A stunningly simple path to creative business presentations

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creative business presentations

Thanks to Haiku Deck and Slideshare, there is no excuse to create lousy slide presentations any more!

A few month ago, I became aware of a mobile app called Haiku Deck that allows you to create impressive slide presentations right from your mobile device. I had not used it much but I had it in the back of mind in case I needed to make a presentation in a hurry!

Last week Slideshare announced a partnership with Haiku Deck so you can create beautiful slides simply and easily and publish right to Slideshare.This functionality can be easily accessed from your Slideshare homepage after you log in.

Here are some of the advantages of this new alliance:

  1. It forces you to create simple, elegant and visually-based slides
  2. Provides an extensive royalty-free image library.
  3. The images are suggested by the text on the slide (and it works really well). No more time-consuming hunts for relevant images!
  4. Easily manipulate images to fit around your text
  5. Integrated with Slideshare.
  6. It’s free!

Here are a few slides I created (including the top illustration on this post)

creative business presentations


creative business presentations

Here are some of the disadvantages:

  1. The number of font styles and themes is extremely limited — just six.
  2. You apparently can’t save the presentation to your computer. (Update: In the comment section Chris Westfall explains a way to export files from Haiku Deck that I had missed)
  3. I had some trouble with the software. It kept stalling out on Chrome. Frustrating. It does not support Internet Explorer.

Now at this point you might be wondering — with these disadvantages, why would I advocate this program?

1) Ease of use. Out of the box, Slideshare’s new Haiku Deck alliance shows a lot of promise to help you with creative business presentations even if you are seriously design challenged! It is so easy to use that even the greatest technophobe can figure it out.

2) The guided slides might actually help defeat lousy business presentations out there! It will not allow you to stuff the slides with bullet points, for example.

3) It could also be a useful tool to whip up quick graphics for your blog, website and other social media initiatives without the hassle and cost of the graphic approval process. I used the site today to create a few quick slides for a college class. Although you can’t save the slides, you can take screen grab and paste.

4) Slideshare has created a new section on their homepage called “Created on Slideshare” so if you use Haiku Deck, you might have an advantage trying to get some valuable exposure for your presentation.

Have you tried it? What do you think?

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  • Charles

    No Android versión. Not impressed.

  • Hmmmm… missed that. Big problem. Thanks Charles.

  • Mary Jane Kinkade

    Cool sounding tool. If you can’t save to your computer, where do you save it to? Slideshare?

  • Yes. My hunch is that Slideshare is trying to drive engagement and time on the site by trying to establish itself as the world repository for slide presentations and visual information. Certainly not being able to download is a huge problem for most people, including me!

  • Chris Westfall

    Great post! I’m a huge fan of Haiku deck! Regarding the “save” issue, the presentations are saved to the cloud – but you can also export as .pdfs and also as Keynote or Powerpoint. After you create your slide show (nothing could be easier IMHO) you have the opportunity to “Edit” “Share” or “Export”. Haiku Deck is iPad exclusive (sorry Android) but with the export feature you can get your materials wherever you want them, no problem – at least that’s been my experience!

  • Gordon Diver

    Great post Mark. It’s a fun tool and the ease of integration with SlideShare is great. I noticed today that they’ve added additional features and hope that more will be included.

  • Nice add. I learned something today!! Funny that I searched and searched for that and couldn’t find a way to export. Well done sir!

  • I think thay can really grow this thing Gordon. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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  • Karen Freberg, Ph.D.

    Very good post, Mark! I have used Haiku Deck as well. One thing I have done is to save the images and presentations without text, and then add them to PowerPoint or Keynote as images. After I do this, I then add the personalized text.

  • Thank Karen!

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  • Mary Habres

    Just used Haiku Deck for a blog post and it was immediately picked up by Google. I received an alert on the article. Like you, I wish there were more images, though. Thanks for posting.

  • Thanks Mark for enlightening us about the Presentation Tools. A very useful post.

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  • Techinplain English

    I’ve seen lots of great presentations on both Slideshare and HaikuDeck, but I wish there’d be an option to add voiceovers. I know, I know, we’ve already got YouTube, but I’m focusing on ease, hence my wish. Slideshare, Haiku Deck, are you listening? 😉 Alex Yong (ggSolutions123 on Twitter)

  • This looks like a very interesting tool, thanks Mark!
    I played a bit with the app and it’s very easy and fast to use.
    An important feature is missing though: you can’t insert clickable links in the slides 🙁

  • Todd Lyden

    originally started trying haiku on the ipad… will let you know how it goes

  • I’ll investigate Mark’s recommendation of Haiku Deck to see if this helps me bring the value-add I am seeking in one of my 2015 goals…
    I want to transfer my in-person MBA Marketing Strategies class slides and notes to general availability on the web in different ways and Channels (trying to practice what I profess :).

    Some points made in this article and string of Comments reflect some similar frustrations for me as well with Slideshare. In my limited use of it, Slideshare is ok for what it is (I think after just uploading a few lame PowerPoints there) but I’d like to do more – without going overboard until I get the basics in.

    As a consumer, I seldom view Slideshares because they are flat – so much presentation content is lost because they don’t offer a written narrative, audio or video. Guy Kawasaki, Mark and many other presentation pros recommend we have few bullet points on the slides (and apparently Haiku Deck forces a minimalist approach supporting their recommendations). If we take that approach, there is even less to learn from Slideshares!…again, am I showing my ignorance of the platform’s capabilities – at least available from the “free” version?

    If I’m right, maybe providing more than just the slide deck is a “bridge too far” that would over-complicate something simple that SlideShare is trying to be. Tom Peters years ago recommended that we “stick to our knitting” (In search of Excellence) and target so maybe that’s what Slideshare does for us – just the facts.

    Hey, blinding flash of the obvious (another Tom Peters-ism)…
    As an old, cynical boss of mine once like to say in meetings, “Why get the facts when we can sit here wasting time speculating?!”. Mark’s recommendation (and the “Techinplain English” Post) have inspired me to investigate this new partnership between Slideshare and Haiku Deck to gather a few of those. If I encounter a “blinding flash” (at least for me even if the rest of the world already knows), I’ll report back. After that, it’s likely I’ll delete this ignorant Post in favor of something enlightening. Maybe not but no matter what, thanks Mark for your recommendation for what could be a good Channel in this increasingly cluttered world of Content.

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