The future of content marketing strategy

future of content

In this era of complex and overwhelming information density innovation will rule as brands find ways to cut through the clutter.

In terms of leading content innovation, there is no better leader to observe than Jay Baer of Convince and Convert. Two years ago I would have introduced Jay as a blogger but that is not nearly sufficient enough to describe America’s foremost new media mogul.

In the past 24 months Baer has introduced rapid short-form videos, a new curated content property, five new podcasts and flurry of new publishing innovations on channels like LinkedIn and Facebook.

In this amazing episode of The Marketing Companion, Jay was my pinch-hit co-host and we cover vital content marketing topics such as:

  • Why video rules as a content form and the demographic change driving growth in this channel.
  • How to maintain a cost-effective content creation strategy
  • The myth of audience overlap
  • Why Jay has launched seven podcasts and his monetization strategy
  • Why curation has opened up a new customer connection
  • The content strategy pivot that was “scary” for Jay
  • Thinking through a content “funnel” for your business
  • The future of content marketing strategy
  • The platform changes that are forcing “liquidity” in marketing strategy

Fasten your seatbelt. Here we go …

If you can’t access the podcast above, click on this link to listen to Episode 53

Important resources mentioned in this episode:

Jay Today video series

Convince and Convert podcast programs

Blog and Definitive newsletter

Mark’s post on Facebook and content distribution strategy

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  • Two great takeaways came out of this podcast for me:

    1. People are not bored with our content on different platforms
    2. Can you be strategic if you’re in reactive mode

    I have been thinking about each of these two as I’m seeing people chasing instead of attracting through the platforms and worse yet is they are chasing the wrong people on the wrong platforms because they don’t know “what business they are “really” in.”

    The amazing thing about the internet is that it forces us to dig in and think about our business and learn to communicate proactively instead of re-actively.

    Thanks for the intelligent conversation gentlemen!!!

    ~ Don Purdum

  • On of my favorite conversations of the past three years. Thanks to Mark for having me on the show.

  • Excellent podcast Mark and Jay. I particularly appreciated the insight regarding “strategy being dictated by the evolution of the channels”. Also coming back to clients with tactical changes, “…not because our strategic thrust has changed, but where that strategy is being deployed has changed”.

    Thank you for time well spent…

    Carl Sarfi

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  • Great Podcast! Mark and Jay are two people that I rely on to get the best and latest advice on Content Marketing. Sorry that Tom couldn’t be there.

    I also think that Jay has involved, and he is using technology to his advantage. I think he is a fun Content Marketing & Business Adviser. Always relevant and willing to share his knowledge.

    I agree with Mark, Stay focused into what is bringing you a good revenue. So you can focus on what you are good at, and then be more productive.

    Jay’s point on the Podcast make me think that maybe that medium may be right for me, instead of blogging. Having a co-host is a good idea too and can keep things on track.

    Thanks to you both!

  • well … that i quite a statement! Thanks Jay.

  • Thanks for stopping by. It has been FAR too long since you have commented Luis. Welcome back : )

  • Thanks Mark! Sorry for being away so long. Have been out of touch, but watching closely. Still one of my favorite blogs. Cheers!

  • Best episode yet!

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  • Great postcast! i’ve got to say too.

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  • eComNation

    Great podcast Mark and Jay! I really liked this episode. Really cool take on the future of content marketing.

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