Thanks so much for interviewing and posting Jeff’s comments about life as a blogger.

  • Really enjoyed that, great questions Mark and wonderful answers from Jeff! I enjoyed the Stephen King quote he referenced and your opening question about “Hey you were broke so why not blog?” as if that would be the answer. But we never know where answers come from in life…kudos!

  • I had the great pleasure of meeting Jeff at Social Slam, and I think he illustrates that part of the secret sauce of being a successful blogger is being the same person in real life that you portray in your writing/speaking. That true voice shining through is what attracts people to the best writers.

  • Jeff and I have had similar experiences with the health and mental benefits of blogging. We discovered this in a skype call a couple of years ago and have become close friends!

  • Thanks Mike.

  • Very true Rosemary. That true voice will shine through if you blog regularly.

  • I plugged in to listen to your interview with Jeff Bullas and just stayed to listen to the stunning line-up. Great, great stuff. Thanks, Mark!

  • Thanks Mark for sharing the interview. It was so cool to have you in my home town and catch up again in real life. I noticed I need to work on my dancing moves!…. as some music came on in the background towards the end of the interview! 🙂

  • Jeff is a blogging machine Mark! Love his emphasis on the health benefits.

  • Thanks Nancy! It has been fun doing these interviews.

  • It sure was a fun time in Sydney. I can’t wait to get back.

  • Thanks for commenting Ryan!

  • Judy Watters

    Awesome videos with lots of marketing info. Every time I thought it was over, another one came on and caught my attention. A ton of jewels of wisdom.

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