Re-thinking social media engagement

I’m happy to share with you my latest free Slideshare presentation. In this edition, I re-visit the idea of social media engagement and the notion about approaching it strategically.

Driving engagement for the sake of engagement can have some downsides! So whether you are an experienced community manager or somebody just starting out in the field, I think you’ll enjoy this entertaining take on social media engagement (with really cool slides from my art director Sarah Mason).

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  • Very interesting. It made me rethink engagement. I believe it’s important, but not as crucial for some as I might have imagined.

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  • Thanks for taking the time to comment Pedro.

  • Of course. And thanks for the podcast also. I’m a regular listener 🙂

  • Mark, this is great. I want to share something I wrote just yesterday in response to a vendor looking for input on their new offering and the opportunity to drive engagement for brands. Hopefully it is relevant here:

    “In my view the value of engagement has been dramatically overstated in the industry. As we have chased engagement, we have started chasing ways to increase engagement that don’t actually move our communication objectives forward.

    Engagement is valuable because it is a proxy for attention. When we don’t turn that attention into an opportunity to communicate and influence perception or action in a way that matters to our brand, that engagement doesn’t actually matter.”

  • Rodger

    Let’s all repeat it together …. Engagement is a tactic. Engagement is a tactic. Great post. I would also add, social media is a tactic too. Strategy is much more. As you say, of course.

  • Also, engagement is a tactic. Let’s not forget that! : )

  • Brilliant and true! Well done sir!

  • That’s awesome. You never quite know who is out there listening so thanks for letting me know!

  • Jeff Smith

    I’ve been wondering how to really tell a story on SlideShare, and this post really helped me answer that question. Now I just need to hire someone to do the creative/design work for me 🙂

  • Great message well delivered. Much to mull as usual. 🙂

  • Good luck with that Jeff!

  • Awesome. My job is done here. : )

  • Rowan Hetherington

    Mark, you just caused me to post on my blog for the first time in six months. Loved your deck. Smiled the whole way through it. Thanks for trying to get this message across (it seems to be taking a while)! Cheers.

  • Wow that makes me feel great. Hapy to have had a positive impact on you Rowan!

  • Of course. Trouble is keeping up with so many podcasts. I will have to trim, but yours will stay 🙂

  • Love this Mark! Thank you for sharing – definitely something worth bookmarking!

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  • Mark, what kinds of engagement do you see that don’t result in increased brand awareness? New customer acquisition too seems like an outcome with a pretty clear path from social engagement. Could it be said that social engagement is (unless we have Apple-level design chops), necessary but not sufficient?

  • My thinking has evolved a lot on this subject. As I propose in my book The Content Code, the real economics in social media are driven by the people sharing your content. To the extent you can move people through that loyalty funnel to the point where they share content, engagement works. There is definitely a trend AGAINST engagement right now. Less engagment on Twitter, bloggers eliminating commenting, the rise of podcasting. I am squarely NOT in that camp. I think engagement is beneficial and necessary but only when it supports a business goal. Engagement is not the goal in and of itself.

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