Exploring the dark side of Twitter

“Twitter is the newest bright shiny object online and a perfect hook for yet another work-at-home scheme … cash-strapped job hunters need to be wary of shelling out money for a dubious scheme that revolves around Twitter.”    Steve Cox, Better Business Bureau

Have you ever wondered about those annoying messages you get on Twitter to whiten your teeth, join the Trump network, or get rich by attracting thousands of followers?

I have.

While I have spent this past week providing examples of the legitimate business promise of the social web, Twitter has also become a fertile ground for the corrupt, the ridiculous, and the desperate.

We need to look at the dark side, too. So let’s do that, together.

I’ve been looking into Twitter’s most pervasive scams.  In a series of blog posts beginning Monday, I’ll let you know what they are, how they operate, and what you need to know about them.

I hope you’ll visit {grow} each day next week for an exploration of the strange world of multi-level marketing and Twitter’s biggest scams.

Thanks to R. W. Schaefer for providing research support for this series of blog posts.