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By Jeffrey Slater, {grow} Community Member

After reading Mark’s new book, The Content CodeI became inspired to think about how I could ignite content on my blog where I provide marketing advice and coaching to small businesses. Could I use some of the book’s principles to get my work to move a little, and get it in front of a larger audience?

The answer is YES.

The languishing blog

Since 2009, I have written a blog called MomentSlater, two or three times a week. I get a few comments on each post and a handful of shares. As a part-time marketing coach, I like to unravel the mysteries of marketing.

Blogging helps me think through marketing issues and gives me a chance to provide marketing coaching to the small business community that follows my work. I am always looking for new ways to expand my reach. As a full-time Director of Global Marketing for Nomacorc, the leader in wine closures, a little fuel in the marketing creativity tank helps, too.

Lighting the fuse

One of the key lessons I took away from The Content Code is that I needed to think about content distribution. It occurred to me that I could post the same content from The Marketing Sage (my site) to LinkedIn in their blog posting area called Pulse. I thought I’d run a little experiment to compare what happens when I post the same content on my personal blog’s and on LinkedIn. Could I benefit from the same idea in a new channel of distribution?

I thought that my recent blog post, called “The Thank You Experiment,” would be a great test to see what might happen. In this post, I share a simple idea about a client who had his team call up his customers to say “thank you” — and only “thank you.” No upselling. No cross promotion. No offers for buy one get one free. No transactions.

Just a simple thanks.

I copied and pasted my content from my personal blog to LinkedIn. Then I went back out for a walk among the North Carolina pine tar pollen and forgot about the experiment.

You can read about the Thank You Experiment on The Marketing Sage or on LinkedIn. Same content. Different channel.

Very different results!

As interesting as The Thank You Experiment was, the channeling experiment was just as interesting…

The results are in …

Within 24 hours, the post on the LinkedIn channel received 11,198 views, 440 likes, and 93 comments.  I started getting 10-15 Twitter mentions an hour as people started sharing. That’s more engagement and ignitions than I have seen in a long time, probably since I wrote about having lunch with President Reagan in 1985. Talk about setting off sparks.

Like in real estate, a blog can increase in value because of location. Through LinkedIn I was able to get in front of a larger audience interested in small business marketing ideas. And by activating one of the ideas in The Content Code, I was able to gain new followers, expand the reach of my ideas and to attract a new client who needed some marketing coaching. So, I’d like to say thank you to my friend, Mark. The ideas in your new book helped spark some ignition.

Now it’s time for you to get out your content decoder rings, and go ignite your business.

jeffreyslaterJeffrey Slater writes a blog called MomentSlater at The Marketing Sage. During the day he can be found talking about wine corks as Director of Global Marketing for Nomacorc.

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  • Michael Miller

    Interesting experiment, Jeffery. I’ve considered reposting some of our blogs on LinkedIn, but I’ve been scared off by potential SEO impact. Any thoughts on duplicate content across these channels?

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  • Jeffrey Slater

    Michael, 24,59 views, 989 likes and 241 comments as of this morning makes those concerns about SEO impact seem less important. My goal was increasing the reach of an audience and to build some new relationships.

    In principle, if I were to continue on this approach, I would not use the identical content but consider one post on The Marketing Sage as the basis for a similar post on Pulse (LinkedIn) or other platforms.

    Mark’s book Content Code has several thoughts on this theme and I’m going back and rereading those sections. This is a sign of a useful book that you need to read again and again.

    And by the way, thank you Michael for your question. And Mark, thanks again for permitting to share some of my ideas with the Grow Community.

  • Mia Sherwood Landau

    Fascinating experience, Jeffrey. Do you have a theory why LinkedIn brought you so much traffic to that particular post? It’s an evergreen topic, for sure.

  • Jeffrey Slater

    Mia, my theory is that LinkedIn has so many millions of users that are interested in the tags marketing communications, customer retention and business development – that just a small sampling of people is a big number. I also think that particular post really resonated with a lot of people because like much of what I do in my marketing coaching, I always lean toward the simple not the complex.

    Thanks for your comment and nice to meet you through this community.

  • Hey Jeffrey!

    I devoured Mark’s book, too. I’ve been posting all my blogs on LinkedIn ever since the platform enabled long form posts. And the response has been terrific, too. It’s also helping me better define my ideal cient persona.

    I love the concept of “Changing the Channel!”

  • Jeffrey Slater

    Betsy, thanks for your comment. As Mark talks about with content shock, we have to keep upping our game with even more relevant content. And, we need to be mindful of the new channels available to reach our targeted audience.
    Mark is a wonderful teacher and speaker but his true calling comes out when you listen to him and Tom on their podcast, The Marketing Companion. Mark really wanted the late night gig on The Tonight Show but Mr. Webster refused to be his Ed McMahon. At least that’s what I heard.
    Thanks again Betsy.

  • Thanks for the great post Jeffrey and the unique insight on changing the channel…pulse would not have been one I would have though of to mix that in…glad the results were great…have a good one!

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