Social media marketing lessons from my grandfather, the plumber

marketing lessons

By Mark Schaefer

“Social media marketing changes everything.” I’ve heard that a lot … but is it really true?

When I think about it, the fundamentals of marketing really have not changed that much. In fact, I could argue that they haven’t changed in hundreds of years.

Here’s a marketing lesson from my grandfather, a man who never took a college class, but who knew a thing or two about marketing his business.

If you can’t view the video above, you can see it here on YouTube: Marketing lessons from my grandfather

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  • Thanks for giving us knowledge related to social marketing….

  • Todd Lyden

    Hootsuite advertising in the background… it’s everywhere!!!

  • OMG, I love this! It is so true and our focus on technology has forced many to completely overlook this basic concept. Social Media only provides a vehicle to amplify these fundamentals, learn from a broader audience and broaden our reach. The basics of marketing (and sales) have never changed because as you so clearly stated, it’s all about people and so far, we’re the same as we’ve always been.

  • you’re welcome

  • Some bloggers get free luggage and clothes. I got a stuffed owl. But I guess it worked : )

  • Amen. Thanks Steve!

  • You hit it right on the head. Marketing’s the same, business is the same, just the technology changes. It gets more complex, but at the root of it, businesses create value for customers and marketing builds awareness and confidence in that value.

  • Thanks mark for this wonderful tips on social media marketing.

  • Great comment Brandon. Thanks!

  • The real “social” aspect of the guy is probably the biggest reason he was successful. “He loved people and people loved him back.” People… work to do this, offline and online. Mark knows 🙂

    I think your grandfather could make some coin if he were still with us, writing a short, sweet, little book about the human aspect of marketing and how to do it the right way! Cheers.

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