The Business Case for Blab: Trust Acceleration

business case for blab

The new streaming video platform Blab is all the rage. Is it really this good? Is it going to “stick” or is it the Ello of the month?

I am going to say something that I have not said in a long time — this platform is a winner. In fact, this is the best social technology I have seen since Twitter.

I think the potential of this platform is vast. It’s easy, it’s collaborative, it’s real-time, it’s fun to the point of being addictive. It’s a content-creation machine. It’s a network of personal “television shows.” New users are already spending an average of one hour a day on this brand new forum.

The business case for Blab

Tom Webster and I hosted a global discussion on the potential and pitfalls of Blab and you’re going to love the extraordinary discussion in the video I have posted below. You are going to hear about …

  • The reason Blab is the most exciting new technology in years.
  • I want to share an extraordinary piece of content with you
  • How Blab fits in the social eco-system and the “fourth wall” that is breaking new boundaries for customer engagement
  • The financial power of Blab (comments by Michael Stelzner)
  • Is there a place for brands on this format?
  • Can the face-to-face nature of Blab help cut out the hate and bullying of social media?
  • Blab and the “magic of live performance.” Can this be a trust accelerator for individuals? For brands? (Great commentary by Evan Duby)
  • Why Blab may be the new salon … a place for deep commentary, for purpose, not positioning.

That is just a small sample of the absolutely fascinating conversation you are about to see. Check it out the possibilities, the fun, the intellectual stimulation of Blab. Watch our video:

A nice Blab starter guide from Social Media Examiner.

Top illustration courtesy Mars Dorian.

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  • MaureenMonte

    Hi Mark, thought provoking post as usual. I had my first Blab last week, and found it interesting. It was a discussion about Strengthsfinder (you know my focus). We did have a “lady of the evening” join us which i found both amusing and astonishing (she was self-described as such in her profile). She didn’t speak, and she eventually left, Anyhow, I need to read all your links (and I haven’t) and watch your Blabbing, but as an “open forum”, do you see Blab as an “anything goes!” platform? I don’t mind per se, just want to know what I’m getting into should I dive in head first. I like your name, Blab-panion. You are clever. Onward!

  • Kitty Kilian

    Hey. Just saw a bit of the blab-show, but I have no hour to spend. Or so. Is it always all public? Does it have an archive, can you download it? I will look it up. Later..

  • Hi Kitty,
    I’m Ileane – I’m also a big fan of Blab and spend a lot of time there.
    Yes, it’s always public. Yes they archive your recorded Blabs and yes you can download them. Actually – Blab sends you the link to the mp3, mp4 and embed code. Hope that helps.

  • Hi Mark,

    It was great meeting you on Blab when Ian Cleary interviewed you last month. Really glad to see that you are embracing the platform.

    I posted a video sharing some tips for uploading your replay recordings from Blab to YouTube. Let me know what you think when you get a chance. Thanks!

  • debbiefriez

    I agree! I think Blab has great business potential.

  • I address this in the video above, toward the end. I did feel that it was a bit unnerving not knowing who these people were or where they were coming from but that danger was also part of the fun I guess : )

  • Thanks Ileane! I received the link to the video about 10 minutes after the session ended. Pretty amazing.

  • Thanks for commenting Debbie.

  • Ouch. Yet another social network. Particularly irritating that we need to read “A nice Blab starter guide from Social Media Examiner” to find out how it works (BTW, tl;dr).

    I confess, I didn’t watch your video. Maybe I’ll get round to it one day. Then again, I’m a dinosaur, which you already knew…

    But seriously: folks who put up an online service without telling us on the site how it works, what / whom it’s for (or worth) or what’s the use for me (remember WIIFM?) don’t get very high marks from these quarters.

    nice Blab starter guide from Social Media Examiner. – See more at:

  • Hi Mark. Absolutely awesome post and I have shared it across my network.
    With regards to the blab replay, would you mind also uploading it to YouTube so that it can be added to Playlists and as well as watched using Chromecast?
    Hope it’s not too much to ask…:)

  • Mark, I think my comment went into moderation. I added a link to my video showing how to upload your Blabs to YouTube. There are a couple of tips on how to optimize the video for YouTube search. Thanks again Mark.

  • Kitty Kilian

    Whoa, that sounds awesome! Thanks LLeane!

  • Tara Geissinger

    I am about to do my first blab this week, so as I often do, I’ve been researching the heck out of it. 🙂 You can ‘lock’ seats to prevent unwanted people entering. Some blabs are made for that type of spontaneous discussion, but other times you’re wanting to just interview an expert (or two) and keep the integrity of the show intact.

  • Tara Geissinger

    I was happy to read this, Mark. It’s funny, I am having trouble loving the Periscope trend, but blab has me intrigued right away. I just really prefer the platform and am planning on jumping in this week with my first blab. 🙂 I’ll let you know how it goes! Now off to watch your video……

  • Tara, are you planning to do an interview or having a guest? It makes a lot of sense to lock the seats after you have at least one guest on camera with you, then open things up when the interview is done – or when you stop the recording.
    Looking forward to seeing you on Blab!

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  • Brittany Metz

    I would love to see your first blab! Let me know on Twitter when you schedule it! @brittanymetz

  • Just saw the Blab recording Mark and I loved it.

    I’ll stay with: “At the end of the day, the most human brand wins.”

  • Oh come on. Give it a try. You might love it. Remember it’s still in beta and is probably having a hard time keeping up with its rapid growth. But I think Blab solves some unique problems, which is a sign for me that it could have some legs.

  • I did that. Thanks.

  • Ummmm … well, the video embedded in this post is my first Blab : ) I will plan to do some more in the near future.

  • Thanks!

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