Two technologies that will disrupt marketing strategy


There are so many shifting sands on the marketing landscape that it might seem overwhelming. But there are two trends that deserve to be on your radar screen and that is the topic of the latest scintillating edition of The Marketing Companion.

After Tom and I enjoy a non-traditional gift exchange for the one-year anniversary of the podcast, we dissect what we believe to be important trends to consider moving forward:

1) The use of “big data” to actually predict mega-trends and market outcomes

2) 3D Printing.

The second one might seem a little strange to list as a marketing trend but if you listen to the logic on the podcast I think you’ll agree that this could have a huge impact on cost and price, delivery, availability, sourcing, distribution models … well, just about everything marketers should care about.

What’s that you say? You want to get to the freaking podcast and fast? Well here it is, with no further delay!

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  • Happy Podaversary you effervescent guys! Another hit, as I smiled and learned throughout. And just imagine Mark…you could have created a barnyard full of samplers if only you had that 3D printer…or Tom’s Von Neumann machine. I’m preparing a sampler pack of meatloaf because, as you said Mark: “you complete me”. On a serious note, my top two takeaways: your comment that the future of marketing lies in the math/in statistics, and the concept of 3D printing as it would relate to the whole production/supply chain as we know it today. Keep ’em coming…I feel like I’m sitting in your living room enjoying conversation, camaraderie…and perhaps a little single malt. Cheers! Kaarina

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  • Claudia Licher

    Thanks for another great podcast – I do need to find a good time to listen to them, but appreciate them none the less. People from the innovation part of our company are spending loads of energy convincing everyone (colleagues and clients) that stuff like 3D printing is not a thing of the future anymore… Boy are they right!

  • Shaking in their little red boots? 🙁

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